21 Famous Celebrities with the Libra Zodiac Sign

Famous Celebrities with the Libra Zodiac Sign

What is the Libra personality like?

We take a look at 21 famous Libra celebrities. Libras are born between September 22 and October 23. Libra belongs to the Air element of astrology, along with Aquarius and Gemini. The symbol of Libra is the scales, which represent a balanced approach to life.

Libras are charming individuals who are typically sociable and love being with their friends. They prefer to maintain harmony and avoid conflict. However, the unhealthy personality traits of this zodiac sign mean that they can be self-indulgent and moody.

Libras are incredibly caring and loyal so it’s no surprise that this list of famous Libras is full of some of the most family-oriented celebrities out there. Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, you can’t deny she always puts her family first and stands up for them no matter what.

The Libra scales don’t just represent a well-balanced approach to life, it also represents indecisiveness. From Lil Wayne, who struggles between sins and forgiveness, to Snoop Dogg, who’s had more names than Kim Kardashian (another Libra) has husbands, this zodiac sign struggles to make a decision.

Libra celebrities: 21 famous people born with the Libra zodiac sign

Cardi B (October 11, 1992)

Cardi B is a Libra and she embodies the energy of this zodiac sign. She is effortlessly charming and you’ve just got to love her. Cardi B tweeted, “I’m such a Libra it’s not even funny my sign represents me so well.” Libras have a love for money and expensive things, and Cardi B is no exception. She probably has more Birkin bags than anyone and she loves to show them off!

Will Smith (September 26, 1968)

Will Smith is a classic Libra. As one of the most charming zodiac signs, it’s no surprise that this is Will Smith’s zodiac sign. He is enthusiastic, engages his audiences, and makes people feel good about themselves. It’s why he is one of the most loved actors in Hollywood.

Kim Kardashian (October 21, 1980)

Kim Kardashian truly embodies her zodiac sign, Libra! Like a Libra, Kim is loyal to the very end. The Kardashian family is a close-knit group and Kim always defends her sisters when she feels the media are treating them unfairly. Kim is also incredibly thoughtful when it comes to family and friends. She is also caring towards people she doesn’t know, having recently used her position to advocate for criminal justice reform.

Snoop Dogg (October 20, 1971)

Snoop Dogg is a Libra. As the zodiac sign that is notoriously indecisive, it’s no wonder Snoop Dogg changed his name so much. Should we call him Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, or Snoop Doggy Dog?! Who knows! Snoop Dogg sang in one of his songs, “Libra love that make you moan and groan.”

Gwyneth Paltrow (September 27, 1972)

Gwyneth Paltrow is a typical Libra. She even said so herself! When asked by Allure if she felt like a Libra, Gwyneth said, “Very much so. All about balance, maintaining it, and going imbalanced. Very about justice, the scales of justice. And I can’t make a decision.’ These are all classic Libra personality traits.

Hugh Jackman (October 12, 1968)

Hugh Jackman is a Libra. He is well-balanced and undeniably charming. He is also loyal and committed, like a Libra. Hugh Jackman has been a part of the Marvel Franchise for 18 years and, maybe even more impressive than this, particularly for Hollywood, Hugh Jackman has been married to his wife, Deborra-Lee for 23 years.

Serena Williams (September 26, 1981)

Serena Williams is a Libra athlete. Libras are typically smart and they are quick on their feet, which can be said both physically and mentally for Serena Williams. If there is one thing we know for sure about Serena Williams and her decision-making, it’s that she has no trouble deciding which way to go on the tennis court.

Lil Wayne (September 27, 1982)

Lil Wayne is another Libra rapper. With the symbol of Libra being weighing scales, and with them being notoriously indecisive, Lil Wayne has trouble knowing what to do when it comes to his actions. In his song, She Will, Lil Wayne raps, “So on my Libra scale, I’m weighing sins and forgiveness.” This is pretty relatable and I’m sure Lil Wayne isn’t the only Libra out there with this problem.

Halsey (September 29, 1994)

Halsey is a Libra. As we suspected, Lil Wayne is not alone in his dilemma, and Halsey is also an indecisive Libra when it comes to weighing up her sins and forgiveness. So much so that she even got Lil Wayne to draw her a tattoo of the Libra alchemy sign, weighing scales, and write ‘Sins’ and ‘Forgiveness’ on either side of the scales.

Vladimir Putin (October 7, 1952)

Vladimir Putin is an unhealthy Libra. There are unhealthy personality traits of each zodiac sign, and Putin encapsulates all of the negative ones of this zodiac sign. He is dishonest, Libras are known to be good liars and we see this daily with Putin. Libras can also be vindictive and self-indulgent. With these two traits combined being a key component in Putin’s personality, it can be disastrous.

Doja Cat (October 21, 1995)

Doja Cat is a Libra. She is so much of a Libra, she even dressed up as this zodiac sign in the music video for her song, You Right, with The Weeknd. In this music video, she is trying to make a decision about whether to follow her heart. Her outfit and props include the Libra weighing scales. It is pretty perfect all the way down to her wig, which is the alchemy symbol for this star sign (see image).

John Mayer (October 16, 1977)

John Mayer is a Libra. As the most social zodiac signs born to entertain, it’s natural that they are one of the funniest too. John Mayer is one of the funniest and realist people on Twitter and I won’t hear you say otherwise. On the topic of his star sign, John tweeted in 2014, “I’m convincing this person that I was a Libra but went to the courthouse and filled out paperwork to change to a Virgo.”

Bella Hadid (October 9, 1996)

Bella Hadid is another famous Libra. Bella, who referred to herself as a ‘Libra Baby, is a big astrology fan. She checks in daily with the Instagram account @MoonOmens. Moon Omens brings insightful daily content, covering all topics from spirituality, astrology, and omens, with the goal to spread positivity and provide further depth to life.

Eminem (October 17, 1972)

Eminem is an iconic Libra. Libras are drawn to creative career paths and Eminem is one of the most creative artists out there. Not only is he creative like a Libra, but he is practical and, when you combine these two personality traits, you have a true lyrical rap genius. Eminem extensively studies the dictionary so he can have the words at his disposal whenever he needs them. He even created the word ‘stan’ – a stalker fan – which has ACTUALLY been added to the dictionary.

Addison Rae (October 6, 2000)

Addison Rae is a Libra. As one of the more extroverted and sociable zodiac signs, it’s no surprise that Addison Rae and her huge personality have garnered the attention of over 87 million TikTok fans (and then the rest!). Libras are idealistic people and see the best in others as well as always having good intentions. It is clear Addison Rae is a positive person who exudes charm and confidence.

Kamala Harris (October 20, 1964)

Kamala Harris is a Libra zodiac sign. Libras are committed to fairness and equality, it is in the symbol after all. Kamala Harris takes a balanced approach to life and her relationships. She communicates in a direct manner and chooses her words carefully to get her point across in the most efficient way.

Matt Damon (October 8, 1970)

Matt Damon is a Libra. He takes a measured and pragmatic approach to life, like a typical Libra, and he can convey his thoughts and feelings clearly. As a well-balanced Libra, Matt is charming, likable and he is diplomatic in both his relationships and his career. Loyalty is something that also comes naturally to Matt Damon, as is seen from his 40-year friendship and working relationship with Ben Affleck.

Hilary Duff (September 28, 1987)

Hilary Duff is a Libra zodiac sign. Hilary posted a photo of a Libra horoscope referencing how life has been difficult but the best years are coming. She captioned the post, “Hell ya! Watch out world! Libras it’s our time!!!♎️” She further confirmed her personality traits in an interview with Collider in which she said, “I’m a Libra, and I’m very strategic.”

Kate Winslet (October 5, 1975)

Kate Winslet is an all-round Libra. This star sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, love, and beauty. And Kate Winslet encapsulates all of these traits. She was also voted the most beautiful natural beauty by The Sun readers. As ever the optimistic, idealist Libra, Kate said after her second divorce, “I still absolutely believe in true love. Marriage is about the meeting of two minds and two souls and hoping that it is going to work forever.”vour wines at a local vineyard.

Bella Thorne (October 8, 1997)

Bella Thorne is a classic Libra. When a Libra isn’t happy, you will sure as hell know about it. And Bella Thorne isn’t afraid to let people know when she is in a bad mood. She tweeted, “yes!! #libra it’s so hard for me to snap out of a bad mood and the whole time I’m thinking why am I in a bad mood?”

Simon Cowell (October 7, 1959)

Last but not least, Simon Cowell is a Libra! This might be one of the more shocking ones, as Simon Cowell is not one to shy away from confrontation and he can make pretty quick decisions as we’ve all seen. However, he is intelligent, witty, and is an interesting person to have conversations with. Simon Cowell is good at thinking about things from a unique and fresh perspective, which is why is such a talented businessman in the music industry.

Libras celebrities and the zodiac signs of other famous people

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