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Cancer Birthstones: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a Cancer, or do you know someone born between June 21 and July 22? If so, then this blog post is for you! We will be diving into the world of Cancer birthstones and exploring their meanings, properties, and significance. Whether you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a Cancer in your life, or you just want to understand this sign better, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get started and discover the fascinating world of Cancer birthstones.


Are you a Cancer, or do you know someone born between June 21 and July 22? If so, then this blog post is for you! We will be diving into the world of Cancer birthstones and exploring their meanings, properties, and significance. Whether you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a Cancer in your life, or you just want to understand this sign better, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get started and discover the fascinating world of Cancer birthstones.

Cancer characteristics

People born under this sign are known for their compassionate, loyal, empathetic, imaginative, and intuitive traits. They also have a deep understanding of feelings and can often sense when something is wrong.

Known for their caring and protective character, Cancers have incredible emotional intelligence, which makes them amazing friends and partners. Like all zodiac signs, Cancers have their own unique traits that make them stand out from the rest. So, if you want to understand one of the most loving signs in astrology, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is a list of typical Cancer characteristics:

  1. Emotional: Cancers are known for their deep emotions. They feel things intensely and aren’t afraid to express their feelings.
  2. Intuitive: Cancers have a strong intuition and often rely on their gut feelings when making decisions.
  3. Loyal: They are extremely loyal to their friends and loved ones, often going to great lengths to show their loyalty.
  4. Empathetic: Cancers have a natural ability to empathize with others’ feelings, which makes them great friends and partners.
  5. Protective: They are very protective of their loved ones and will do anything to keep them safe.
  6. Creative: Cancers are often blessed with a strong creative streak, whether it’s in arts, writing, or other forms of creative expression.
  7. Caring: They genuinely care about others and often find themselves taking care of others’ needs before their own.
  8. Moody: Cancers can be prone to mood swings due to their sensitive nature. They can be cheerful one moment and melancholic the next.

What are birthstones?

Birthstones are gemstones that correspond to a person’s birth month. The concept of birthstones dates back to ancient times. Each gemstone is believed to hold special powers and bring good fortune to the wearer. The origin of birthstones can be traced back to the Bible, where Aaron’s breastplate is said to have twelve different gems representing the twelve tribes of Israel.

Aries birthstone

Over time, birthstones have evolved to be associated with specific months and zodiac signs. Each month is assigned a different birthstone. Individuals born in that month are said to possess unique characteristics based on their corresponding gemstone.

There are various traditions and beliefs surrounding birthstones. Some cultures believe that wearing a birthstone during its assigned month enhances its powers. However, others wear their birthstone throughout the year for good luck and protection.

Why are birthstones important?

Birthstones are an important tradition that dates back thousands of years. Each month has a unique birthstone associated with it that is thought to bring good luck, protection, and other positive attributes to people born during that month.

Many believe that wearing your birthstone enhances the gem’s natural powers and energy. For instance, the ruby is thought to bring love, success, and passion to those born in July. The emerald is believed to give wisdom, growth, and patience to May babies.

In addition to their symbolic and mystical meanings, birthstones hold sentimental value. They can represent your birth month and act as a meaningful keepsake. Many people enjoy wearing their birthstone jewelry or gifting it to loved ones as a personalized, thoughtful gift.

Now let’s move on to discover the Cancer birthstone…

June Cancer birthstone

Pearl is the birthstone of July Cancers. As Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Pearls are also lunar symbols, there’s a natural affinity between the two. The Pearl is believed to enhance Cancer’s innate qualities of empathy and compassion, promoting honesty, integrity, and loyalty. It’s said to calm and center the wearer, helping Cancers manage their emotional intensity and mood swings effectively.

The Pearl is also associated with purity and innocence, which aligns well with Cancer’s nurturing and protective nature. Furthermore, it’s believed to attract wealth and luck, as well as offer protection, making it a truly beneficial stone for those born under the Cancer zodiac sign.

Here are some of the ways in which Pearl can be a beneficial birthstone to Cancer:

1. Emotional balance: Pearls are known to help balance emotions, which can be particularly useful for Cancers who are known for their emotional sensitivity.

2. Enhanced intuition: Pearls are believed to enhance intuition, aligning well with Cancer’s naturally intuitive nature.

3. Stress relief: The soothing energy of Pearls can help relieve stress and anxiety, providing a calming effect for the often emotionally turbulent Cancer.

June birthstone Cancer

4. Promotes honesty: Pearls symbolize purity and integrity, encouraging truthfulness and honesty in the wearer.

5. Attracts wealth and luck: It’s believed that wearing Pearls can attract prosperity and good luck, a welcomed benefit for any sign.

6. Protection: Pearls are often seen as a protective gem, guarding the wearer against harm. This aligns well with Cancer’s need for security and safety.

July Cancer birthstone

Ruby is known as the stone of courage and passion. This stone can help July Cancers to overcome their natural shyness and become more confident. Its intense energy encourages enthusiasm, boldness, and determination, helping Cancers to take action and pursue their dreams.

Ruby’s protective qualities can align well with the Cancerian’s need for security and emotional safety. It’s also said to enhance emotional intelligence, allowing Cancers to manage their feelings effectively and deepen their relationships. Furthermore, Ruby is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity, making it a truly beneficial stone for those born under the sign of Cancer.

Here are some of the ways in which Ruby can be a beneficial birthstone to Cancer:

1. Boosts confidence: Ruby is known as the stone of courage. It can help Cancers overcome their natural shyness and boost their confidence.

2. Enhances passion: The vibrant energy of ruby can stimulate passion and enthusiasm in Cancers, encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

3. Promotes emotional intelligence: Ruby is said to enhance emotional intelligence, helping Cancers manage their feelings effectively and deepen their relationships.

Cancer birthstone ruby

4. Provides protection: Ruby is believed to have protective qualities that can provide emotional safety for Cancers, who value security.

5. Attracts prosperity: Wearing a Ruby is traditionally believed to bring good fortune and prosperity, which can enhance the life of a Cancer in many ways.

6. Balances emotions: Ruby can help balance emotions, beneficial for Cancers known for their emotional intensity.

Other Cancer birthstones

Alongside the traditional June and July Cancer birthstones, there are other gemstones and crystals that are associated with Cancer.


Cancer birthstone

Carnelian, with its warm, vibrant energy, is a fantastic birthstone choice for those born under the sign of Cancer. This stone is known for its ability to restore vitality and motivation, which can be particularly beneficial for Cancerians who may sometimes struggle with mood swings or feelings of listlessness.

The empowering energy of Carnelian also fosters courage and promotes positive life choices, helping Cancerians to overcome their natural tendency towards caution and to fully embrace life’s opportunities. Additionally, Carnelian’s association with grounding and stability aligns well with Cancerians’ need for emotional security.


Moonstone, a gem associated with intuition, dreams, and the cycles of the moon, is an excellent aid to those born under the sign of Cancer. As a water sign ruled by the moon, Cancers are naturally intuitive and often have a strong connection to their subconscious mind.

Moonstone is believed to enhance these qualities, helping Cancerians to tap into their intuition and navigate life’s challenges with ease. The stone’s calming energy can also help balance the emotional turbulence that Cancereans sometimes experience, promoting inner peace and harmony.

moonstone gem stone zodiac

Rose Quartz

rose quartz zodiac crystal

Rose Quartz, often referred to as the “Stone of Love,” is a wonderful birthstone for those born under the sign of Cancer. As a sign known for its deep emotional intelligence and caring nature, Cancerians can greatly benefit from Rose Quartz’s association with unconditional love and compassion. This stone promotes inner peace and self-love, helping this Water sign to nurture themselves while also extending their natural empathy towards others.

Additionally, Rose Quartz is believed to attract love and strengthen relationships, supporting Cancerians in their desire for close, meaningful connections. The gentle, soothing energy of Rose Quartz can be a comforting presence for Cancers, helping them navigate their emotional depth with grace and resilience.

How to use Cancer birthstones

Cancerians, like other zodiac signs, can use birthstones in a variety of ways to harness their potential benefits. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Wear as jewelry: The most common way to use your Cancer birthstone is to wear it as jewelry. This could be in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings. For example, Cancerians could wear a Moonstone pendant for stability and calm or a Pearl bracelet for its soothing effect.
  2. Meditation: Cancer birthstones can also be used during meditation. Holding a birthstone, such as Rose Quartz or Pearl, while meditating can help calm the mind and promote concentration and calmness, which can be beneficial for restless Cancerians.
  3. Place in your home or office: You can place Cancer birthstones in your home or workplace. For instance, placing a Carnelian crystal on your desk can amplify Cancerians’ motivation whilst keeping them grounded.
  4. Carry in your pocket or purse: If you prefer not to wear your birthstone, you can simply carry it in your pocket or purse. This way, they’re with you throughout the day, providing continuous support.
  5. Chakra healing: Each gemstone resonates with certain chakras. For example, Carnelian is associated with the Sacral Chakra. Cancerians could place this stone beneath their belly button during a chakra balancing session to promote harmony and balance in relationships.

Remember, it’s important to cleanse your Cancer birthstones regularly to maintain their energy. This is best done by smudging them with sage, burying them in the earth, or bathing them in moonlight or sunlight.

Final thoughts on Cancer birthstones

In conclusion, there are many birthstones that can be of use to Cancer. Whether you’re looking for calmness and growth with a Pearl or confidence and passion with Ruby, Cancerians can benefit hugely from incorporating these Cancer birthstones into their lives.

So, if you’re a Cancer looking to maximize your potential and tap into the energies of the universe, look no further than this blog post with everything you need to know about Cancer birthstones. Don’t forget you can also expand your horizons and discover the power of the lesser-known but equally powerful gemstones. There are many ways in which they can all be used to boost your energy and propel you into greatness.

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