The Ultimate Guide to Personality Type Dating

In the modern world, we have more choices than ever before when it comes to dating. So why is love so hard to come by? It’s because dating apps are missing a crucial piece of the puzzle: personality compatibility. It’s one of the most important ingredients of attraction, yet it’s not even a small consideration in most dating apps. So, how can personality-type dating help you find the one?

1. Personality-type dating can help you find meaningful connections

Firstly, let’s consider what an ideal personality type pairing looks like. When it comes to dating, it helps to have some similarities in order to ‘get’ each other and some differences to create that spark.

Without shared ground, it can be challenging to understand each other, which is essential for any fulfilling relationship.

At the same time, having differences helps create the chemistry that’s crucial for attraction. It’s that something extra that catapults a friendship into something more. If each person has complementary strengths and weaknesses, it makes for an unstoppable team.

Instead of swiping through profile after profile and hoping that you find someone who’s on the same wavelength, with personality-type dating, you no longer have to leave love to chance.

2. You can understand yourself better too

Personality-type dating can help you understand yourself in unique ways.

Meeting someone who sweeps you off your feet is the focus for most people, but it’s equally important that when you do meet that special someone, they want to be with you, too.

Knowing and understanding your personality type is one of the most powerful tools for personal development and becoming the best version of yourself. It can help you understand your weaknesses, strengths, priorities, values, response to stress, and much more.

Self-awareness is fundamental when it comes to healthy relationships. Maybe you have a strong aversion to conflict? Or you lash out during arguments? Being aware of your own behavior is the first step towards positive change and self-improvement. Personality type dating encourages this.

3. You can understand others on a deeper level

As well as increasing self-awareness, personality-type dating can be used to better understand others. Using a framework can help to see where someone is coming from and why they act the way they do. It’s easy to assume that other people think similarly to us, show love in the same way, or have the same needs, but more often than not, it just isn’t the case.

You might show your love for someone by shouting it from the rooftops, but your partner needs physical touch in order to feel valued. Knowing even this alone can make for a much more harmonious relationship. Mutual understanding is everything when it comes to connection.

You can read up about your partner’s personality type to understand them on a deeper level.

4. You’ll meet people on the same wavelength

Meeting someone who is also interested in personality types increases your chance of being on the same wavelength. There will already be a shared interest and if both of you know your personality type on your first date. It makes for a much more interesting starting point for conversation.

Typically, people who are taking the time to learn about personality types will also be interested in personal development, which means you can continue a journey of personal growth with a companion by your side. Even better, if you both have different strengths and weaknesses, you can push each other out of your comfort zones and show each other fresh perspectives on life.

5. Personality type dating helps you work out what’s important to you

Personality-type dating can help provide clarity about what qualities are essential for you in a potential partner. Most people have some idea of what kind of person they click with, but using parameters can provide clarity.

Are you looking for someone who’s practical and structured to balance out your own go-with-the-flow nature? Or maybe you want to meet someone who you can share plenty of deep conversations with? By identifying which traits are important to you, you can then work out which personality types encompass these characteristics.

Knowing which traits or personality types you are looking for can make it easier to recognize compatible partners when you do meet them.

Final thoughts on personality-type dating

Personality plays a huge role in compatibility and attraction, but other factors come into play, too, such as shared values, common interests, life experience, and so on.

However, the 16 personality type framework is a useful tool that can be used in various ways to help you find the one. Perhaps more importantly, it encourages a happy, fulfilling, and exciting relationship when you do meet that special someone. 

You can read our personality type compatibility guide for more details on which personality types are most compatible, and we also have an introduction to personality types if this is all new to you.

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