21 Fictional Characters with the Gemini Zodiac Sign

21 Fictional Characters with the Gemini Zodiac Sign

Today we take a look at 21 fictional characters with the Gemini zodiac sign. People of this zodiac sign are born between May 21 and June 20.

Geminis are notoriously the life of the party. Whether it’s their ability to spark up conversations with anyone, or their desire to live life to the fullest. When a healthy Gemini is there, you will know, because you will be captivated by their unique personality.

They are unexpectedly funny; whether it be classic sarcastic humor or another one of their hilarious, savage one-liners, the Geminis are on it when it comes to their quick-wit.

Geminis also have a famously toxic side to them. That’s not to say they all do, but there are some of these unhealthy personality traits that are definitely prominent in our favorite fictional characters.

From Jake Peralta, who is charming, inquisitive, and sociable, to Alison DiLaurentis, who is a skilled manipulator and liar, Geminis are typically a diverse zodiac sign who get along with everyone but their dual-natured personality can often shine through!

Gemini characters: 21 fictional characters people born with the Gemini zodiac sign

Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine (June 20, 1981)

Jake Peralta is the ultimate Gemini character. From his undeniable charm, his self-confidence, and his great sense of humor, there’s no denying he is a Gemini. Geminis are known for being the entertainer, and very social and they aren’t afraid to be the brunt of their own jokes. This can definitely be said for Jake Peralta, who comes out with sarcastic one-liners, elaborate skits, and puns. Jake can also be arrogant and cocky, which are unhealthy personality traits of a Gemini.

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde (June 15, 1979)

Elle Woods is the perfect example of a healthy Gemini. She’s proud of her zodiac sign too, introducing herself to the group when she arrived at Harvard with, “Hi. I’m Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods. We’re both Gemini vegetarians.” An iconic moment! Elle Woods, like a true Gemini, gets excited by the possibility of ideas, particularly in law school, which is fuelled even further by her unwavering self-confidence. Geminis are also social butterflies, which was Elle in her sorority. She then struggled when she got to Harvard as she felt out of place and was lonely. However, her passion and charm shone through and she eventually won people over.

Edward Cullen from Twilight (June 20, 1901)

Edward Cullen is a Gemini zodiac sign. Well, to start with there’s no denying there are two sides to Edward Cullen; his daytime ‘human’ side that goes to school and tries to live a normal life and his nighttime vampire side who needs to hunt. Plus, he has particularly frequent mood swings and changes his mind quite a lot. One moment he is convincing Bella Swan he wasn’t in love with her anymore and the next he is about to commit vampire suicide for her, the ultimate Gemini move.

Alison DiLaurentis from Pretty Little Liars (June 6, 1994)

Alison DiLaurentis embodies her Gemini zodiac sign. People of this zodiac sign are notorious for their skilled manipulation tactics and their ability to lie, and be good at it, which was Alison DiLaurentis to a tee. She was described as beautiful, manipulative, secretive, and vindictive. She could make people feel special which made them dependent on her as they wanted to continue that feeling. Alison DiLaurentis often used people’s secrets against them. She learned a lot about herself and she grew into a much healthier person by the end of the series.

Sarah Cameron from Outer Banks (Unknown)

Sarah Cameron is most likely a Gemini zodiac sign. Nobody in Outer Banks has two personalities quite like Sarah Cameron, who doesn’t even really know herself whether she is a Kook or a Pogue. She comes from a wealthy family and has grown up as a Kook. She turned her back on her family for the Pogues, however will she ever fully fit in with them, and is she regretting that decision now? She is smart, outgoing, and fun-loving, like a Gemini. But we’ve also seen she exhibits some of the negative Gemini personality traits as she can be impulsive and indecisive.

Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey (June 18, 1983)

Christian Grey is a Gemini fictional character. Christian has the obvious dual-natured aspect to his personality of the bondage he enjoys and the power he likes to hold, and then the love he feels for Anastasia that he tries to ignore. Geminis are highly intelligent, they know how to get what they want and how to strategize how to do it. Christian Grey did just this, he went from nothing to becoming a self-made billionaire by 27. Like a true Gemini, Christian is persuasive when he wants to be and has an uncanny ability to talk people into almost anything, such as talking Anastasia into the contract and the red room of pain.

Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter (1951)

Bellatrix Lestrange is another example of an unhealthy Gemini character. Bellatrix valued freedom and the ability to do exactly what she wanted when she wanted, so it would’ve been tough for her locked up in Azkaban. Bellatrix could take this to the extreme and, as she gets restless easily, she is thrill-seeking and impulsive. She got a kick out of high-risk situations and did things purely for attention, which is typical of a toxic Gemini. People belonging to this zodiac sign are notoriously adept at manipulation, which can be said for Bellatrix Lestrange.

Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter (June 5, 1980)

Draco Malfoy is a Gemini. Geminis love to be the center of attention and when they aren’t, this can result in them becoming jealous when other people take the spotlight away from them. Draco Malfoy felt this way with Harry Potter from the beginning. The envy stemmed from Harry successfully catching the Remembrall, defeating him in Quidditch matches, and being the popular guy at school. J.K. Rowling confirmed in Pottermore that, “He also strongly disliked Harry because he was envious of him.”

Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of The Caribbean (Unknown)

Elizabeth Swann is probably a Gemini. Intelligent and headstrong, Elizabeth Swann is adaptable and versatile, all classic personality traits of this zodiac sign. Elizabeth is also quick-witted and has a sharp mind. When she goes aboard the Black Pearl to “Parlay” with Barbossa, she uses the Gold Medallion to strike a bargain, knowing that it was valuable to the pirates. Geminis are naturally curious individuals, just like Elizabeth Swann who, much to her fathers dismay, was fascinated with pirates from a young age.

Neil Perry from Dead Poets Society (June 12, 1943)

Neil Perry was a Gemini. He was an outgoing and passionate student who had a lot of ambition and worked hard, just like a Gemini. He was seen as fun-loving and popular amongst his friends and he was the leader of the Dead Poets Society. Neil embodied the dual-natured aspect of a Gemini. He had the person who was carefree, eccentric and determined to become an actor, versus the person he was around his father. Neil Perry struggled to stand up to his dad and changed his persona all the way down to his voice when his dad was around.

Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man from Iron Man (May 29, 1970)

It makes perfect sense that Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) is a Gemini character. As a Gemini, he is highly intelligent, charismatic, and thrives on being the center of attention. His sense of humor combined with his sharp mind makes his quick-witted one-liners in inappropriate situations iconic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But let’s not ignore the flip side to his typical Gemini dual-natured personality. Tony Stark wrestles with what feels like the weight of the world on his shoulders, and he can sometimes feel isolated and alone.

Steve Harrington from Stranger Things (Unknown)

Steve Harrington is most likely a Gemini. As a true Gemini, he is sociable and loves being the center of attention. He brings fun-loving energy and entertainment to even the most boring situations. People of this zodiac sign need constant stimulation and are not ones to plan too far into the future. This can be said for Steve Harrington, who is spontaneous and prefers to take life as it comes. You can check out our post on the 16 personality types as Stranger Things characters and see who shares your type.

Forrest Gump from Forrest Gump (June 6, 1944)

Forrest Gump is a Gemini. It’s fair to say he isn’t the most Gemini of all Gemini men, but he does have a few of the redeeming qualities of a Gemini. Forrest Gump has a warm and friendly nature which is a result of his genuine interest in people. Geminis are inquisitive and they love to learn new things, just as Forrest Gump did on his journey. Whether it was starting a conversation with famous musician John Lennon or learning to play ping-pong, he approached each situation with confidence and an open mind.

Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones (Unknown)

Joffrey Baratheon was most likely an unhealthy Gemini. He exhibits all of the toxic personality traits of a Gemini, and non of the healthy ones! He was all about living in the moment and would act on impulse without ever thinking of the consequences. Joffrey often used his position as king to punish people when they do not give him whatever he wants. This was typically as a result of him becoming restless and needing to continually find new toys (namely people) to mess with.

Eric Effiong from Sex Education (Unknown)

Eric Effiong embodies the Gemini zodiac sign. Geminis are typically enthusiastic and social people who are the life of the party, just like Eric. As a Gemini, he is talkative and always has something interesting to say. He usually partakes in deeper, more meaningful conversations about life, rather than boring general chit-chat about things such as the weather. Plus, Geminis love to gossip, just like Eric Effiong does. You can check out our post on the 16 personality types of Sex Education characters and see who shares your type.

Aladdin from Aladdin (Unknown)

Aladdin was most likely a Gemini. He is spontaneous, curious, and effervescent, like a Gemini. He has an optimistic and forward-looking nature, despite his lack of wealth and means. Aladdin values originality and he wants to experience everything that life has to offer. As a natural adventurer, Aladdin loves to learn about all kinds of topics and he sought new experiences. Geminis are versatile, confident, and resourceful, which Aladdin definitely is, all the way down to his use of his three wishes from Genie.

Lucifer Morningstar from Lucifer (13.8 billion years ago)

If he was born in the modern-day, and not 13.8 billion years ago, Lucifer Morningstar would be a Gemini zodiac sign. Charming, eloquent and sophisticated, and fully aware of the fact, Lucifer carries himself with an air of supreme confidence and charisma, just like a Gemini. The toxic side of being a Gemini can shine through and Lucifer can be egotistical, even arrogant, which is partly due to his extensive supernatural powers including his immortality. Lucifer is also witty and wise, like a Gemini.

Dr. Gregory House from House M.D. (June 11, 1959)

Dr. Gregory House is a true Gemini fictional character. He can be extremely moody and bipolar, which is a classic trait for this dual-natured zodiac sign. He is incredibly intelligent and he is fascinated by science and focused on finding the correct diagnoses for his patients. Dr. House knows a little bit about everything. He is borderline sociopathic and is very logical, rational, unemotional, and detached. He is unconcerned with the well-being of patients but very focused on finding a solution to the diseases

Arthur Shelby from Peaky Blinders (Unknown)

Arthur Shelby is most likely a Gemini zodiac sign. Arthur exhibits a lot of personality traits that are associated with the toxic side of a Gemini, such as impulsiveness, restlessness, and being overwhelmed. With his dual-natured Gemini personality, on a good day, Arthur is energetic, outgoing, and quite charismatic. But on a bad day, he is explosive and violent. In one aspect, Arthur is a highly emotional character but in another he is ruthless and.

Donkey from Shrek (Unknown)

Donkey from Shrek is most likely a Gemini. He is enthusiastic and sociable, often enjoying being the center of attention. Geminis are great communicators as they are interesting and interested in others. Speech is like breathing for Gemini and their quick minds, which is definitely the case for Donkey. He was talkative, much to Shrek’s dismay, and always had something to say. People of this zodiac sign are also adaptable and spontaneous. Donkey showed these personality traits when he decided to join Shrek on his journey to Lord Farquaad and then to rescue Fiona.

Simba from The Lion King (June 15, 1994)

Born in the middle of June in Pride Rock, Simba is a Gemini. Geminis are playful and intellectually curious, which is exactly how Simba was with his Dad, Mufasa. He was a carefree and fun-loving cub who was always interested in having new experiences and asked Mufasa lots of questions about the Pride Lands and his role as King one day. Geminis can often feel overwhelmed which can result in them acting impulsively. This can also be said for Simba, who ran away from the Pride Lands after Scar convinced Simba it was his fault Mufasa was dead.

Fictional Gemini characters and the zodiac signs of other characters

Gemini is the zodiac sign that belongs to the Air element of astrology, along with Aquarius and Libra. You can check our post about 21 fictional Aquarius characters and 21 fictional Libra characters to learn more about the Air zodiac signs.

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