The Biggest Ick For Each Zodiac Sign

The Biggest Ick For Each Zodiac Sign

Today we take a look at the biggest ick for each zodiac sign. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably seen a lot of tweets and memes about people’s biggest icks. “The ick” is a modern dating term that refers to the moment when you suddenly feel disgusted at someone you were attracted to.

There are many types of “the ick,” including obvious ones that people just can’t seem to get over. But then there are the really specific and unique icks that not everyone can understand. No matter what type of ick you’re dealing with, it’s never a good thing. It’s almost like a repulsion in your gut and you just know that this is not going to end well.

There are very funny and ever-so-slightly irrational icks going around the internet right now. My personal favorite ick that I’ve seen on Twitter is “Someone chasing after a ping-pong ball” – it’s never OK!

We felt inspired, so we attributed icks to each of the zodiac signs based on their personality traits. Just remember, we are all guilty of things on this list so don’t be offended if you do some of these things. Here’s a look at what we came up with.

Each zodiacs sign’s biggest ick

Aries: Someone who says “I’ll let you win this game”

Someone telling an Aries they will let them win is just not a good idea, unless you want to rile them up. Aries individuals are passionate competitors who love to win and will use every strategy available to them to do so! They don’t like to lose at all. But what’s worse than losing? Someone telling an Aries they LET them win. To an Aries, this is just not winning. It’s patronizing, condescending, and just downright insulting. They won’t accept someone else’s pity or false generosity, as they feel their own hard work and determination should be enough to secure the victory. Keep this in mind when playing against an Aries – they won’t take kindly to it!

Taurus: Someone who has holes in their t-shirt on their first date

What’s more of an ick to a Taurus than someone turning up to a first date looking scruffy with holes in their clothes? NOTHING! For a Taurus, presentation is everything and it’s important for them to look their best at all times. Having someone who looks like they don’t care about making an effort can be a huge turn-off. It’s not only about appearances either, it also speaks to their values. Taureans are admittedly materialistic, so if you’re going to date one, make sure you put your best foot forward and look presentable!

Gemini: Someone tracking their location on Find Friends

This freedom-loving, sociable zodiac sign hates being tied down and monitored. For a Gemini, having someone track their whereabouts – especially without their knowledge – is the ultimate ick. These wild child air signs need their independence and don’t appreciate someone trying to micromanage them or keep tabs on what they’re up to. They need space to explore and discover new things so feeling like they’re constantly being watched can really put a dampener on the relationship. If you want to date a Gemini, make sure that you respect their need for privacy and freedom. They will come to you on their own terms!

Cancer: Someone who doesn’t message them “good morning beautiful” everyday

We all love a good morning text, but to a Cancer, it means the world. For them, starting the day with a sweet message from their partner is like receiving a hug and having that feeling that they’re loved. For them, it’s not just about the words but also what they represent – that their partner cares for them and is thinking about them even when apart. If someone isn’t sending those messages, it can make Cancers feel unloved and neglected which is why this can be such an ick for them. Make sure you show your Cancer partner lots of love and affection otherwise their moody crab claws will come out!

Leo: Someone who turns up completely underdressed

Leos live for the spotlight and love to be the center of attention. They go all out on special occasions. So when someone turns up underdressed, it can really give them the ick. They love to put on a show and make sure everyone is having a great time. Seeing someone looking disheveled or too casual for the occasion can be a total turn-off for them. It’s not about being seen as fashionable or better than everyone else, Leos are just regal by nature and they find it insulting when someone doesn’t put in the same effort as them. If you want to date a Leo, make sure you dress up to the occasion – or better!

Virgo: Someone who eats in bed and has crumbs in their sheet

There is nothing that gives a Virgo the ick more than messy and unkempt surroundings. They are neat freaks and like to keep their environment clean and tidy. So someone who eats in their bed and leaves crumbs everywhere is just a no-no for them. It’s not only about the mess either, for Virgos it speaks to their values. They are all about self-care and respect, so seeing someone treat their bedding like a plate is something that they just can’t stomach. Virgos are perfectionists and can be quite critical of themselves and other people. They have high standards, so if you want to date one, make sure that you keep your space clean and presentable at all times! Or just go to their house every time.

Libra: Someone who makes them play “would you rather…”

These social butterflies love to be around people and engage in interesting conversations. But when it comes to making them participate in “would you rather…” scenarios, they can get the ick. Libras are famously indecisive, so making them choose between two options can be a bit overwhelming for them. It just doesn’t play to their strengths. Libras need good vibes and positivity in their lives, so putting them under pressure like this can be a total turn-off for them. If you want to date one, make sure that your conversations are fun and uplifting. And leave the “would you rather…” scenarios out of it!

Scorpio: Someone who talks about their ex on a first date

Not many people like it when someone brings up an ex in a conversation, but for Scorpios, this is an absolute ick. This water sign is known for being intensely passionate and jealous – so hearing someone talk about their ex can be an instant ick for them. They need someone who is loyal and devoted to them. Scorpios don’t like feeling like they’re being compared to someone else and they can feel threatened by the presence of a former flame. Scorpios like to feel secure and want to make sure that the person they’re with is 100% invested in them. So if you’re on a first date with a Scorpio, make sure you keep all conversations about your ex firmly in the past!

Sagittarius: Someone who claps when the plane lands

Sagittarians are all about adventure and living life to the full. They love to explore and experience new places, which is why someone who claps when the plane lands can be a total ick for them. We all know there is a certain type of person who claps as soon as the plane lands at its destination and this can really annoy Sagittarians who wouldn’t think twice about being on a plane. While some people may love the fact that they’ve made it safely to their destination and show it by clapping, these guys find this kind of behavior cringeworthy. To this sign, something like a plane journey isn’t scary or groundbreaking, it’s just part of the journey.

Capricorn: Some who mixes up “their”, “they’re” and “there”

We’ve all been guilty of this at some point, but for Capricorns, mixing up “their”, “they’re” and “there” is a huge ick. To a Capricorn, using the wrong word sends all kinds of alarms off in their head and it just isn’t something that sits well with them. This earth sign is known for being quite finicky and detail-oriented. They like everything to be precise and perfect – from their outfits to the way they speak. So someone who mixes up “their”, “they’re” and “there” can really give them the ick. It’s pretty harsh, but they just can’t help it. So if you’re interested in dating one, make sure that your grammar and spelling are on point at all times!

Aquarius: Someone who eats chicken and rice every meal every day

Routine and monotony are not words that exist in an Aquarian’s vocabulary. They like to keep their life fresh and exciting, so someone who eats the same meal like chicken and rice every single day can be a big ick for them. People with this zodiac sign are known for their individuality and their ability to think outside the box. They don’t like sticking to the same old routine and prefer to explore new places, ideas, and experiences. Aquarians need to feel like they’re constantly growing and pushing themselves, so if you want to date one make sure not to box yourself in with the same routine every day. Keep your life spontaneous and exciting!

Pisces: Someone who doesn’t know their Hogwarts House

Pisceans are all about fantasy and creativity – it’s what makes them so unique. They love to explore their imaginations and can be dreamers at times. But one thing that really gives them the ick is when someone doesn’t know which Hogwarts House the Sorting Hat would put them in. This water sign loves to daydream, so not knowing which house you belong to can be an instant ick for them. Pisceans love discussing their character traits and figuring out why they fit in certain houses – so if you want to date a Pisces, make sure that you know your Hogwarts House! You can check out the Hogwarts House of each zodiac sign to make sure you don’t make this mistake in the future.

So, there you have it! The biggest ick for each zodiac sign. We’re probably all guilty of a few things on this list. It’s all a bit of fun. But if you want to make sure that you don’t make a bad impression on your date – take note of their zodiac sign and make sure you steer clear of their ick. Who knows, it could be the difference between a successful date and an uncomfortable one. Good luck.

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