PLEASE READ: On Wednesday 20 January we will be switching to an app-only model. Our website will no longer function as a dating platform. The following week we will be releasing a new version of our app.
Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Pairing Perfect Personality Types

So Syncd is the first dating app and website that connects compatible personality types. We’re revolutionizing the way people date by pairing couples who have just the right amount of similarities to ‘get’ each other and just the right amount of differences to create that spark. You sign up like any normal dating website but with one extra crucial piece of information: your personality type. It's totally free to sign up and to take our personality test.

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How It Works


Take our personality test and sign up

You sign up like any normal dating app but with one key difference: you add your personality type. If you know it already, just add it in straight away. If not, you can take our free five-minute test to find out and you’ll receive a personality description at the end.


We can choose matches for you or you can search for types yourself

If you don’t know which personality types you’re most compatible with, then just click ‘choose for me’ and we’ll do all the hard work. If you want to take matters into your own hands, then you can search for specific types yourself.


Like each other to match and start messaging

You’ll find a list of suggested matches with a compatibility percentage for each person based on your personality type combinations, preferences and location. If you both like each other, you can start messaging straight away.

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