Myers & Briggs 101

INTJ compatibility, relationships and love

INTJ compatibility In relationships, INTJs are loyal and independent. They are measured and logical people who never fail to have a backup plan (or five). INTJs are most compatible with partners who are honest and intelligent. They are one of the most strategic Myers & Briggs personality types and they…

MBTI: ENTP Compatibility, relationships and love

ENTP compatibility In relationships, ENTPs are dynamic and enthusiastic. ENTPs feel the strongest sense of compatibility with partners who challenge them and keep them intrigued. They are sharp and spontaneous people who love to learn about a wide range of topics. ENTPs are one of the most curious Myers &…

INTP compatibility, relationships and love

INTP compatibility In relationships, INTPs are honest and they value intellectual conversation. INTPs are sharp and reserved individuals who love to learn and dig deep into all kinds of topics. They are most compatible with partners who challenge them. INTPs are one of the most independent Myers & Briggs personality…

ENFJ compatibility, relationships and love

ENFJ compatibility In relationships, ENFJs are understanding and highly skilled at reading their partner. ENFJs are one of the most attentive and supportive personality types. It’s important for ENFJs to feel like they are part of a team when in a relationship and that both people have each other’s backs….

INFJ compatibility, relationships and love

INFJ compatibility In relationships, INFJs are empathetic and highly skilled at reading their partner. INFJ compatibility is based on a meaningful connection. It’s important for people of this personality type to feel comfortable and at home with their partner. INFJs make a huge effort to make their partner feel loved,…

ENFP compatibility, relationships and love

ENFP compatibility In relationships, ENFPs are enthusiastic and skilled at reading their partner. ENFP compatibility is based on more than just looks. They value conversations about abstract topics and they work best with partners who can keep up with their quick mind. ENFPs have a warm presence and their spontaneous…

INFP compatibility, relationships and love

INFP compatibility In relationships, INFPs are empathetic and trustworthy. INFPs often go through life feeling misunderstood and rarely meet people with whom they feel a strong sense of compatibility. They appear to have a calming presence, but they actually experience an array of intense emotions, even on a daily basis….

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