The 16 personality types as cities

16 personality types as cities: Hollywood

Like personalities, cities have their own unique characteristics and quirks. Today we explore which city best suits each personality type. Perhaps you are imaginative and dynamic like the flashing lights of Tokyo? Or you might be more comfortable basking in the peacefulness of Reykjavík? Whatever personality type you are, we’ve got your covered, from the city of love to the city that never sleeps.

Grab your passport, we’re about to explore to the city of your dreams.

INFP: Reykjavík

The city of peacefulness.

ENFP: Austin

The city of vibrance.

INFJ: Amsterdam

The city of cafe culture.

ENFJ: Nashville

The city of music.

INTP: San Francisco

The city of innovation.

ENTP: Tokyo

The city of imagination.


The city of intellectuals.

ENTJ: New York

The city that never sleeps.

ISFJ: Zurich

The city of harmony.

ESFJ: Madrid

The city of friendships.

ISTJ: Munich

The city of precision.

ESTJ: London

The city of negotiations.

ISFP: Paris

The city of love & art.

ESFP: Los Angeles

The city of showbiz.

ISTP: Sydney

The city of the great outdoors.

ESTP: Las Vegas

The city of entertainment.

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