The Most Successful Personality Types Ranked

The Most Successful Personality Types Ranked

Today we rank the 16 personality types from least to most successful. Success can be measured in many ways; some measure success by the amount of money they’ve earned, while others measure it by the relationships they’ve built. We believe success is about reaching your goals and being proud of your achievements, whatever they are.

For the purposes of this blog post, we have measured success using the average household income for each personality type using data from Career Assessment Site. We have ranked the personality types according to which types make more money on average. You might be surprised by some of the results.

But remember, everyone has their own unique path to success, and it doesn’t always have to involve money or a fancy career. Success comes in all shapes and sizes. So take time to celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or small they may be. It will make the journey so much more enjoyable.

Remember that you have something unique and valuable to offer the world regardless of your personality type. You are capable of greatness and success — it’s just a matter of believing in yourself and taking action.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. Here are the 16 personality types ranked from least to most successful based on the average household income of each type.

Least to most successful personality types

16. INFP

The personality type that earns the sixteenth spot is INFP. This idealistic type is often drawn to creative, artistic fields where they can express their unique vision and perspective. They are motivated by making a difference in the world and seek out careers that align with their values. When it comes to success, INFPs often find fulfillment as writers, teachers, social workers, and counselors – jobs that allow them to express their creativity and passion for helping others.

15. ENTP

This position is the most surprising on the list. The ENTP personality type is known for its innovative and creative thinking, making it an excellent fit for entrepreneurship and leadership. ENTPs are often successful innovators and problem solvers who constantly develop new ideas and solutions. They tend to be highly independent, able to think outside the box, and passionate about their work. ENTPs often succeed in innovative fields such as business, technology, and the sciences. Hence, being fifteenth on the list of average household income is a surprise.

14. ESFP

The fourteenth personality type on the list is ESFP. This fun-loving, free spirit loves to explore new experiences and be around people. They’re incredibly social creatures with strong interpersonal skills and a great sense of humor. ESFPs often succeed in entertainment, marketing, and hospitality due to their outgoing personalities, creative energies, and ability to connect with people. However, they can be impulsive and lose focus quickly, so they must have strong self-discipline to reach their goals.

13. ISFJ

The ISFJ personality type is the thirteenth most successful. ISFJs are incredibly organized, hardworking, and loyal. They thrive in relationships and often put the needs of others before their own. This type is usually incredibly successful when given a clear direction to follow, as they are great at following through with tasks. ISFJs make excellent employees because of their dedication and commitment to their work.

12. ISFP

ISFP comes in at number twelve on the list. People with this personality type are natural creatives. To them, success is less about money and more about doing something they are passionate about. ISFPs have an eye for beauty, making them excellent artists, designers, and photographers. They also tend to be incredibly independent, so they rarely need the help of others to reach their goals. With their free-spirited personalities and creative talents, ISFPs often succeed in the creative world.

11. INFJ

The INFJ personality type is the eleventh on the list. These passionate individuals are incredibly empathetic and deeply understand human behavior. INFJs excel in positions where they can use their persuasive powers to help others, such as counseling, coaching, and managing. They typically want to make a meaningful difference in the world and often find great success and fulfillment when they focus on their values and principles.

10. INTP

The tenth most successful personality type is INTP. This analytical yet independent type loves to explore theories and think outside the box. They are experts at problem-solving and can quickly develop creative solutions to complex issues. INTPs thrive in academic environments where they can research and analyze information to their heart’s content. When it comes to success, INTPs make excellent scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and inventors due to their quick thinking and innovative ideas.


ENFP comes in ninth place for most successful personality types. This charming yet impulsive type loves to explore different possibilities and has a knack for coming up with creative solutions. They are incredibly passionate people who are driven by a desire to make the world a better place. ENFPs are often drawn to politics, activism, and the arts because of their ability to rally people together and inspire positive change. Enthusiastic and optimistic, ENFPs often find success when they focus on their passions.


Eighth on the list is the ISTP personality type. This mysterious yet creative type loves to explore and experiment with new ideas. They are adept at spotting potential problems and quickly forming solutions, especially when it comes to practical pursuits. ISTPs have the potential for massive success because of their resourcefulness and willingness to take risks. However, ISTPs can become easily distracted and must stay focused in order to reach their goals.


The bold ESTP is the seventh most successful personality type. ESTPs are natural risk-takers who thrive in environments where they can utilize their quick thinking and problem-solving skills. They have an innate ability to think on their feet and adapt to ever-changing situations, which often leads them toward success in business. ESTPs are confident, driven individuals who know how to make the most out of a situation. However, they tend to be overly impulsive, which can get them into trouble. Nonetheless, their ambition and energy help them succeed when they put their mind to it.


The sixth most successful personality type based on average household income is ISTJ. This reserved yet honest type loves order and organization, which often translates into success in the workplace. They are detail-oriented individuals who know how to research, analyze data and solve problems efficiently. ISTJs are also incredibly loyal people who will work hard to ensure the job is done well. With their strong work ethic and undeniable discipline, ISTJs often find themselves in successful positions.


The fifth most successful personality type is ENFJ. ENFJs are known for their strong social skills and ability to connect with people on a deep level. They have an innate understanding of relationships and how to bring out the best in everyone. When it comes to achieving success, ENFJs rely on their unwavering determination and strong communication skills to help them reach their goals. Plus, their charm and charisma make them incredibly likable, which can often lead to successful business deals.


INTJ is the fourth most successful personality type. If there’s one thing INTJs are known for, it’s their unwavering focus on achieving results. This type is adept at understanding complex systems and using that knowledge to their advantage. They know how to plan ahead strategically and make decisions based on facts rather than emotion. With their combination of intelligence and ambition, INTJs can often be found in positions of power, making them highly successful.


The third most successful is the ESFJ personality type. ESFJs are incredibly warm and compassionate people who often put others’ needs before their own. But don’t let that fool you. They are also highly motivated, goal-oriented people who know how to get the most out of a situation. ESFJs thrive in environments where they can use their strong interpersonal skills and express their creativity. With their natural charm and enthusiasm for helping others, it’s no surprise that this type is often successful in whatever they set out to do.


In second place is the ESTJ personality type. This type loves to be organized and manage complex tasks with ease. When it comes to finding success, ESTJs can rely on their strong sense of responsibility and work ethic to help them reach their goals. They are incredibly detail-oriented and know how to focus on the most critical points. ESTJs also thrive in a team environment, where they can bring their knowledge and understanding of systems to the table for everyone’s benefit. They are driven to succeed, making them incredibly successful in their chosen field.


The winner for the most successful personality type is definitely ENTJ. This bold and confident type loves to take on leadership roles and be in charge of a successful project. They are natural-born problem-solvers who thrive in environments where they can constructively delegate tasks and utilize their visionary thinking skills. ENTJs are ambitious, determined people who know how to get results in all areas of their lives. With their combination of charisma, intelligence, and drive, ENTJs have an excellent track record when it comes to achieving success.

So which personality types are the most successful? Based on the data available, the personality types with the highest average household income are ENTJs and ESTJs. This result is not at all surprising. Both of these types have the ability to think strategically and have a focus on goal-oriented action. They are highly logical and analytical, making them well-suited for leadership and high-powered careers.

The 16 different personality types that have been discussed all offer unique advantages and disadvantages when it comes to success. While some of them may be more successful in specific fields than others, each type can find a way to succeed if they focus on their strengths.

Success is subjective, and it’s up to each individual to define what success means to them. As long as they strive for their goals and follow their passions, everyone has the potential to find success in life.

Now you know the most successful personality types, why don’t you find out what the rarest personality type is?

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