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The theory behind the Myers & Briggs 16 personality types.

The theory of psychological type originates from Carl Jung. Jung’s work was game-changing and brilliant, but it was, ahem, not a light read.

In the 1940s, two American women, Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother Katharine Cook Briggs, set out to make the work of Carl Jung more accessible to people all over the world. They created a test to help people discover their personality type: the Myers & Briggs test.

INFJ. ENFP. ISTP. What do the letters mean?

Each letter describes a preference for certain personality traits. Here they are:

Extravert (E)

You direct your energy towards the outer world

Introvert (I)

You direct energy towards your inner world

Sensor (S)

You focus on tangible & concrete information

iNtuitive (N)

You focus on concepts & abstract theories

Thinker (T)

You make decisions primarily based on logic

Feeler (F)

You make decisions primarily based on people

Judger (J)

You prefer to run your life in a structured & organized way

Perceiver (P)

Your prefer to keep your options open & explore different possibilities

In the big scheme of personalities, everyone is a mixture of all the traits described by the letters above. For example, no one is solely an introvert or an extravert. But everyone shows some sort of preference for one characteristic over another and certain personality pairs match better than others, which is where So Syncd comes into play.

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The Different
Personality Types

A summary of the 16 Myers & Briggs types

The Idealists

  • INFP

INFP: So Unique

Idealistic, creative and principled.

  • ENFP

ENFP: So Curious

Spontaneous, enthusiastic and creative.

  • INFJ

INFJ: So Thoughtful

Reflective, devoted and perceptive.

  • ENFJ

ENFJ: So Giving

Giving, charismatic and supportive.

The Rationals

  • INTP

INTP: So Logical

Analytical, conceptual and inventive.

  • ENTP

ENTP: So Visionary

Original, inquisitive and visionary.

  • INTJ

INTJ: So Strategic

Purposeful, innovative and structured.

  • ENTJ

ENTJ: So Ambitious

Determined, decisive and charismatic.

The Guardians

  • ISFJ

ISFJ: So Nurturing

Loyal, practical and altruistic.

  • ESFJ

ESFJ: So Supportive

Sociable, warm and organized.

  • ISTJ

ISTJ: So Dependable

Thorough, reliable and honest.

  • ESTJ

ESTJ: So Dedicated

Direct, organized and dedicated.

The Explorers

  • ISFP

ISFP: So Artistic

Creative, kind and sensitive.

  • ESFP

ESFP: So Fun

Spontaneous, energetic and playful.

  • ISTP

ISTP: So Practical

Practical, easy-going and adaptable.

  • ESTP

ESTP: So Adventurous

Outgoing, enthusiastic and straight-shooting.

The Beauty of Personality Type Dating

How knowing your Myers & Briggs type can improve your love life

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“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance

– Oscar Wilde, poet and playwright

“The meeting of two personalities
is like the contact of two chemical substances:
if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

– Carl Jung, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst

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