21 Famous People with the ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ famous people

Today we look at 21 ESTJ famous people. They are incredibly dedicated. ESTJs live to play by the rules, and, well, if there aren’t any rules in place yet, you can bet ESTJs will create some.

ESTJs have strong moral values and encourage others to follow in their footsteps. You can always count on an ESTJ to stick to their word. ESTJs make up 11.2% of the male population and 6.3% of the female population.

ESTJs are unbelievably hard working. They are super organised, focused and reliable. So it’s no surprise that pretty much everyone on this list is a boss in their own way!

ESTJs are a natural fit for business, and musical ESTJs are definitely harder to come by, although Frank Sinatra breaks this stereotype.

Like a lot of these ESTJ famous people, they thrive in a structured environment and goal-oriented roles. From Kamala Harris, who made history as America’s first female, black and South Asian Vice President to Kris Jenner, the Kardashian matriarch and ultimate Momager, ESTJs see their tasks to completion no matter how big or difficult.

ESTJ famous people

Kamala Harris (Vice President)

Kamala Harris is an ESTJ. She is known for being Vice President of the United States. She is also known for being the first black woman to serve in that role. As VP of the US, Kamala Harris is a natural leader and an extremely hard worker. She always puts her best foot forward, no matter what the task at hand may be. As a typical ESTJ, her determination and drive are what made her successful in both her personal and professional life. Kamala Harris is a no-nonsense ESTJ who is all about getting the job done.

Alec Baldwin (Actor)

Alec Baldwin is an ESTJ. He is confident and decisive. He is also a gifted comedian, which makes him popular with audiences. As an ESTJ, Alec Baldwin enjoys being in charge and taking care of business. He is the type of person who is always ready to take on a leadership role. When it comes to decision-making, Alec Baldwin is not afraid to take risks. He is the type of person who likes to be in control and likes to have things done his way. Alec Baldwin does share some negative traits associated with ESTJs too. He can be inflexible and stubborn. He can also be insensitive to the needs of others.

Kris Jenner (Reality Star)

Kris Jenner is the classic ESTJ matriarch and the ultimate Momager to the Kardashian clan. She’s always looking out for her daughters and making sure they’re taken care of. She’s also known for being a straight shooter who tells it like it is. ESTJs are known for their organizational skills and tactical thinking. They’re always looking ahead and making sure everything is in order. This is typical of Kris Jenner. She’s practical, driven, highly organized, and always looking out for her family. She’s an ESTJ through and through.

Frank Sinatra (Singer)

Frank Sinatra was an ESTJ. Whilst ESTJ is a rare personality type for a musician, Frank Sinatra was one of the most talented artists of his time. His work spanned over five decades and his voice was instantly recognizable. He was known for his impeccable timing, phrasing, and intonation, as well as his ability to convey emotion through his singing. ESTJs are known for their high standards and their attention to detail, both of which are evident in Sinatra’s work. As an ESTJ, Sinatra was a natural leader and often took charge of situations. He was confident and decisive and had a strong vision for what he wanted to achieve.

Michelle Obama (First Lady)

Michelle Obama is a famous ESTJ. She’s observant and takes in all the details around her. She’s also a gifted communicator, able to clearly articulate her thoughts and ideas. And she’s not afraid to take charge and get things done. All of these qualities make her an excellent leader and a typical ESTJ. Michelle Obama is also a highly principled person. She believes in justice and equality for all, and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is a strong and confident woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. And she is a role model for many young women today. Michelle Obama is an excellent example of an ESTJ leader. She is intelligent, articulate, and confident.

Piers Morgan (Presenter)

Piers Morgan is an ESTJ. He is a very opinionated person and he loves to debate with people. He is also very logical and he always looks at things from a rational perspective. He is a very straightforward person and he is not afraid to speak his mind. These are all typical characteristics of an ESTJ. Piers is also a very ambitious person and he always strives to achieve his goals. He is very competitive and he always wants to be the best at everything he does. This is another typical trait of an ESTJ. Piers Morgan is a very traditional person and he believes in doing things the way they have always been done. He is very conventional and he likes to stick to the status quo.

Courteney Cox (Actress)

Courteney Cox is an ESTJ. ESTJs are known for their high energy and their ability to take charge of situations. Courteney Cox is no exception. As an ESTJ, she is confident and decisive and has a clear vision for what she wants to achieve. She is also known for her attention to detail and her high standards. These qualities are evident in her work as an actress. According to Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox never let her emotions get in the way of professionalism, a typical ESTJ trait. She also plays Monica Geller in Friends. Monica is also an ESTJ and Courteney Cox says she relates to her a lot.

Jimmy Butler (Athlete)

Jimmy Butler is an ESTJ personality type. As a typical ESTJ, he is determined to win and does not like losing. He is also very competitive and hates to be second best. Jimmy Butler is the type of person who will never give up and will always fight for what he wants. He is also very loyal to his team and friends. These are all great personality traits to have as a basketball player.

Lucy Liu (Actress)

Lucy Lui is an ESTJ celebrity. She is focused and goal-oriented, and she is very good at making decisions quickly. Lucy Lui is a natural leader, and she is often the one who takes charge in a group situation. She is confident and self-assured, and she has a strong sense of what is right and wrong. These are all typical personality traits of an ESTJ.

George Washington (President)

George Washington was an ESTJ. He was a gifted leader and had a strong sense of duty. He was also very organized and liked to plan things out in advance. As an ESTJ, Washington was a great president because he could bring people together and get things done. He was a natural-born leader who put others first.

Judge Judy (Judge)

Judge Judy is practically the definition of ESTJ. She is direct and has extremely strong views on what is right and wrong. She doesn’t hesitate to tell people off, especially if she thinks they’re in the wrong. She’s also very confident and has no problem taking charge of a situation. ESTJs are known for their practicality and efficiency, and Judge Judy is no exception. If there’s one thing Judge Judy knows, it’s how to get things done. ESTJs are also known for their loyalty and sense of duty. Judge Judy is definitely loyal to her own values and beliefs.

Dr. Phil (Talk Show Host)

Dr. Phil is a famous ESTJ. He is known for his wisdom and insight, and he has helped people from all walks of life. Dr. Phil takes a methodical approach to solving problems, which is a typical trait of an ESTJ. He is focused on efficiency and results, and he is always looking for ways to improve the lives of others. Dr. Phil is a strong leader, and he is not afraid to take charge when necessary. He is also a great motivator, and he knows how to inspire people to reach their full potential. Dr. Phil is an excellent communicator, and he has a way of making complex topics easy to understand. Dr. Phil is a true ESTJ, and he embodies all of these qualities of this personality type.

Ivanka Trump (Businesswomen)

Ivanka Trump is an ESTJ. This is no surprise, as ESTJs are known for their practicality, decisiveness, and ability to get things done. This can be said for Ivanka Trump. She isn’t afraid to take charge and get the job done. She’s also fiercely loyal to her family and friends and has a strong sense of duty. Ivanka is also practical and matter-of-fact. As the eldest daughter of President Donald Trump, she has made a name for herself in the business world and she was heavily involved in the business side of the Trump Administration.

Cindy Crawford (Supermodel)

Cindy Crawford is an ESTJ. She is an outgoing, practical, and no-nonsense kind of woman. She’s the kind of person who gets things done, and she expects others to do the same, which is typical of ESTJs. She’s straightforward and honest, and she is the kind of person who says what she means and means what she says. As a classic ESTJ, Crawford is also very family-oriented, and she values her relationships with her husband and children. She is a loyal friend, and she is always there for her loved ones when they need her.

Heidi Klum (Supermodel)

Heidi Klum is the epitome of an ESTJ. She is always prepared and organized, whether she’s heading to a meeting or hitting the runway. Heidi is also known for her practicality. She’s not one to take unnecessary risks or make impulsive decisions. Instead, she carefully weighs all of her options before making a decision. And finally, Heidi has a strong sense of duty. She takes her responsibilities seriously and always follows through on her commitments.

Sharon Osbourne (TV Personality)

Sharon Osbourne defines an ESTJ. If there’s one thing that Sharon Osbourne knows how to do, it’s telling it like it is. ESTJs are known for their frankness and directness, and Sharon is the epitome of this type. She’s also known for her strong opinions and her ability to take charge – both ESTJ traits. However, Sharon is also known for her loyalty and her willingness to stand up for those she cares about – two qualities that make her a great friend and an excellent leader.

Yolanda Hadid (Model)

Yolanda Hadid is yet another classic example of an ESTJ matriarch. She is strong-willed, opinionated, and always has her family’s best interests at heart. Yolanda is the perfect person to head up a household and keep everyone in line. She is also very active and outgoing, always looking for new opportunities and adventures. Even though she can be a bit bossy at times, her family knows that they can always count on her to be there for them.

Mariah Carey (Singer)

Mariah Carey is a famous ESTJ. She’s always the life of the party, and she knows how to get things done. She’s confident and outgoing, and she knows what she wants in life. ESTJs are natural leaders, and they’re always up for a challenge. Mariah Carey is the perfect example of this. She is one of the most famous singers of all time, and she has achieved everything she’s set her mind to. ESTJs are hardworking and driven, and they always make sure that their goals are met. Mariah Carey is no exception. She is one of the most successful women in the music industry, and she has made a name for herself as a true powerhouse. Mariah Carey is the ultimate ESTJ diva.

Saweetie (Rapper)

Saweetie is an ESTJ. Saweetie has spoken about being a strong, organized woman with principles. She is very headstrong and loves to take charge. As an ESTJ, she is logical and analytical, and she likes to plan and organize everything in her life. Saweetie is also very competitive, and she loves to win. She is always up for a challenge, and she is never afraid to speak her mind. Like a true ESTJ, she values efficiency and emotional toughness above anything else.

Alex Ferguson (Soccer Manager)

Alex Ferguson is an ESTJ. As an ESTJ, he’s a natural leader with a strong sense of duty and a desire for order. ESTJs are known for their decisiveness, their ability to take charge, and their drive to get things done. These are all personality traits you would want in a manager of one of the best football clubs in the world. Alex Ferguson is known for his no-nonsense approach to management. He’s a straight shooter who tells it like it is. He’s also a demanding leader who expects his players to give 110%. This is why he’s been so successful in his career. He knows how to get the best out of his players.

Hillary Clinton (Former United States Secretary of State)

Hillary Clinton is an ESTJ. She is a logical thinker who relies on her head rather than her heart when making decisions. Hillary Clinton is a no-nonsense kind of person who gets the job done. ESTJs are known for their efficiency and love of structure. Hillary Clinton is no exception. She brings a calm and logical approach to the chaos of the political world. As a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, she has a wealth of experience in the political arena.

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