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How to know when you’ve met your Myers & Briggs match

So you’ve joined So Syncd, the personality type dating app, and you’ve been on some of the best dates of your life (it happens a lot). But how do you know when you’ve met your ultimate Myers & Briggs match? Today we look at how each personality type knows they’ve…

7 tips for introverts dating extroverts

7 tips for introverts dating extroverts

Extroverts and introverts can balance each other out perfectly when dating. Introverts encourage extroverts to take time to reflect while extroverts push them out of their comfort zone. But introvert-extrovert relationships can be challenging if both sides don’t take time to understand each other’s differences. Mutual understanding is fundamental to…

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7 tips for extroverts dating introverts

He’s the life and soul of the party whereas she likes to leave a couple of hours before it ends. They’re your classic extrovert-introvert couple. There are noticeable differences between how introverts and extroverts live their lives but, when dating, they can balance each other out perfectly.  An introvert-extrovert relationship…


How each Myers & Briggs personality type falls in love

Some Myers & Briggs personality types fall in love in a heartbeat, while for others it’s a slow burn. Some types know instantly when they’ve met ‘the one’, while others need time to get to know someone. Today, we explore how each Myers & Briggs type falls in love. INFP…

A compatible Myers & Briggs couple being emotional and cuddling

How you deal with emotions based on your Myers & Briggs personality type

Each Myers & Briggs personality type processes their emotions in different ways. Some burst into tears at the mere thought of a puppy, while others haven’t cried for decades. Some prefer to be open about their feelings, whilst others keep their card close to their chest. This week, we explore…

How each Myers & Briggs personality type flirts with you

Some personality types are natural flirts (ahem, we’re looking at you ENFPs and ESFPs) and some are a little more reserved. Today we take a look at how each of the 16 Myers & Briggs personality types flirts with you.  INFPINFPs can be quite shy when it comes to flirting…

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