ESTP compatibility, relationships and love

ESTP compatibility, relationships and love

ESTP compatibility

In relationships, ESTPs are dynamic and spontaneous. They are adventurous and fun-loving people who aren’t afraid to take a risk. ESTPs feel the strongest sense of compatibility and love with partners who are loyal and dependable. They’re easily bored so they need someone who keeps them intrigued. ESTPs are highly likely to make the first move when they are interested in someone.  

ESTP dating

ESTP compatibility, relationships and love

ESTPs are most compatible with partners who are thoughtful and trustworthy. They’re one of the most energetic Myers & Briggs personality types and they bring a sense of excitement to relationships. ESTPs aren’t the type to jump into commitment and they’re usually happy to date casually, for a while at least. They do value the comfort and connection that comes with long-term relationships though and they can be intense when they like someone.

ESTP relationships

ESTPs are vibrant and practical in relationships. They can be extremely charming when they want to be. ESTPs are the ultimate risk-takers who live in the moment and there’s never a dull moment when an ESTP is around. ESTPs like to take life one day at a time and they don’t tend to plan far into the future, but when they meet someone special, they’ll be deeply dedicated partners.  

ESTP strengths in relationships

The following strengths are typical of ESTPs in relationships:

1. Dynamic. ESTPs are one of the most dynamic Myers & Briggs personality types. They are quick to think on their feet and they have a confidence that many people find attractive. A lot of people find their boldness and fearlessness attractive.

2. Independent. ESTPs strongly value freedom. In order to feel happy, they need to have autonomy and they can’t stand feeling like they’re tied down. ESTPs work best with partners who don’t try to control them.

3. Spontaneous. ESTPs are spontaneous. Routine and structure don’t come naturally to people of this personality type. ESTPs are happy to change plans at the drop of a hat. For example, they’ll happily book a last-minute trip, and their air of unpredictability can be appealing.

4. Charming. ESTPs are charming personality types. They are highly skilled at reading people, particularly when it comes to body language because they are exceptionally observant. ESTPs know how to work a room and their confidence can be magnetic.

ESTP weaknesses in relationships

The following weaknesses can be typical of ESTPs in relationships:

1. Non-committal. ESTPs can be non-committal. They are easily bored and need to be kept on their toes. ESTPs appreciate variety in many different areas of their lives and this can apply to dating too. However, when ESTPs meet someone who they are truly compatible with, they won’t find it hard to commit…eventually at least!

2. Insensitive. ESTPs can be insensitive. They can be blunt in the way they communicate because they prefer to take a direct approach. ESTPs value hard facts and they aren’t the type to beat around the bush. This can mean that they end up hurting their partners’ feelings.

3. Stubborn. ESTPs can be stubborn. They are often sharp and quick-witted. Once they’ve decided something, it can be hard to convince them otherwise. They are often convinced they are right which can be frustrating for their partner.

4. Uncomfortable with emotions. ESTPs can be uncomfortable with emotions, be it their own or their partners’. They are private when it comes to expressing their own feelings and it can take them a long time to open up. ESTPs can also find it difficult dealing with their partners’ emotions.

ESTP love

ESTPs fall in love fast. They embrace the adrenaline rush that comes with falling in love and they’ll whisk their partner away on all sorts of adventures. ESTPs fall in love with people who manage to keep them intrigued in one way or another, which is rare. ESTPs can also fall out of love just as quickly as they fall in love.

ESTP flirting style

ESTPs are definitely flirty personality types. They naturally know how to charm people and they love to use these skills. ESTPs are bold and it’s highly likely that they’ll make the first move when they fancy someone. If an ESTP likes you, it will probably be obvious as they aren’t the most subtle people!

ESTP sexual compatibility

ESTPs have an intense and adventurous sexual energy. They are physical, passionate people and sex plays a big role in their lives. They enjoy sensual pleasures of all kinds. ESTPs have a dominant and somewhat aggressive energy, and this usually translates to the bedroom. ESTPs are usually comfortable with casual sex, but they do prefer it when they feel an emotional connection.

ESTP communication

ESTPs have an energetic and direct communication style. They tend to focus on the details rather than the bigger picture. ESTPs are extremely rational people who are highly skilled at thinking on their feet and they’re often quick to respond. ESTPs are straightforward in the way they communicate. Plus, people of this personality type are action-oriented and they don’t like to spend too long in deep discussions about abstract concepts.

ESTP compatibility with other personality types

ESTPs are logical and fun personality types who need freedom in a relationship so they don’t feel suffocated. ESTPs are most compatible with partners who are steadfast and attentive. At So Syncd, we consider ISFJs and ISTJs to be the best Myers & Briggs matches for ESTPs:

1. ESTP – ISFJ relationships. ESTPs are attracted to the support, security, and nurture that ISFJs provide. ISFJs offer a caring and welcoming safe-haven for ESTPs amongst the chaos of their everyday lives. ISFJs are attracted to the fearless, dynamic and resilient nature of ESTPs. ESTPs help make life more exciting for ISFJs.

2. ESTP – ISTJ relationships. ESTPs are attracted to the steady, determined, hard-working nature of ISTJs. ISTJs can help ESTPs keeps their lives in order and they are extremely supportive partners. ISTJs are attracted to the confident, quick-witted and charming nature of ESTPs. ESTPs can help ISTJs try new things and be spontaneous once in a while.

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