ENTP – ENTP Relationships: Double Trouble

ENTP – ENTP Relationships: Double Trouble

This week we explore an ENTP – ENTP relationship with Anna and Ethan from Nebraska. Anna, an ENTP who is 24, and Ethan, an ENTP who is 23 first met when they were studying theater at college and have been together for two years. As soon as they met, they…

ISTP & ESFJ Relationships: The So Syncd Special

ISTP & ESFJ Relationships: The So Syncd Special

This week Jess interviews her sister and fellow co-founder of So Syncd, Lou, and her long-term boyfriend to explore an ISTP – ESFJ relationship. Lou, an ESFJ who is 27, and Charles, an ISTP who is 28, have been together for four years and are based in London. They would…

ENFJ-INFJ Relationships: The First So Syncd Marriage

ENFJ – INFJ Relationships: The First So Syncd Marriage

We explore an ENFJ – INFJ relationship with Indy, from France, and Ben, from the UK. Indy and Ben met on So Syncd during lockdown in mid-April last year. Indy, an ENFJ who is 42, and Ben, an INFJ who is 43, live in France. Ben originally lived in the…

ISFJ ESTJ Relationships: Steph and Steve on their wedding day

ESTJ – ISFJ Relationships: The Law of Attraction

We explore an ESTJ – ISFJ relationship with Steve and Steph from Scotland. Steph, an ISFJ who is 28, and Steve, an ESTJ who is 31, met in 2014. Steph is Canadian and moved to Edinburgh for a Masters university program.  Steve had also just moved to the same city…

ENFJ INTP Relationship: Brandon and Ellen in Cambodia

ENFJ – INTP Relationships: Je Ne Sais Quoi

We talk to a golden personality pair to explore an ENFJ – INTP relationship with Ellen and Brandon from California. Ellen, an ENFJ who is 32, and Brandon, an INTP who is also 32, started dating seven years ago while working for a non-profit organization. In this episode, they talk…

ISTP ISFJ relationship: Peter, Robert and Bella looking out to sea

ISTP – ISFJ Relationships: Love at First Sight

In our first interview with tears, we explore an ISTP – ISFJ relationship with Peter and Robert from the UK. Peter, an ISTP who is 64, and Robert, an ISFJ who is 54, matched on a dating website 17 years ago and moved in together on the very first night…

ENFP INTJ Compatibility

ENFP – INTJ Relationships: The Long-Distance Love Story

This week we explore an ENFP – INTJ relationship with Disha and Arun from the UK. Disha, an ENFP who is 30, and Arun, an INTJ who is also 30, met on a dating app nearly four years ago and recently got married. They are a golden personality pair on…

Andy McNab ISTP: SAS team waiting to board a flight

ISTP – ESFJ Relationships: Andy McNab on Love

This week we explore an ISTP – ESFJ relationship with two special guests. We are joined by Andy McNab, an ISTP, and his wife, Lily McNab, an ESFJ, in their first ever exclusive interview as a couple. Andy is an ex-SAS hero, functioning psychopath and best-selling author. Andy and Lily…

ESTP ISFJ Relationship: Maia and Tom on a rock in New Zealand

ISFJ – ESTP Relationships: Childhood Sweethearts

We explore an ISFJ – ESTP relationship with Maia and Tom from the UK. Maia, an ISFJ who is 27, and Tom, an ESTP who is also 27, were set up by a friend back when they were 16. Little did they know then that they are a perfect personality…

ENFP INFJ Relationship: ANNA LOGAN first date in an RV

ENFP – INFJ Relationships: The Golden Pair

We explore an ENFP – INFJ relationship with Anna and Logan from Canada. Anna, an INFJ who is 33, and Logan, an ENFP who is 38, first met at work in 2013. They reconnected on Snapchat a few years later, after Logan accidentally thought that Anna was his cousin! And…

ESFJ ISFJ Relationships: Claire and Andy walking on the beach holding hands

ESFJ – ISFJ Relationships: Family First

We explore an ESFJ – ISFJ relationship with Claire and Andy from the UK. Claire, an ESFJ who is 57, and Andy, an ISFJ who is 62, have been married for over 30 year and have two daughters. In this interview, they talk about the challenges of spending nearly 16…

ESFJ - ISFJ Relationships: Jess and Lou playing on the beach as children

ESFJ – INFP Relationships: The So Syncd Sisters

We explore ESFJ and INFP compatibility with Jessica and Louella Alderson, the sisters who co-founded So Syncd, the personality type dating app. Jessica (INFP) is 30 and Louella (ESFJ) is 26. In this interview, Jessica and Louella talk about their relationship as sisters, their passion for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the personality types they’ve dated over the years.

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