15 Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

15 Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

So you’ve got your eye on him, but how can you be sure he wants you in the same way? Perhaps you’ve noticed a few subtle hints, but you want to know specific signs he wants you badly sexually without him saying it outright. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into 15 such signs that will help you figure out whether he really wants you that way.

Before we get started, it goes without saying that when it comes to understanding someone’s intentions, particularly in a romantic or sexual context, communication and consent are crucial. While these signs can be helpful in getting a better idea of what someone is thinking, it’s still important to take the time to make sure that any advances are welcomed and consensual.

15 Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

Now, let’s look at 15 signs he wants you badly sexually.

1. Increased physical contact.

Physical touch between two people is a powerful way to build intimacy, and it can reveal a great deal about a man’s intentions. When a man physically touches you more than usual, it’s likely a sign that he wants you badly sexually. His touch may become more frequent, and he may linger in those moments of contact. These physical gestures convey a sense of desire and a longing for intimacy that cannot be expressed in words. Whether it’s a lingering hand on the small of your back or a soft caress of your skin, pay attention to the way he touches you, as it could be a sign that he wants you badly sexually.

2. His compliments are suggestive.

While a man showering you with compliments is generally a good sign, it’s particularly telling when his compliments become flirtatious and suggestive. Typically, these comments are not made by a man who is looking for platonic friendship. Instead, it is his way of expressing his attraction and desire for intimacy with you. He might compliment your outfit in a suggestive manner or point out certain features of your body that he finds attractive. This is one of the surest signs he wants you badly sexually.

3. Intense eye contact.

Eye contact can speak volumes about attraction and interest between two people. When it comes to attraction and sexual desire, staring deeply into someone’s eyes with a fiery gaze can be a clear indication of a man’s interest. It’s a highly personal and intimate connection that can make you feel both desired and vulnerable at the same time. However, this is one of the more ambiguous and subtle signs he wants you badly sexually. Some men might naturally make more eye contact than others, so reading the context and looking out for other signs is important.

4. Flirtatious behavior.

Flirting can be a subtle yet powerful way of communicating attraction, and when it’s done well, it can be incredibly alluring. For many people, flirting is an enjoyable and important part of the dating experience, and it can also be a way of testing the waters to see if there’s a mutual interest. When a man is flirting with you, pay close attention to the style of his flirting and the content of his words. Whether it’s a playful joke or gentle teasing, if he is acting more suggestive than friendly, it’s a sign he wants you badly sexually. It also indicates that he’s comfortable in your presence and enjoys being around you.

5. Provocative messages.

When a man starts sending you suggestive or even outright explicit messages, it’s one of the clearest signs he wants you badly sexually. These messages may come in the form of text, email, or social media messages. They can express his desire for you directly, or they can be more subtle. Either way, it’s a sign that he is thinking about you in a sexual way. Whether it’s through flirty innuendos, describing intimate fantasies, or sending a sexy photo, a man who is sending you provocative messages is letting you know that he sees you through a sexual lens.

6. Open body language.

If you are trying to decipher the signals of a man’s sexual attraction, paying attention to his body language can be a helpful tool. Body language is a powerful form of communication that can often reveal a person’s underlying intentions. One tell-tale sign that a man may be interested in a woman in a sexual way is if he displays open body language. This means that his arms are uncrossed, his legs may be slightly spread, and he may lean in closer to you. This type of body language suggests that the man wants to invite the woman in and be physically close to her. While it’s important to remember that not all men who exhibit open body language are solely interested in sex, it’s another piece of the puzzle to consider.

7. Increased proximity.

One clue to help determine if he wants you badly sexually lies in the level of proximity he seeks with you. If a man is constantly finding reasons to be closer to you, such as physically leaning in, brushing against you, or positioning himself next to you, it can be a sign that he wants you badly sexually. When we find someone attractive, we tend to be drawn to them physically and seek opportunities to be near them. Of course, proximity alone does not guarantee someone’s intentions, but it’s certainly a factor to consider when deciphering a man’s desire for you. Watching how close he stands to other people and comparing it to his proximity to you can also be telling.

8. Sexual tension.

This sign is more about the energy between two people than it is about specific behaviors. As such, it can be one of the more difficult signs to read. When there is a strong sexual attraction between two people, it can feel as if the air is charged with electricity and excitement. Sexual tension can be described as an invisible, electric current that runs between two people when they share a strong attraction. It’s not always easy to decipher what someone else is thinking or feeling, but when it comes to sexual tension, your intuition can help you identify when it’s present. As always, communication and consent are key, so don’t solely rely on your gut instinct in situations like this.

9. Prolonged gazes at your body.

One of the more obvious signals that a man wants you badly sexually is when his gaze lingers on certain parts of your body. While an occasional glance at your body is to be expected, if his gaze is lingering on certain features for an extended period of time, it can be a sign that he finds you attractive. His eyes may linger on your lips, breasts, or curves in a suggestive manner. This is one sign that should be easy to spot, and it can be indicative of sexual attraction. However, it’s important to note that prolonged gazes alone don’t guarantee that someone wants a sexual relationship with you—it may simply mean that they find you attractive. However, piecing together nonverbal cues can help you to interpret a man’s true feelings and desires.

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10. Bringing up sexual experiences.

When a man brings up topics related to sex or past sexual experiences, it can be a way of him gauging how open you are to the idea of a sexual relationship. If he is asking you questions about your previous relationships, sexual interests, and preferences, it may be an indication that he wants to take things in a more intimate and physical direction. This can be a way for men to test the waters by seeing how you respond when he steers the conversation in a sexual direction. If he talks about his own experiences in the bedroom, it could mean that he wants to convey his preferences and desires to you. He may also be trying to impress you by showing off his sexual experience.

11. Questioning your relationship status.

If a man has integrity and honor, he will want to make sure that you are single before pursuing any kind of sexual relationship. If he starts asking questions about your relationship status and digging deeper into your dating history, it can indicate that he is trying to figure out if the path is clear for a potential sexual relationship. In some cases, this can be as direct as asking you outright if you are single; in other cases, it can be more subtle with questions about your previous relationships and how you spend your weekends. Of course, not all men are interested in just sex— some may simply be interested in getting to know you better and building a friendship. As with all these signs, they are just one piece of the puzzle.

12. Undivided attention.

One telling sign that a man wants you badly is when he gives you his complete undivided attention. This can be seen in the way he listens to everything you say, the way he maintains eye contact with you for extended periods of time, and the way he seems to be completely focused on your every move. This level of attention signals that he finds you incredibly attractive and desirable. While it’s important to keep in mind that not all men who exhibit this behavior are looking for a sexual connection, it’s certainly a factor to be aware of when trying to gauge a man’s true intentions.

13. Turning on the charm.

Another sign that a man may be interested in you sexually is if he turns on the charm when he’s around you. This can manifest as compliments, flattery, and extra attention. While this type of behavior could just be an attempt to win your favor, it can also be a sign that he finds you attractive and is hoping to take your relationship in a more intimate direction. Pay attention to how he interacts with other people compared to how he is around you—if the difference in behavior is obvious, it could be an indication that he is trying to win you over.

14. Dressing to impress.

When a man wants you badly sexually, he will want you to see him as attractive and desirable. As such, he may put extra effort into his appearance when he knows you will be around. This can include wearing cologne, dressing in stylish clothing, and taking extra care with his grooming. The idea is that if he looks good to you, you will be more likely to be drawn to him and to respond positively to his advances. However, a man dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean he has sexual desires for you—some men may just like to look good all the time.

15. Highlighting his availability.

Not only will a man gauge your availability if he wants you badly sexually, but he will also make it known that he is single. This can involve mentioning his single status, talking about how he is not seeing anyone, or discussing the fact that he isn’t in a committed relationship. This can be another way of trying to let you know that he is open to a potential sexual relationship. Essentially, when a man wants you badly sexually, he will do his best to ensure you know that there is a clear route to an intimate relationship with him.

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Final thoughts on 15 signs a man wants you badly sexually

As we have touched on at various points in the blog, one of these signs alone doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a man wants you badly sexually. Along with working your way down our checklist, listen to what your gut instinct is telling you. There are various factors to consider before pursuing any kind of sexual relationship, so make sure you are informed and aware of the potential consequences.

No matter what signs a man exhibits, it’s important that all parties involved are comfortable with the situation and that everyone feels comfortable stating their boundaries. With that in mind, we hope that this article has provided you with some insight into signs a man wants you badly sexually.

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