21 Famous Celebrities with the Pisces Zodiac Sign

21 Famous Celebrities with the Pisces Zodiac Sign

What is the Pisces personality like?

Today we take a look at 21 famous Pisces celebrities. Pisces are born between February 19 and March 20. This zodiac sign belongs to the Water element of astrology, along with Scorpio and Cancer. The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in different directions, representing the complexity of reality and fantasy.

Pisces make amazing friends. They are highly empathetic which means having a Pisces in your life is like having a free therapist. Their empathy can also translate to emotion, and Pisces are known to love a good cry.

A Pisces’ incredible imagination and interest in human nature make them one of the most creative zodiac signs. Pisces’ are drawn to the arts, whether it be music, dance, song-writing, fashion, or acting. They feel comfortable with an audience and their art is how they express their true self.

The creativity and talent on this list of Pisces celebrities stands out in a number of different forms. For example, Grimes really pushes the boundaries of fantasy and science, which is reflected through her music, her fashion, and her choice of baby names!

Pisces are dreamers and doers. From Rihanna, who created a multi-billion dollar business and became the wealthiest female musician in the world, to Albert Einstein who discovered the theory of relativity and won a Nobel Prize, Pisces are high achievers because they push the boundaries of reality and dream big!

Pisces celebrities: 21 famous people born with the Pisces zodiac sign

Rihanna (February 20, 1988)

Rihanna is one of the most iconic Pisces celebrities to date. Rihanna represents her zodiac sign proudly, with one of her first tattoos being the Pisces symbol behind her right ear. She is undeniably creative, and a true visionary in the world of music, lyrics, and fashion. As one of the proudest Pisces celebrities, Rihanna often retweets astrology accounts agreeing with the comments about Pisces’ loyalty, their love for helping and advising friends, and their love of sex.

Justin Bieber (March 1, 1994)

Justin Bieber is another one of the most famous Pisces. He, like Rihanna, also has a tattoo representing his zodiac sign. While Rihanna has the glyph symbol, Justin Bieber has the Pisces fish scales on his arm. He is a typical creative Pisces who expresses his true self through his songwriting, his singing and his dancing. He also experiments with fashion.
Justin Bieber is a devout Christian who follows his faith with passion and Pisces are notoriously spiritual so that makes sense. Plus Pisces love and they love HARD! Justin is totally head over heels in love with his wife, Hailey Baldwin, and it shows! Then before that, he had an intense on-off relationship with Selena Gomez for 8 years.

Millie Bobby Brown (February 19, 2004)

Millie Bobby Brown is a Pisces… just! She was born on February 19 which makes her borderline Aquarius and Pisces. Millie said in an interview with WIRED in 2019, “I’m on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces … I relate more to Pisces, though.” And we can see why! Millie is empathetic, caring, and compassionate, just like a Pisces. Pisces make the best friends and they are well liked due to their empathetic and loyal nature. Millie Bobby Brown is no exception to this, she has different friendships from all areas of her like. One of these friends includes Drake, which I am incredibly jealous about!

Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879)

Albert Einstein was a Pisces. With his life changing discovery of the theory of relativity and, in 1922, his Nobel Prize win for his discovery of the law of photoelectric effect, Albert Einstein was clearly incredibly intuitive. He expressed this in his everyday life, and it is most likely why he was drawn to the world of theoretical physics. Intuitive and creative like a Pisces, Albert Einstein spoke of the great connection between science and art stating, “The greatest scientists are artists as well.”

Olivia Rodrigo (February 20, 2003)

Olivia Rodrigo is a Pisces through and through. Olivia said in a YouTube video about Pisces, “This is a zodiac sign that is sensitive and dreamy. But don’t let that fool you because they also have a vision and are very focused.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Olivia’s lyrics are full of emotion, heartache and passion and she has achieved great things with her singing career so far, having won three Grammys at the 2022 award show.

Camila Cabello (March 3, 1997)

Camila Cabello is an iconic Pisces celebrity. Camilla said herself that she is “very introverted, introspective, in her own little world a lot” and that she has a “big imagination”. Can you name more Pisces personality traits?! Camilla Cabello is a fan of astrology too, having tweeter in 2014, “i used to not believe in horoscopes but whenever i read my sign’s characteristics (Pisces) i’m kind of tripped out by the accuracy”.

Tyler, the Creator (March 6, 1991)

Tyler, the Creator is a Pisces. Tyler was tweeted by an account that referenced the Pisces zodiac sign saying how accurate it was for Tyler. The description referred to Pisces’ vivid imagination and their ability to make dreams out of reality. Tyler obviously agreed, responding with, “SO WEIRD HAHAHA BUT YEAH SEEMS TRUE”.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (March 15, 1933)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a Pisces. She achieved many amazing things in her life on behalf of women’s rights in the US. The Late Supreme Court Justice spent a lifetime dedicated to fighting against sex-based discrimination. She also fought for the LGBT community and for disabled people among many others. You don’t become a feminist icon without a combination of dreaming big and being focused, just like a Pisces.

Elliot Page (February 21, 1987)

Elliot Page is another famous Pisces. He has a unique ability to inspire others and a lot of people admire him. Despite facing a number of challenges in his life, Elliot has been able to overcome these and has paved the way for other trans people, and has been said to help trans people feel more seen. Despite Elliot Page’s successful acting career, he remains grounded and is clearly a strong person, just like a Pisces.

Drew Barrymore (February 22, 1975)

Drew Barrymore is a typical Pisces. She is spiritual and carries an airiness to her, which is typical of a Pisces. She is famously quoted saying, “I’ve always loved butterflies because they remind us that it’s never too late to transform ourselves.” This is an interesting bridge between fantasy and reality and she embodied the Pisces way of thinking with this statement. Drew Barrymore even captured this photo “Pisces season.”

Joe Exotic (March 5, 1963)

Joe Exotic is a Pisces. Joe likes to think big and he is highly imaginative. However, these dreams aren’t always realistic. Joe can be impractical about the realities of his visions which can be frustrating for those who are more down-to-earth. An unhealthy personality trait of a Pisces is being overly emotional. This goes without saying for Joe Exotic, whose emotions are close to the surface and often get the better of him.

Catherine O’Hara (March 4, 1954)

Catherine O’Hara is a Pisces. In 2021 at the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards, Catherine O’Hara won the Lifetime Achievement Award, and you can’t win one of Canada’s most prestigious awards ever without being creative. As one of the most creative zodiac signs, they usually show this in their everyday life, such as in their careers, which is why acting is perfect for Pisces, just like Catherine O’Hara.

George Washington (February 22, 1732)

George Washington is one of the most important Pisces in history. He lead the American Revolution and was the 1st President of the United States ever. George Washington was devoted and committed to following through on his word. He was the kind of person who could be trusted and relied on, and they make great leaders, which are all qualities you would want from a President.

Olivia Wilde (March 10, 1984)

Olivia Wilde is a Pisces. As a Pisces, she is passionate and creative, which she uses in her everyday life as an actor and director. Olivia is also passionate when it comes to her relationships, often gushing about Harry Styles and what a great person he is. Harry is an Aquarius and, as they are both water signs, they have a spiritual connection and a shared love of creativity.

Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955)

Steve Jobs was a Pisces. People of the Pisces zodiac sign typically think outside the box, and Steve Jobs did exactly that in his lifetime. He co-founded Apple in 1976 and transformed the company into a world leader in telecommunications. Not only that, Steve Jobs was a majority shareholder in Pixar and was heavily involved in the development of the visual effects industry. He used his intelligence and wild imagination to make ideas and dreams a reality.

Grimes (March 17, 1988)

Grimes is another great example of a creative, highly intuitive, science-led Pisces. You really do need to be all of those things to have a son named X Æ A-Xii. Grimes actually studied neuroscience at McGill University before committing to a career in music. She draws on her love for science and uses it as inspiration for her music, which is a versatile, eclectic mix of styles, including dream pop, electronic, R&B, and hip hop. Grimes is a true Pisces!

Rebel Wilson (March 2, 1980)

Rebel Wilson is a Pisces. As someone who feels like their zodiac sign captures their personality well, Rebel Wilson captioned an Instagram post last year, “I’m a classic Pisces ♓️ . Love being at the water, in the water, anything around water…” This makes sense given she was born on the coast of Australia in Sydney.

Kesha (March 1, 1987)

It is no coincidence that Kesha is a Pisces. Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, Kesha spoke of not knowing her father. She said, “My mom was into astrology and wanted me to be a Pisces, and she went through the nec­essary ways of having a child. And she didn’t want a man telling her what and what not to do… She just wanted a baby.” We respect the dedication to astrology!

Lupita Nyong’o (March 1, 1983)

Lupita Nyong’o is a Pisces zodiac sign. She shared a piece of art created by a man which showed her looking like a mermaid and, as Pisces is a water sign, she tweeted, “Appealing to the Pisces in me with this paper doll. #FanArtFriday.” She also shared images of fish sculptures on her Instagram to represent her zodiac sign.

Lily Collins (March 18, 1989)

Lily Collins is a Pisces. She is passionate, creative and a romantic, all typical Pisces traits. In true Pisces fashion, she wrote in her book, “Be you and embrace your differences as things that make you unique and special. “Different” shouldn’t be considered confusing, negative, or something that divides us. It should be a quality we applaud and admire within ourselves and others.”

Kurt Cobain (February 20, 1967)

Kurt Cobain was a famous Pisces. He was interested in spiritual and mystical realms and was seen as quirky and otherworldly to some extent. Pisces often have careers as musicians. They like to find the deeper meaning behind things in life and they put their overzealous imaginations to good use through creative singing and songwriting, just like Kurt Cobain did in his life.

Pisces celebrities and the zodiac signs of other famous people

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