Type Guide

The Idealists

  • ENFJ

ENFJ: So Giving

Giving, charismatic and supportive.

  • ENFP

ENFP: So Curious

Spontaneous, enthusiastic and creative.

  • INFJ

INFJ: So Thoughtful

Reflective, devoted and perceptive.

  • INFP

INFP: So Unique

Idealistic, creative and principled.

The Explorers

  • ESTP

ESTP: So Adventurous

Outgoing, enthusiatic and straight-shooting.

  • ESFP

ESFP: So Fun

Spontaneous, energetic and playful.

  • ISTP

ISTP: So Practical

Practical, easy-going and adaptable.

  • ISFP

ISFP: So Artistic

Creative, kind and sensitive.

The Rationals

  • ENTJ

ENTJ: So Ambitious

Determined, decisive and charismatic.

  • ENTP

ENTP: So Visionary

Original, inquisitive and visionary.

  • INTJ

INTJ: So Strategic

Purposeful, innovative and structured.

  • INTP

INTP: So Logical

Analytical, conceptual and inventive.

The Guardians

  • ESTJ

ESTJ: So Dedicated

Direct, organised and dedicated.

  • ESFJ

ESFJ: So Supportive

Sociable, warm and organised.

  • ISTJ

ISTJ: So Dependable

Thorough, reliable and honest.

  • ISFJ

ISFJ: So Nurturing

Loyal, practical and altruistic.