Stereotypical jobs for each of the 16 personality types

16 personality types stereotypical jobs: Coworking

This week we look at the ideal jobs for each personality type. From stock market analyst to fiction writer, read on to find out which career path best suits your Myers & Briggs personality type. But please remember that any personality type can be amazing at any job!

INFP: Fiction Writer

A fiction writer can be a great job for imaginative INFPs. They have a rare ability to built out entire worlds in their heads and they fully embrace letting their imagination run wild.

ENFP: Marketing Director

ENFPs work best in careers that allow them to explore their creative side, such as jobs in marketing. They’re the kind of people you want in your brainstorming session.

INFJ: Existential Counsellor

INFJs are skilled at helping people resolve difficulties from a philosophical perspective, which is why being an existential counselor suits this personality type.

ENFJ: Life Coach

A life coach can be a great job for people-oriented ENFJs. They have a unique talent for giving people effective life advice and helping them overcome challenges.

INTP: Software Developer

INTPs suit jobs that mix logic with creativity, which is why being a software developer is a natural fit for this personality type. Plus, INTPs are the ultimate problem-solvers.

ENTP: Stand-up Comedian

A stand-up comedian can be a great job for ENTPs as they are able to think on their feet and have a great sense of humor. In addition, they are comfortable in the limelight.

INTJ: Stock Market Analyst

INTJs are well suited to being a stock market analyst. They like to carefully analyze different scenarios and are extremely thorough when they do so.

ENTJ: Chief Executive Officer

If there’s a personality type that most likes to call the shots, it’s ENTJs, which is why being a CEO suits them so well. Plus, they are great at managing resources effectively.

ISFJ: Family Nurse

ISFJs are one of the most caring personality types. They care deeply about helping others, which is why being a family nurse can be an ideal career path for them.

ESFJ: Primary School Teacher

ESFJs work well in roles where they are helping people. They are patient and caring, which is why being a primary school teacher is well-suited to this personality type.

ISTJ: Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer is a great job for ISTJs as they are extremely patient and detail-orientated. They are able to maintain intense focus for long periods of time.

ESTJ: Chief Financial Officer

ESTJs are highly skilled at implementing systems and can be counted on to meet deadlines, which is why being a CFO can make a lot of sense for this personality type.

ISFP: Fashion Designer

ISFPs work best in jobs that enable their creativity to flow freely, such as being a fashion designer. They are talented at coming up with original and beautiful designs.

ESFP: Actor

ESFPs enjoy being in the spotlight and are skilled at portraying other people’s emotions, which is why being an actor can be a great fit for this personality type.

ISTP: Airline Pilot

An airline pilot can be a great job for ISTPs who are naturally gifted at dealing with complex instruments. Moreover, they are able to remain calm in stressful situations.

ESTP: Professional Athlete

ESTPs are exceptional at navigating their physical environment and are well-coordinated, which is why becoming an athlete can be a fitting career path. Plus, they are highly competitive.

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