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The Richest Zodiac Signs Ranked Based on 2023 Data

Have you ever wondered if there is a correlation between your zodiac sign and financial success? In this article, we explore the intriguing world of astrology and wealth. So, if you are curious about the richest zodiac signs, you’ve come to the right place.

The Richest Zodiac Signs Ranked Based on 2023 Data

Have you ever wondered if there is a correlation between your zodiac sign and financial success? In this article, we explore the intriguing world of astrology and wealth. So, if you are curious about the richest zodiac signs, you’ve come to the right place.

Astrology has long captivated us with its ability to offer insights into personality traits, compatibility, and even potential career paths. When it comes to finances, many believe that certain zodiac signs possess innate qualities that can lead to prosperity and abundance.

We’ve combed through the Forbes Billionaires 2023 list to find out which zodiac signs were the most represented among the wealthiest individuals in the world. Specifically, we analyzed the birthdays of the top 500 billionaires on the list.

Whether you’re curious to see where your own sign sits on the list or simply interested in the fascinating connection between astrology and financial success, this article has the answers.

Join us as we explore the unique characteristics and financial tendencies associated with each zodiac sign and discover how they may contribute to their wealth potential. From the ambitious to the resourceful, we’ll uncover the secrets behind the financial success of these zodiac signs.

While astrology can provide insight, it’s important to remember that individual circumstances, hard work, and personal choices all play a significant role in determining one’s financial status. So, let’s dive in and unravel the mystery of the richest zodiac signs based on the latest 2023 data.

The richest zodiac signs ranked

1. Libra – 11.9%

The most common zodiac sign among billionaires is Libra, which account for 11.9% of the total. Libras are known for their fairness and balance, which could explain why they are so successful. They also love luxury and the finer things in life, making this zodiac sign a perfect match for the high-flying world of billionaires.

Richest zodiac signs ranked - Libra

As an air sign, Libras are intelligent, creative, and have excellent communication skills. They are also adept at understanding different perspectives, which can be an asset when it comes to building their wealth. Libras tend to take calculated risks so they can maximize their rewards.

Alice Walton, the heiress of the Walmart fortune, is the richest Libra, with a net worth of c. $56.7 billion. As the third wealthiest woman on the planet, she is an impressive example of Libra’s financial success.

Other notable Libra billionaires include fashion designer Ralph Lauren ($7bn), former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi ($6.8bn), and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones ($13.3bn).

2. Cancer – 10.3%

The second richest zodiac sign is Cancer, with 10.3% of the richest 500 billionaires born under this sign. Cancers are known for their intuitive and insightful nature, which makes them excellent businesspeople. They are also known for their emotional and financial intuition, which can help them when it comes to investing.

As a water sign, Cancers are in tune with the emotions of those around them, which gives them a greater understanding of the wants and needs of their customers. They are able to use these insights to make better decisions and, ultimately, maximize profits.

The world’s richest Cancer, and the second richest person in the world, is Elon Musk. With a net worth of $180 billion, Musk’s success is largely attributed to his active imagination and ability to think creatively, which Cancers are known for.

Richest zodiac signs ranked - Cancer

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani ($11.1bn), L’Oreal heir and richest woman in the world Francoise Bettencourt Meyer ($80.5bn) and entrepreneur Michael Rubin ($11.4bn) are all born under the Cancer zodiac sign.

3. Leo – 9.8%

Leos are the third richest zodiac sign, with 9.8% of billionaires falling under this star sign. These confident and determined individuals are born to lead, which makes them natural entrepreneurs. They have a strong belief in themselves and their abilities, which helps them embrace challenges and pursue their goals with determination.

Richest zodiac signs ranked - Leo

Leos bring fiery intensity and passion to everything they do, including their work. When they believe in what they’re doing, they put their heart and soul into it, which propels them to achieve their goals.

With a net worth of $107 billion, Larry Ellison, Founder of Oracle, is the fourth wealthiest person in the world. As a Leo, Ellison is charismatic, ambitious, and driven.

Other notable Leo billionaires include Google co-founder Sergey Brin ($76bn), Arsenal F.C. owner Stanley Kroenke ($12.9bn), and philanthropist Melinda Gates ($6.5bn).

4. Taurus – 9.3%

The fourth richest zodiac sign is Taurus, with 9.3% of billionaires born under this zodiac sign. Taureans are known for their strength and determination. On top of that, they tend to be reliable, patient, and persistent, which can help them stick to their long-term plans and goals for building wealth.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which gives these individuals an appreciation for beauty and luxury. But they’re also sensible and responsible with their money, which can help them stay on top of their finances.

With a whopping net worth of $108 billion, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta (previously Facebook), is the richest Taurus. Zuckerberg is notoriously stubborn and determined, just like others born under this sign.

Richest zodiac signs ranked - Taurus

Entrepreneur James Dyson ($9.3bn), fashion designer Miuccia Prada ($5.4bn), and Red Bull heir Mark Mateschitz ($34.7bn) are other famous Taurus billionaires. Mark Mateschitz is the youngest billionaire on the list.

5. Aries – 9.0%

Fifth on the list of richest zodiac signs is Aries, with 9.0% of the wealthiest 500 billionaires being born under this sign. Competitive and courageous, Aries are natural leaders who are eager to take risks and explore new possibilities. They are fearless in the face of challenges and will charge ahead full force to reach their goals.

Richest zodiac signs ranked - Aries

Their strength and ambition make them great entrepreneurs as they have the ability to think big and come up with innovative ideas. As one of the most resilient signs, Aries can stay focused and motivated even in the face of failure.

Ex-CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer is one of the richest Aries in the world, with a net worth of $80.7 billion. As the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association, it’s clear he loves action and competition.

Other notable Aries billionaires include Google co-founder Larry Page ($79.2bn), founder of Inditex and fast fashion pioneer Amancio Ortega ($77.3bn), and second richest woman Julia Koch ($59bn).

6. Capricorn – 8.5%

Despite being the rarest zodiac sign, Capricorn is the sixth richest sign, accounting for 8.5% of billionaires. Capricorns are known for being ambitious, focused, and disciplined, which are qualities that come in handy when it comes to building companies. They are driven to succeed and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

Capricorns are also conservative with their finances, and they love to plan for the future. They are careful and strategic with their investments, which could explain why they are so wealthy.

The most famous and most wealthy Capricorn is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. With a net worth of $114 billion, he is the third richest man in the world. Bezos truly embodies his zodiac sign’s traits with his relentless work ethic and ambitious approach to business.

Billionaire - Capricorn

Other Capricorn billionaires include businessman and politician Rick Caruso ($5.3bn), America’s richest self-made woman Diane Hendricks ($13.7bn), and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Daniel Gilbert ($18bn).

7. Pisces – 7.5%

The seventh richest zodiac sign is Pisces, which makes up 7.5% of billionaires. Pisces are known for their intuitive and empathetic nature, which can help them understand those around them on a deeper level and build strong business relationships. Whether it’s listening to customer feedback or empathizing with a colleague’s struggles,

Billionaire - Pisces

Pisceans are also highly creative and have a vivid imagination, giving them an edge when it comes to problem-solving. This makes them great inventors and founders.

The richest Pisces is Bernard Arnault, who is also the second richest person in the world, with a net worth of $183 billion. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s largest luxury goods company. This creative entrepreneur is the perfect example of a Pisces who has made his dreams come true.

Other notable Pisces billionaires include mogul Rupert Murdoch ($8bn), Estée Lauder Companies cosmetics fortune heir Leonard Lauder ($21bn), and Nike co-founder Phil Knight ($45.1bn).

8. Virgo – 7.2%

The eighth richest zodiac sign is Virgo, with 7.2% of billionaires born under this sign. Virgos are known for their hard-working and analytical nature. They are also meticulous, organized, and detail-oriented, which helps them manage businesses effectively and make smart financial decisions.

People born under this sign are also perfectionists, which can help them create and maintain standards of excellence in their businesses. Their drive for efficiency often plays a role in their success.

The wealthiest Virgo is Warren Buffett, with a net worth of $101 billion. As the fifth richest man in the world, Buffett’s success as an investor can be attributed to his frugal and minimalist mindset, making him a true Virgo in every sense.

Richest zodiac signs ranked - Virgo

Additional famous Virgo billionaires include Stripe co-founder Patrick Collison ($5.5bn), Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky ($9.3bn), and Ferrero Group heir and Italy’s richest man Giovanni Ferrero ($38.9 bn).

9. Sagittarius – 7.0%

Sagittarius is ninth on the list of richest zodiac signs, with 7.0% of billionaires born under this sign. Sagittarians are known for their optimistic and adventurous nature, which means they are often comfortable taking risks and exploring new opportunities. They are also independent and confident, which can lead to major successes.

Billionaire zodiac signs - Sagittarius

As a fire sign, Sagittarians are trailblazers who don’t shy away from a challenge. They have curious minds and are always looking for ways to push boundaries and innovate.

Abigail Johnson, Managing Director and heir of Fidelity Investments, is one of the richest Sagittarians with a net worth of $21.6 billion. As a Sagittarius, she has a passion for learning and has forged her own path in life.

Other Sagittarians on the list of billionaires include Aldi and Trader Joe’s heir Theo Albrecht Jr. ($16.5bn), investor and sports team owner Josh Harris ($5.8bn), and Cox Enterprise heir Jim Kennedy ($8.4bn).

10. Gemini – 7.0%

The tenth richest zodiac sign is Gemini, with 7.0% of billionaires born under this sign. As an air sign, Geminis are known for their quick-thinking and adaptive nature. They are also natural communicators, making them great entrepreneurs who can network easily and build relationships with potential customers and partners.

Geminis’ wit and intelligence make them especially good at problem-solving, which is essential in business. They are also naturally curious, which helps them stay up to date on the latest industry trends. While they are great at thinking of new and exciting ideas, they can sometimes have difficulty finishing projects.

The richest Gemini is Jim Walton, banker, and heir to the Walmart fortune. Despite being the youngest sibling of Sam Walton, Jim has managed to amass a net worth of $58.8 billion, making him the richest person in his family. Walton further capitalized on the family business and became the leader of Arvest Bank, demonstrating how Geminis can use their communication skills and intelligence to their advantage.

Richest zodiac signs ranked - Gemini

Kraft founder and CEO Robert Kraft ($10.6bn), Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz ($8.8bn), and De Beers heir Nick Oppenheimer ($8.4bn) are all Gemini billionaires as well.

11. Scorpio – 6.7%

The second least wealthy zodiac sign is Scorpio, with 6.7% of billionaires born under this sign. Scorpios are driven and determined by nature, which makes them great entrepreneurs. They have a passion for success and can be fiercely competitive, which means they have an innate drive to move forward in life.

Billionaire zodiac signs - Scorpio

Their resourceful and strategic mindsets are essential when it comes to staying one step ahead. Given their secretive nature, Scorpios can make smart decisions without tipping off the competition. However, they can be ruthless in their pursuit of success, which can sometimes be intimidating to those around them.

The richest and most famous Scorpio is Bill Gates, with a net worth of $104 billion. He founded Microsoft, one of the world’s most successful companies, and used his strategic mindset to become the youngest billionaire ever in 1975 at age 31. Bill Gates accomplished this with the ambition and power of a true Scorpio

The list of Scorpio billionaires also includes the widow of Steve Jobs and entrepreneur Laurene Powell Jobs ($12bn), Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich ($9.2bn), and British JCB heir Anthony Bamford ($6.3bn).

12. Aquarius – 6.4%

In last place for the richest zodiac signs is Aquarius, which accounts for 6.4% of billionaires. Aquarians are known for their originality and creativity, which makes them great innovators. They are also independent thinkers who don’t follow the crowd, allowing them to think outside the box and develop unique solutions.

The inventive and unconventional mindset of Aquarians is one of their greatest strengths. However, their rebellious nature can sometimes make them difficult to manage. They have a need for freedom and are often resistant to authority, which can lead to friction with colleagues and superiors.

Michael Bloomberg, founder of one of the world’s largest financial news and data services, is the richest Aquarius. With a net worth of $94.5 billion, his thoughtful and independent approach to business has made him one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

Billionaire - Aquarius

Other Aquarius billionaires include media mogul CEO and Chairman of Blackstone Stephen Schwarzman ($12.8bn), Hermes heir Nicolas Puech ($9.8bn), and businessman and Tottenham Hotspurs F.C. owner Joe Lewis ($5.6bn).

Final thoughts on the richest zodiac signs

As we conclude our exploration into the richest zodiac signs based on the Forbes 2023 Billionaire List data, it becomes clear that astrology offers us a fascinating lens through which we can examine the connection between personality traits and financial success.

While individual circumstances and personal choices play a significant role in determining wealth, it’s intriguing to see how certain zodiac signs exhibit characteristics that may contribute to their wealth. From Aries’ determination to Taurus’ resourcefulness, each sign possesses unique qualities that drive them towards financial abundance.


Endless possibilities lie ahead – so don’t let your star sign limit you! Whether you’re a Libra or an Aquarius, with enough hard work and dedication, you can keep moving toward your goals. So don’t be afraid to dream big and reach for the stars. Who knows how far you can go?

Remember, while astrology may offer valuable insights, it is crucial to approach matters of finance with a holistic perspective, considering individual circumstances, hard work, and personal choices. Ultimately, success in any area of life requires a combination of factors, and astrology can serve as a guide rather than a definitive predictor.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the richest zodiac signs based on 2023 data. We hope you continue to explore the mysteries of astrology and discover new insights that enhance your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered financial advice.

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