ISFJ: The Nurturer!

ISFJs have a reserved yet warm aura. They’re acutely aware of others’ needs and helping people comes naturally to this type, often doing so in a rather understated and elegant manner. ISFJs have a talent for making everyone feel comfortable and this, combined with their organisational skills, makes them perfect hosts.

ISFJs are certainly not the type to be found fighting for the spotlight at a party. They’re much more likely to be deep in conversation with the person sat next to them. ISFJs like to do things by the book and when they do a task, they do it well. This can sometimes be taken to the extreme, manifesting as perfectionist tendencies.

Relationships come naturally to ISFJs. They take commitment seriously and are not the type to date around. ISFJs are traditional, family-orientated individuals and their thoughtful nature is often a desirable trait to potential partner, but they must be careful to not let people take advantage of their selflessness.

Ideal date: Berry picking at a farm.

Best matches: ESTP and ESFP.


  • Organised
  • Caring
  • Practical
  • Loyal


  • Perfectionists
  • Resistant to change
  • Too selfless
  • Oversensitive