So Syncd FAQs

  1. What is So Syncd?
    So Syncd is a free dating app for iOS and Android that connects compatible personality types.
  2. How does So Syncd work?
    1. Discover your personality type.
    Firstly, install our free iOS app or Android app and take our free 5-minute test to discover your Myers & Briggs personality type and you’ll receive instant results.
    2. This is where the magic happens.
    We’ll do all the hard work for you and let you know your percentage chance of discovering a strong and exciting connection.
    3. Connect with meaningful matches.
    Once signed up, you’ll see others looking for meaningful and exciting connections. Tap ‘like’ (♥️) if you want to match with them or ‘pass’ (x) to skip. If someone ‘likes’ you back, you’ll become a ‘match’ and can chat.
  3. Is it free to sign up to So Syncd?
    All the basic features on So Syncd are completely free. You can ‘like’ as many people as you choose to and can send unlimited messages once you have matched with someone.
  4. What are personality types?
    So Syncd is based on Myers & Briggs 16 personality types. The Myers & Briggs test is based on the work of Carl Jung, Isabel Briggs Myers and Katherine Cook Briggs. We have descriptions of all of the different personality types.
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