Type Guide

The Idealists

  • INFP

INFP: So Unique

INFPs are creative and complex individuals who have a calming presence.

  • ENFP

ENFP: So Curious

ENFPs are passionate people who love jumping head-first into new projects.

  • INFJ

INFJ: So Thoughtful

INFJs have a mystical air about them that many find intriguing and their desire to help others is a core part of who they are.

  • ENFJ

ENFJ: So Giving

ENFJs are generous people who can always be relied on for advice and support.

The Rationals

  • INTP

INTP: So Logical

INTPs are complex intellectuals who love nothing more than digging into a concept and seeking truths.

  • ENTP

ENTP: So Visionary

ENTPs are dynamic individuals who have a strong thirst for learning.

  • INTJ

INTJ: So Strategic

INTJs are the ultimate strategists and view life almost like a chess game, carefully considering the risk-reward profile of their decisions.

  • ENTJ

ENTJ: So Ambitious

ENTJs project an air of confidence and authority that makes people want to listen and follow.

The Guardians

  • ISFJ

ISFJ: So Nurturing

ISFJs have a talent for making everyone feel comfortable and this, combined with their organisational skills, makes them perfect hosts.

  • ESFJ

ESFJ: So Supportive

ESFJs are great at connecting with others. They’re highly adept at picking up on social subtleties and instinctively notice things like body language and tone of voice.

  • ISTJ

ISTJ: So Dependable

ISTJs are dutiful, logical and practical. These traits come together to make them core members of society.

  • ESTJ

ESTJ: So Dedicated

ESTJs are dedicated individuals who take great pleasure in bringing order and structure to their surroundings.

The Explorers

  • ISFP

ISFP: So Artistic

ISFPs are creative and have a strong appreciation for visual aesthetics. Being present comes naturally to them.

  • ESFP

ESFP: So Fun

ESFPs light up many a room with their energetic and fun-loving energy.

  • ISTP

ISTP: So Practical

ISTPs are the coolest of the cool. They’re highly adaptable and take life as it comes.

  • ESTP

ESTP: So Adventurous

ESTPs have an abundance of charisma, a strong presence and are always willing to take a risk.

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