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28 Funny and Relatable Sagittarius Memes

Today we take a look at 28 funny and relatable Sagittarius memes. People with this zodiac sign are known to be optimistic, independent, and honest.

Sagittarius memes funny and relatable

Today we take a look at 28 funny and relatable Sagittarius memes. People with this zodiac sign are known to be optimistic, independent, and honest.

Sagittarius people are also known for being a bit of a wild card. They’re always up for a good time, and they’re not afraid to take risks. This can sometimes lead to them getting themselves into trouble. But that’s just part of their charm.

Adventures are always more fun when a Sagittarius is involved. They’re always game for anything, and they’re sure to make you laugh along the way. So, if you’re looking for some good old-fashioned fun, look no further than your friendly neighborhood Sagittarius.

When it comes to relationships, Sagittarius people are usually very loyal and supportive. They’re also great at giving advice, even if it’s not always welcome.

If you’re a Sagittarius, or you know someone who is, then you’ll definitely relate to these funny memes. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Sagittarius love adventure

  1. Sagittarians are all about making life one big adventure. They’re thrill-seekers and risk-takers. If you catch them in a moment daydreaming, it’s highly likely they’ll be thinking about their next trip…

2. Why turn up to work and sit at your desk every day when there’s a whole big world out there to be explored?!

3. Is your love language words of affirmation? Acts of service? Quality time? Well, get ready for Sagittarius and their love language… spontaneous trips.

4. Serious, boring, buzz-kill people? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

sagittarius hates people who are serious
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

5. What really gets a Sagittarius going is someone who is ready to pack their bags and head out on whatever adventure they’ve just thought of at the drop of a hat. Bungee jumping? Go on, then. Camp under the stars? Sure thing.

when sagittarius meets someone who matches their energy
Source: @drunkstrology

6. This Sagittarius meme says it all. Nothing sexier than someone who is up for fun 24/7.

sagittarius loves people who love adventure
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

Sagittarius loves learning new things…kinda.

7. Learning an awesome new skill you just found out about a second ago? Hell yes! Having to practice patiently over and over again to try to master the said skill? Nah, you’re alright.

love learning new skills but don't want to practise
Source: @drunkstrology

8. Some call it a short attention span. Sagittarians will say it’s just getting excited at the next opportunity life has to offer.

want to learn everything but no patience sagittarius
Source: @drunkstrology

Sagittarians are chilled….most of the time.

9. Due to their adaptable and flexible nature, Sagittarians are seen as one of the most chilled-out signs. Why bother being stubborn and serious when you can just have fun?! But don’t be mistaken; this doesn’t make them pushovers. Good luck convincing a Sagittarian to do something they don’t like.

easy going but stubborn
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

10. But whilst their easy-going nature is well known, Sagittarians also have a rather more…excitable side to them.

can't decide between being chill or being chaotic
Source: @drunkstrology

11. And don’t believe your Sagittarius friend when they tell you “they just want to stay in and chill tonight.”

12. Sagittarians have no problem talking to people. Charming their way through a group of new people comes naturally to them. So even though they think they’re super chill, they’re usually the ones chewing the ears off of everyone.

non stop talking sagittarius
Source: @drunkstrology

13. Why take your time to patiently go through life planning every move when you can just go with the flow and see where life takes you?

running away from commitment and sensible
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

14. This Sagittarius meme says it all. Some call it unhinged, we like to call it “keeping things interesting”.

unhinged persona sagittarius
Source: @drunkstrology

Sagittarians like to keep their options open

15. A Sagittarian’s idea of hell is being tied down without any freedom. This is why they can sometimes struggle to commit fully to relationships.

want to fall in love but also don't want to be tied down Sagittarius star sign
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

16. There’s nothing worse for a Sagittarian than hearing those dreaded words, “So, when are you going to meet someone and settle down?”

Sagittarius meme: never settling down
Source: @drunkstrology

17. Or maybe there IS a scarier sentence…

Sagittarius meme: hate commitment
Source: @drunkstrology

18. Sagittarians = bad at commitment, good at moving on quickly.

19. Sagittarians love their friends love their family, but most of all, they love their freedom. Give them space, and they will come to you. Smother them and they will run a mile. This Sagittarius meme says it how it is.

Sagittarius meme: hate clinginess
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

20. Opening up, being serious, and communicating your needs are not all that high up on a list of a Sagittarian’s skill set. They’d much rather be out there having fun and making jokes.

Sagittarius meme: never communicating clearly
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

21. And they aren’t known for their willingness to open up about their troubles. They’re much quicker to make a self-deprecating joke at the expense of themselves and their issues to keep everyone laughing.

 hiding your struggles behind humour
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

22. Asking for help? I don’t know her. Look out for your Sagittarius friends!

never asking for help star sign
Source: @drunkstrology

Sagittarians don’t hold back

23. This Sagittarius meme made me laugh. Sagittarians love to tiptoe the line between honesty and tactlessness. Some say it’s being mean, they like to think of it as being genuine. You choose.

Sagittarius meme: brutally honest will say it how it is
source: @thatonelibrabitch

24. Seriously though, whether you ask for it or not, a Sagittarius will probably tell you exactly how they feel. Get ready.

Sagittarius meme: honest
Source: @sagittariiusly

Sagittarians are complex

25. They may appear light-hearted, chilled, and easy-going on the outside, but inside they’re just as sensitive as you and I. Sagittarians feel their feelings deeply so anything they take to heart hits them hard.

Sagittarius meme: acting like they don't care
Source: @drunkstrology

26. Do I want to be a chilled-out badass bitch? Yes. Do I also want to be open, vulnerable, and loving? Also yes. It’s a daily battle for those Sagittarians.

Sagittarius meme: want to be bad bitch but also want to be big-hearted
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

27. Sagittarians of the world, just know that we don’t always buy into your “I-don’t-care” outside perception. We know you’re all softies deep down, and that you need love just like the rest of us.

Sagittarius meme: tough exterior but soft
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

28. One minute they’re opening up and letting you in, the next they’re telling you to get off of them and give them space. Just another day on the wonderful rollercoaster that is ‘loving your Sagitarrius partner’. Never change.

Sagittarius meme: hot and cold
Source: @sagittariiusly

We hope you enjoyed these relatable Sagittarius memes. We love Sagittarians and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super essential for Sagittarians to find someone who gets them.

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