13 Symbols For Love & Their Meanings

symbols for love and their meanings

Love is a universal emotion that is celebrated, shared, and expressed in a variety of wonderful ways. People honor it with food, words, songs, and gifts, amongst many other things. The symbols for love are visual cues that represent emotion and connection. Over the years and across different cultures, many different symbols have been used to express feelings of affection from one person to another. From roses and hearts to infinity signs and doves, there is a whole range of meaningful symbols for love throughout history.

In this blog post, we explore the various different symbols for love that are recognized around the world. While some symbols for love are universal, others vary from culture to culture.

13 Symbols For Love & Their Meanings

So let’s get started. Here are 13 of the most popular symbols of love around the world.

1. Rose

The rose has long been a symbol of love and romance, dating all the way back to ancient Rome. Roses have been used as symbols in art, literature, poetry and other forms of communication for centuries. The red rose is commonly seen as a sign of deep passion and commitment, while lighter shades are often associated with appreciation or admiration. Roses are also often used to express feelings that might be difficult to put into words. For these reasons, they remain a powerful symbol of love and emotion even today. No matter how you choose to use them, roses truly stand as a timeless symbol of love and romance.

2. Heart

The heart has been a symbol of love for centuries, dating back to ancient times. In ancient Greece, the heart was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. The Romans also believed in Cupid, the god of love, whom they depicted as an infant with a bow and arrow shooting hearts into the air. The heart shape is commonly used to represent the centre of emotion, love, and affection. In addition, it symbolizes strong feelings of affection, and romance. Hearts are universal symbols of love, whether it’s between two people in a romantic relationship or between family members and friends.

3. Infinity Sign

An infinity sign is a symbol of love because it represents never-ending, limitless possibilities. It speaks to the idea that love has no boundaries and can stretch as far as our imaginations allow. The shape itself suggests something with no beginning or end, ever-changing and growing in size. This illustrates how feelings of love can come and go, becoming more powerful as time passes. The infinity sign is a reminder that love will always go on no matter what life throws our way. That’s why it’s such a great symbol for couples to use when expressing their love for one another. Love will never end and neither will the possibilities.

4. Dove

Doves are a symbol of love because they represent peace, fidelity, and loyalty. Doves can be partners for their entire lifetimes which symbolizes the idea of finding that one special person to share your life with. The soft cooing sound of two doves expressing their affection for each other represents two loved up souls whispering sweet nothings. The white feathers of doves are also associated with purity and innocence, which is why they are often used in wedding ceremonies to symbolize the couple’s commitment to one another. Doves have a long history as an icon of love, peace, and fidelity throughout many cultures around the world. They are truly a representation of the purity and dedication that comes with love.

5. Keys

Keys have been used as symbols of love and affection throughout history. In many cultures, a key represents access to the heart, just like in relationships where you metaphorically give another person the keys to your heart when you open up to them. Keys are also seen as symbols of security and protection, which are important aspects of any relationship. Additionally, giving someone a key symbolizes trust, a fundamental building block of relationships. Ultimately, keys are the physical representation of something intangible—love and the access to our hearts. Giving someone a key is like giving that person a part of yourself, which makes it a powerful symbol of love.

6. Ring

A ring is a symbol of love because of the concept of eternity and commitment that it represents. The circular shape of the ring has no beginning or end, representing an unending connection between two people. Wearing a ring also shows a visible sign to others that you are committed to someone else. Rings have been used by couples for centuries as a way to declare their love for one another and signify the strength of their bond. Whether it’s a simple band or an extravagant diamond, any ring can be a beautiful symbol of everlasting love.

7. Swans

Swans are often seen as a symbol of love for many reasons. In mythology, two swans were said to represent the bonding between two people, representing fidelity and loyalty. Swans themselves also mate for life, further cementing them as messengers of never-ending love. The grace and elegance of these creatures is also thought to capture the beauty of a special connection between two people. In addition, the act of swans swimming side-by-side with their necks intertwined is an iconic representation of affection and love. All these elements combine to make the swan a timeless symbol of true love.

8. Cupid’s Arrow

Cupid’s arrow is widely recognized as a symbol of love because it is the weapon that Cupid, the god of love, wields. It has become an enduring symbol of romance and affection, representing the idea that love conquers all. The power of Cupid’s arrow was often used to explain feelings of sudden attraction or infatuation, as well as long-lasting relationships. The idea that Cupid’s arrow could bring two people together was an important part of classical mythology and has since been used in many popular books, movies, and songs. The power of Cupid’s arrow is also believed to provide a healing effect on those struck by it, helping to heal broken hearts and create new connections. Cupid’s arrow is a timeless symbol of love that continues to bring people together today.

9. The Harp

The harp has been a symbol of love for centuries, stretching all the way back to ancient Greek mythology. In Celtic culture, the harp is also seen as a bridge of love to connect the earth with heaven. The harp also became associated with the concept of courtship and eloquence, as it was often used as an instrument to woo potential lovers. Ultimately, its timeless beauty – both in sound and appearance – has made the harp a symbol of love and romance for all time. Whether strummed beneath moonlight or simply seen hanging on a wall, the harp is sure to evoke feelings of love and devotion.

10. Maple Leaf

The maple leaf is a symbol of love for many reasons. Just like the sweetness of the maple sap that comes from the maple tree, this leaf is symbolic of the sweetness of true love. In Japan and China the maple leaf represents lasting love and commitment. It also serves as a reminder of the beauty and love in everyday life. In Canada, it is a sign of national pride and patriotism. And in North America, it’s associated with love and intimacy. It’s been said that a maple leaf left at the end of a bed encourages sexual pleasure and peaceful sleep. No matter what country or culture you are from, the maple leaf is a beautiful reminder that love will always remain true and everlasting.

11. Shell

When it comes to symbols for love, there is none more varied than the symbol of the shell. Ancient Rome, Greece, and India all have records of figures of love who are depicted with shells. Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love standing in the Scallop shell, Lakshmi the Hindu goddess of love holding her Conch shell, and Venus the Roman goddess of love in her shell. The ocean is often associated with feelings of freedom, relaxation, and connection—all things that are important for a healthy romantic relationship. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, shells also reflect the idea of resilience. This can be seen as a metaphor for enduring love, which is why they are often used in romantic symbolism. Shells also represent fertility and abundance, which is something we hope will last throughout our relationships.

12. Apple

It’s no surprise that apples are a well known symbol of love. From their ancient religious symbolic connotations of Adam and Eve in the garden of eden, where the apple represents temptation. Greek mythology uses the apple as a symbol of courtship, where Aphrodite was gifted apples in order to gain her love. Fast forward to today and apples are used as a symbol of health (we all know they are used to keep the doctor away!), youth, fertility, and beauty. The symbolism has developed over the years, but the meaning has always stayed true, apples in their juicy sweet nature represent love in all it’s forms!

13. Lotus Flower

The white lotus flower is known as a common and widely recognized symbol of peace and calmness. However, what many people don’t know is that the red lotus flower is also a symbol of love, affection and romance. The fact that the lotus can grow in muddy and murky waters and yet remain pristine and unsoiled is an example of the sort of true love that can be found in a relationship, even amid difficult circumstances. Furthermore, its beauty and fragrance are seen as a metaphor for how two lovers can find peace and joy in their relationship. The lotus flower is truly a symbol of eternal love – one that has been celebrated for centuries.

Why are symbols for love important?

Symbols for love are important because they serve as reminders of its importance and power. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and it can sometimes be hard for us to put into words how it makes us feel. That’s why symbols for love are, and have always been, so important to humans. They serve to remind us of the enormity of love; of the Goddesses who rule over it, the biblical references to it, the eternal and binding nature of it, and the shadows we see of it in the natural world.

They provide a way to express our emotions in a meaningful way and remind us that, despite our differences, we all have the capacity for great love. Symbols for love also help us to better understand ourselves and others. By recognizing them, we can better relate to one another and build stronger relationships. Ultimately, symbols of love remind us that we are all connected by a common thread — the universal language of love.

They serve as reminders to keep our hearts open and never give up on true love. They also provide us with a sense of hope, that no matter our circumstances, we can always find beauty and joy in relationships. Symbols for love are truly inspirational, and they have the power to bring people together in powerful ways.

How to use these symbols?

There are many ways to use symbols for love, depending on your personal preference. Some people like to incorporate them into their daily lives by wearing jewelry or clothing with symbols of love on it, while others may choose to represent their love in pieces of art or home decor. You could also make use of symbols of love on special occasions like weddings and anniversaries, or use them to express your love in written letters or cards.

Giving your partner a rose is not only a lovely act in and of itself, but it’s part of a bigger more symbolic act that can date back centuries. Next time you’re at the beach and you see a beautiful shell you want to take home to your loved one, you’ll know why this has such powerful symbolic meaning. Giving your partner a key to your home is a beautiful gesture, but none more so than when you recognize the deeper symbolic meaning behind that symbol.

Additionally, symbols of love can be used as a meaningful way to show appreciation and gratitude for the people in your life who bring you joy and happiness. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you choose to show and celebrate your love — whatever you decide will surely be meaningful.

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So there you have it, 13 symbols for love and what they mean. Maybe you already knew some of these, and maybe you’ve learned something new today. Either way, you never know if a loved one might be interested in learning more about the ancient meaning of a beautiful shell, or how significant the maple leaf really is. These symbols of love help to express your true feelings and help you to appreciate even the smallest of romantic gestures. The next time someone draws a love heart by your name you’ll know how deep that really runs.

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