ENTJ Compatibility, Relationships & Love

ENTJ compatibility, relationships and love

ENTJ compatibility

In relationships, ENTJs are loyal and supportive. They are ambitious and logical people who are exceptionally talented at achieving their goals. ENTJs feel a strongest sense of compatibility with partners who are understanding and intelligent. They plan far out into the future and they have high standards in all areas of their lives. ENTJs tend to take the lead when it comes to dating and love.

ENTJ dating

ENTJs are most compatible with partners who are trustworthy and have a quiet confidence. They are one of the most intense personality types and they work best with partners who are more relaxed so they balance each other out. ENTJs can come across as unemotional but they have a romantic side. When they find someone that ticks all their boxes, they will be a deeply dedicated partner.

ENTJ relationships

ENTJ compatibility, relationships and love: ENTJ and INFP kissing

ENTJs are encouraging and they love to see their partner succeed. They will go above and beyond to help them achieve their life goals. ENTJs are skilled at seeing the best path to reach a certain point. They value meaningful connections and good looks alone rarely keep them interested. ENTJs value relationships in which they can grow with their partner.

ENTJ strengths in relationships

The following strengths are typical of ENTJs in relationships:

1. Reasonable. ENTJs look at things objectively which means that they are reasonable in most situations. You’re unlikely to find an ENTJ reacting emotionally on a regular basis, although this can happen when they’ve bottled up their feelings. ENTJs are one of the most logical personality types and they are good at handling criticism.

2. Confident. ENTJs have an air of confidence and authority. They have a unique talent for combining logic with creativity and this enables to come up with original solutions to problems. ENTJs are often sure of their decisions and are comfortable taking control of situations.

3. Enthusiastic. ENTJs are enthusiastic and they take a ‘can do’ approach to life. They are passionate and driven, especially when it comes to careers, business and achieving their goals. Despite their optimistic outlook, ENTJs are down-to-earth and they combine their positivity with a healthy dose of realism.

4. Dedicated. ENTJs are incredibly dedicated in all areas of their lives, including dating and relationships. They have busy lives and they aren’t ones to settle. ENTJs are devoted partners because they’ll only pursue a relationship if they truly like someone and can see a future with them.

ENTJ weaknesses in relationships

The following weaknesses can be typical of ENTJs in relationships:

1. Critical. ENTJs can be critical in relationships due to their exceptionally high standards. They can be easily irritated by mistakes and they aren’t always the most forgiving. ENTJs can have a hard time understanding why people act or think in irrational ways because they’re so logical themselves.

2. Overly direct. ENTJs have a direct communication style. They aren’t the type to beat around the bush and they say it exactly how it is. However, not everyone sees criticism as objectively as ENTJs do and the way in which they give feedback can sometimes upset their partner.

3. Perfectionists. ENTJs are perfectionists. They have a clear vision of what they want to achieve in the future and what their ideal partner looks like. This isn’t a bad thing in itself, but they sometimes don’t give people a chance because they don’t check all of their boxes or they foresee a problem that might arise years down the line.

4. Private. ENTJs are private individuals and they can find it hard to open up about their feelings. They are focused on the facts and ENTJs sometimes find it challenging to understand emotions. ENTJs have many layers but they don’t tend to feel comfortable sharing certain aspects of their personality until they truly trust someone.

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ENTJ love

ENTJs fall in love slowly compared to a lot of other personality types, but when they do, they fall hard. They’ll ask lots of questions to work out whether they can see a future with their date. ENTJs fall in love with people who intrigue them and manage to keep them interested. They don’t mind a bit of a challenge either.

ENTJ flirting

ENTJs can be flirty when they choose to be. They are often the ones initiating flirting. If they like someone, they’ll let them know and actively pursue them. If an ENTJ is arranging dates and asking to spend time with you, it’s a sign that they like you. They don’t waste time with people who they don’t feel a sense of compatibility with because they see it as inefficient.

ENTJ sexual compatibility

ENTJs are intense and adventurous in the bedroom. They aren’t averse to casual sex but they enjoy sex more when it’s with someone they share a deep connection with. ENTJs have a dominant and somewhat aggressive energy and this usually translates to the bedroom. They are often very focused on making sure that their partner’s needs are met when it comes to sex, especially if it’s someone that they deeply care about.

ENTJ communication

ENTJ compatibility, relationships and love: ENTJ male smiling

ENTJs have a direct communication style and they are always comfortable sharing their opinions. They come across as business-like, confident and objective. ENTJs will focus on the bigger picture when having a conversation and they’ll convey their point in a clear manner. They can be quite intense in the way they communicate and they get to the point straight away.   

ENTJ compatibility with other personality types

ENTJs are driven and loyal individuals who are attracted to people who can hold their own. ENTJs are most compatible with partners who can help them grow and vice versa. INFPs and INTPs are the best matches for ENTJs.

1. ENTJ – INFP relationships. ENTJs are attracted to the accepting, authentic, and imaginative nature of INFPs. INFPs can help ENTJs see things from completely new perspectives and encourage them to get in touch with their emotions. INFPs are attracted to the ambition, intelligence, and confident nature of ENTJs. INFPs have wild imaginations and ENTJs can help INFPs formulate plans to turn these ideas into reality.

2. ENTJ – INTP relationships. ENTJs are attracted to the originality, flexibility, and quick wit of INTPs. INTPs can be the perfect sounding board for ENTJs because they respect their intellect. INTPs are attracted to proactive, logical, and decisive nature of ENTJs. INTPs are full of innovative ideas and ENTJs can help turn them into set plans.

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