33 Hilarious Memes Every Introvert Will Relate To

Hilarious introvert memes

We’ve found 33 hilarious memes that every introvert will relate to. Introverts are often misunderstood. They get a bad rap for being “boring” or “anti-social.” However, introverts just need time alone to recharge their batteries.

Introverts are not necessarily shy or withdrawn. In fact, some introverts are very outspoken and confident when they’re around people.

Here at So Syncd, we’re all about self-discovery and self-awareness. So, if you are an introvert but want to take it one step further and learn more about yourself, you should take our free 5-minute personality test to discover your personality type.

It’s so important to know if you or your loved ones are introverts because it means you can then appreciate the different ways in which they show their affection.

Don’t assume that resting-bitch-face means they don’t love you. And when they ignore your phone calls, it doesn’t mean they’re annoyed at you. They’re just having a bit of downtime. Now, with that in mind, read on to see 33 hilarious introvert memes that you will be sure to relate to.

33 hilarious introvert memes

1. Them: “Hey, have you got your Halloween outfit sorted for the party?” Me: “Hell yeah!”

2. Error 404. Social battery energy level too low.

Introvert meme: social battery is empty
Source: @introvertmemess

3. I don’t know how this introvert meme is so accurate, but it just is.

Introvert meme: when you've spent the whole day at a social event and you finally get to leave
Source: @introvertmemess

4. Introverts of the world, if this “highly accurate” method of meeting someone isn’t working for you, let So Syncd help you find the meaningful connection you’ve been waiting for…

Introvert meme: me trying to meet the right person without going out
Source: @introvertmemess

5. No words are needed for this introvert meme.

Introvert meme: me around people
Source: @introvertmemess

6. You have introverts watching horror films: meh.
Introverts listening to serial killer podcasts: boring.

Introvert meme: hate unexpected visitors
Source: @introvertmemess

7. “… in opposite world”

Introvert meme: staying at home
Source: @introvertmemess

8. Me: “Chicken wrap with fries. Chicken wrap with fries, Chicken wrap with fries.” Also me when I am asked what I’d like to eat: “broccoli soup, please.”

Introvert meme: ordering food stressful anxious
Source: @introvertmemess

9. This introvert meme is spot-on.

Introvert meme: not listening
Source: @introvertmemess

10. Sex is cool and all that, but have you ever just stayed at home on your own in your favorite pajamas and cooked your favorite meal whilst watching the new TV series you’re currently obsessed with?

Introvert meme: staying at home and in bed
Source: @introvertmemess

11. Give me treats, and I’ll be your friend. Maybe.

Introvert meme: give me food and i will be your friend
Source: @introvertmemess

12. “Thank you so much! Looks great!” I say to the person who has just brought me the completely wrong meal but will not correct

Introvert meme: wrong food order
Source: @introvertmemess

13. Unsurprisingly, this was my entire childhood when going food shopping with my mum.

Introvert meme: awkward in public
Source: @introvertmemess

14. The different levels of introvert headaches…

Introvert meme: dealing with chatty extroverts
Source: @introvertmemess

15. “Can we go home now, please?” I ask my friend after being at a social event for literally 5 minutes.

Introvert meme: when your introvert social battery runs out of juice
Source: @introvertmemess

16. …Someone had to say it.

Introvert meme: stop imagining a future with everyone you meet
Source: @introvertmemess

17. Evidently, this introvert meme speaks for itself.

Introvert meme: i want to socialize but i hate people
Source: @introvertmemess

18. You got this, introverts.

preparing to make a phone call shy nervous
Source: @introvertmemess

19. Early birds, look away!

morning people shy person
Source: @introvertmemess

20. So Syncd is here to provide your introvert translation services.

Introvert meme: not coming to your party
Source: @introvertmemess

21. Is there anything more introvert-friendly than a silent taxi ride home?

Introvert meme: silent uber taxi drive
Source: @introvertmemess

22. I’m not a ‘chat-every-day’ friend. I’m a ‘silent-for-months-at-a-time-and-then-turn-up-out-of-the-blue’ friend.

Introvert meme: catching up with friends
Source: @introvertmemess

23. In spite of their efforts, the introvert struggle is real.

how small talk feels to an introvert
Source: @introvertmemess

24. “I work hard so that I can spend my weekends sitting in bed all alone” – introvert logic.

introvert staying at home
Source: @introvertmemess

25. This introvert meme speaks for itself! When you’re done, you’re done.

when your social battery runs out and you need to go home
Source: @introvertmemess

26. Introverts ringing someone they need to talk to: “please don’t pick up please don’t pick up please don’t pick up”

when you call someone and they don't pick up
Source: @introvertmemess

27. Inside an introvert’s brain…

image of inside an introverts brain
Source: @introvertmemess

28. Sunday cocoon-ing is a crucial part of the week for an introvert.

sundays when you cocoon so you can morph into productive person for the week
Source: @introvertmemess

29. Introverts, we are looking at you!

ignoring people in public
Source: @introvertmemess

30. “Heyyyy – sorry I forgot to reply to you for four months! Wanna hang out?” – every introvert ever.

silence for months and then reappearing to your friends
Source: @introvertmemess

31. Seriously though. Just don’t call. If you do, your introverted friends will just watch the screen until it stops ringing, and then text you.

please don't call me
Source: @introvertmemess

32. This introvert meme is my favorite by far.

interact with your introvert friends but then leave them alone
Source: @introvertmemess

33. The final introvert meme is one that all introverts can relate to. There are no words more feared by an introvert than these…

when you're an introvert and you hear "let's go around the room and introduce ourselves"
Source: @introvertmemess

As you can see from these 33 hilarious introvert memes, the world of introverts is a unique and intricate one. Basically, if you’re an introvert, you should be proud of your quiet confidence, your gentle approach to life, and your private nature. We love introverts and their characteristics, and we also appreciate how important it is for introverts to find people who understand them.

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