Our Story

A letter from Jess (INFP) and Lou (ESFJ), the So Syncd Sisters

We created So Syncd with a clear goal in mind: to help people find love faster. The idea was born over sisterly drinks in Soho. We were talking about how our colleagues and friends were wasting so much time on bad dates. It was clear why: personality compatibility is the key to any amazing relationship, yet dating apps were still matching people on the basis of a couple of photos. It just didn’t make sense to us.

So we launched So Syncd, the first dating app and website to match couples based on their personality types. We pair couples who have just the right amount of similarities to form a strong connection and just the right amount of differences to create that spark.

So Syncd is all about inclusivity, acceptance and mutual understanding. We bring personality to the forefront so you can find meaningful connections. We have an exceptionally high success rate of people finding love through our app – we even had a wedding less than a year after launching! And this is just the beginning.

Say goodbye to meaningless swiping and hello to modern dating.

Love Jess and Lou x