16 Personality Types of Love Actually Characters

16 Personality Types of Love Actually Characters

Today we explore the 16 personality types of Love Actually characters. Love Actually is a beloved Christmas holiday classic that never gets old.

Love Actually is a romantic comedy that celebrates the power of love in all its forms. The movie stars an ensemble cast. Each character’s story intertwines with the others as they navigate the highs and lows of life and love.

From hilarious conversations to tear-jerking moments, Love Actually follows a group of people from different backgrounds coming together and learning about each other. It reminds us that no matter how big or small our problems may be, we’re never alone as long as we have love in our lives.

The array of characters brings to life a variety of personalities, from introspective, sensitive types to bold and daring personalities. Each character brings something unique to the story, allowing us to see love in different ways. Whether it’s a new romance or the reunion of long-lost lovers, we come to understand that love is rarely perfect but always worth celebrating.

Love Actually is a touching reminder that no matter our differences, we can find common ground in love. Through its clever writing, witty dialogue, and heartwarming moments, it’s a reminder that when we open our hearts to love, we can often find true happiness. So if you’re looking for a feel-good movie night, Love Actually is the perfect choice.

16 Personality types of Love Actually characters

Billy Mack: ESTP

First up is Billy Mack, an ESTP. The Former Pop Star turned morning demonstrates his extroverted side when it comes to being outspoken and making decisions quickly without too much reflection. This carefree attitude pairs perfectly with his ESTP nature. Like a typical ESTP, he is impulsive, fun-loving, and loves to be in the center of the action. Billy has no boundaries, to the dismay of his manager Joe, the Radio Watford host, and Ant and Dec! He is up for anything, like getting naked on stage, taking lots of drugs in his early years, and partying until all hours of the night.

Joe the Manager: ISFJ

Joe the Manager is an ISFJ. As a character always striving for harmony, Joe seeks to put Billy’s needs ahead of his own, making him an ideal ISFJ. His loyalty and commitment serve as evidence of his strong sense of duty towards those he loves. He is also a natural listener and always shows up when the people he cares about need him. He may have trouble expressing his own emotions, but he’s never afraid to put in the time and effort needed to make sure Billy is taken care of and succeeds.

The Prime Minister, David: ENTP

David, the UK Prime Minister, is an ENTP. David has a natural charm and charisma that we would expect from an ENTP. He is bold, confident, and likes to take risks in order to get things done. He thrives on challenges and loves the thrill of being in a high-stakes environment like 10 Downing Street. Whilst he can be a bit impulsive and outspoken, his enthusiasm for life and willingness to try something new make him an ideal ENTP. He is also great at coming up with creative solutions to problems – a trait that is accentuated by his intuitive nature. He’s eager to learn, loves providing witty remarks, and can sweep people off their feet with his clever words, all typical ENTP personality traits.

Natalie: ENFP

Natalie from Love Actually is an ENFP through and through. Natalie is known for her natural enthusiasm and ability to connect with people easily – both qualities that make her an excellent ENFP character. She’s compassionate yet independent, allowing her to feel connected while still having control over her own life choices. Like a typical ENFP, Natalie just says what is on her mind. When she met the Prime Minister, she just blurted out a lot of swear words. However, it was this innocent charm that made him instantly attracted to her. All in all, Natalie’s enthusiasm for life makes her the perfect ENFP.

The US President: ESTP

Though only seen briefly onscreen, the US President has all the hallmarks of an ESTP personality: brashness coupled with an inability to consider all the details before rushing into decisions or actions. Like an ESTP, he can be arrogant and cocky, but he is also a natural charmer. As the Prime Minister says of the relationship between the US and the UK, the President takes exactly what he wants and casually ignores all the things that matter to Britain. That’s an ESTP vibe if ever there was one.

Jamie Bennett: INFP

The next character from Love Actually is Jamie, an INFP. Jamie is an introspective character who displays his sensitive side throughout the movie. He is a writer who loves to express himself through his art, another classic INFP trait. Jamie can be shy at times but is also very idealistic when it comes to relationships and love. He fell in love with Aurelia without really having a proper conversation with her. However, he learned Portuguese in just a few weeks so he could communicate with her. Then he proposed! If that isn’t an idealistic INFP dreamer, we don’t know what is. His introspective nature also makes him an ideal INFP, as they are known to constantly search within themselves in an attempt to understand their values, beliefs, and motivations.

Aurelia: ISFP

Aurelia is an ISFP. Like Jamie, she is an introspective character who is deeply in touch with her emotions. Aurelia is also very self-reliant and independent, like a typical ISFP. She is more direct in her communication style than Jamie. She’s not afraid to tell him how it is, even if he can’t understand her. But at the same time, she is also sensitive, empathetic, and values personal relationships. That’s why she was so taken with Jamie and his romantic gestures. As a true romantic, Aurelia also learned English in case Jamie came back which he eventually did! All these traits are true of an ISFP.


Sam is a typical INFP. Sam might be young but he has wisdom beyond years! His heart-melting innocence paired with quiet determination reflects perfectly what INFPs stand for: being insightful yet guided by feelings instead of facts or logic every time important decisions need to be made in life. Sam wisely said to his stepdad, “Worse than the total agony of being in love?” And we don’t think there can be a better phrase to describe an INFP’s inner struggle between passions and reason. Sam saw the fact he didn’t know an instrument as a tiny insignificant detail between him and the girl he loved.

Daniel: ISFJ

Daniel, Sam’s stepdad, is an ISFJ. Daniel is a man mourning his wife who passed away and is navigating life with his stepson. He is a typical ISFJ in the sense that he puts others’ needs before his own and believes in doing the right thing. He takes on the role of being a father to Sam, and he does so with a combination of love, wisdom, and discipline – all typical ISFJ traits. Daniel provides support, advice, and comfort to Sam, and often gives him the push he needs when it comes to pursuing his dreams. He is a perfect example of an ISFJ guardian.

Joanna: ENFJ

Though we don’t see much of Joanna, we think she could be an EFJ. Joanna’s charming aura draws attention from practically everyone she sees. This is no doubt aided by her very ENFJ traits such as friendliness, intuition, and charisma. Joanna is kind, caring, and confident, and her enthusiasm and energy on stage are contagious.

Karen: ESFJ

Karen embodies ESFJ characteristics through staying organized yet caring at all times; she manages people just as well as she handles personal affairs without ever losing sight of what matters most: family & friends first above anything else. Karen had the toughest time in the movie. Her husband, Harry, bought a necklace for his secretary and she was devastated. But Karen managed to overcome her pain and heartache, choosing to focus on the good things in life; a trademark of ESFJs everywhere. In the end, her inner strength helps her try to mend fences with Harry and regain his trust. Her ability to stay strong through difficult times is what makes Karen an ideal ESFJ.

Harry: INTJ

Harry, potentially the most disliked person in Love Actually, is an INTJ. As an INTJ, he is driven by logic and analysis. He has difficulty expressing himself and he is a man of few words. Harry often uses cutting wit and sarcastic remarks often come off as insensitive and, at times, downright rude, which is typical of people with this personality type. Although his flirtation with his secretary seemed reckless, it was more reflective of where he was in life at that moment. Harry has reached a point of stagnation in his career, his domestic life, and himself. The possibility of a “mid-life crisis” looms large. But he wasn’t impulsive or reckless. Harry went along with the scenario which was driven by Mia in a slightly awkward, non-smooth way.


Mia, also a contender for the most disliked character of Love Actually, is an ESTP. She is an outgoing, fiery woman who surprises Harry with her unexpected assertiveness. Mia is ruthless. She knows Harry is married with kids yet she goes in for the kill anyway. She is calculated, clever, and confident – all classic ESTP traits. Mia doesn’t hold back her feelings. She lives for the moment and takes risks without considering potential consequences.

Sarah: ISFJ

Sarah is a caring, understanding, and loyal ISFJ. She is hard-working and dedicated to her job, as seen by being the last one in the office on Christmas Eve. Sarah has a big heart and deep empathy for the struggles of others. She takes on the role of a caretaker to her brother, Michael. ISFJs are loyal, reliable, and committed people, which Sarah is. She never ignores he brother’s calls, even when she’s in the middle of her dream-to-true scenario with Karl. Sarah is the perfect ISFJ, looking out for those around her, putting their needs first and hers second. She is the most understanding character in Love Actually and her ISFJ traits are strongly highlighted throughout the movie.

Mark: ISFP

Mark is an ISFP. He demonstrates strong feelings-driven behavior. Mark knows he shouldn’t go after Juliet, but he is a passionate person who is totally in love with her and wants to tell her. Mark is also incredibly loyal; despite Juliet’s marriage to Peter, Mark continues to support them both in their relationships by remaining a good friend and not becoming bitter from his own unrequited feelings. Whilst he did hide the fact he loved his best friend’s wife from Peter himself, Mark knew when enough was enough and he moved on with his life.

Juliet: ESFJ

Juliet is a typical ESFJ. She is bubbly, lively, and loves to be around people. With her beaming grin and twinkling eyes, Juliet exhibits an abundance of bubbly charisma that is typical of ESFJs. Juliet is a caring person who has a good relationship with everyone, especially her husband Peter. Juliet also has a great deal of empathy for people and is clearly a people-pleaser, as seen when she pecked Mark to show she appreciated his confession of love. However, that was all it was to her and she was able to move on with her life, something that ESFJs are capable of doing.

Colin Frissell: ESFP

Colin Frissell, God of Sex, is a typically ESFP. He exhibits boldness, unlike any other character. Collin’s never-ending search for adventure coupled with his willingness takes risks plays right into what makes up ESFPs so energetic yet still aware of their surroundings. Colin rents out his flat in search of sex and women in America showing he is not afraid to take on opportunities as they come. He is emotionally driven and cares more about having fun than anything else; an ESFP’s motto! Colin’s ESFP traits are easy to spot and his carefree attitude and quest for excitement are what makes him such a lovable character in Love Actually.

John & Just Judy: ISFP

John and Just Judy are both ISFPs. These two characters are basically male and female versions of one another. They are light-hearted people who have an instant connection with each other. Whilst they are a little awkward with each other at first, which is no surprise given the circumstances of being naked together instantly, they quickly become comfortable with each other as the movie progresses. They are both compassionate, kind, and spontaneous people. Given they meet five weeks before Christmas and are going on their honeymoon one month after Christmas, it is clear that these two characters just followed their hearts and got engaged and married in a short space of time. Sometimes when you know, you just know and that kind of spontaneity and passion is something that ISFPs are known for.

Altogether, the characters in Love Actually portray a range of personality types in an honest and realistic way. Whether it’s Colin’s idealistic thrill-seeking behavior, or Karen having to pretend everything is alright in front of her kids, the film shows personalities and family dynamics in a way that everyone can relate to. The characters in Love Actually make the movie an intriguing and entertaining one.

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