The Weirdest Personality Types Ranked

The Weirdest Personality Types Ranked

Today we rank the 16 personality types from least weird to weirdest. Let’s get one thing straight, weird is wonderful. Without weirdness, the world would be a much duller place. So let’s celebrate the quirkiness of each personality type.

Being weird is a great way to stand out and make your mark in the world. Being unique is something to be proud of. When you embrace your weirdness, it can lead to amazing things happening in your life.

Weirdness means you don’t follow the status quo, don’t fit in a box, and do things differently. It allows you to express yourself in creative and innovative ways. It also helps spark conversations with people, as they are often curious about your unique perspective on life.

In the end, being weird is an opportunity to be true to yourself and show the world who you really are. It’s a way to show that it’s okay not to be like everyone else and to embrace your own individuality. There is beauty in standing out from the crowd – even if it sometimes feels like an uphill battle at times.

Each type has its own quirks that make them stand out from the crowd. They may be strange or intimidating to some, but their individual traits make them so special and admirable.

So, without further ado, here is a list of the 16 personality types from least weird to weirdest. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

Least weird to weirdest personality types

16. ESFJ

The least weird personality type is ESFJ. ESFJs are not typically that weird. They tend to be the life of the party and exceptionally social, so they don’t often stand out from the crowd in a different way. However, they can be seen as strange or overbearing to some people due to their strong sense of responsibility and desire for harmony.

ESFJs strive to make everyone around them feel good. This can come off as overly controlling or intrusive, but it’s really just a sign that ESFJs want the best for those they care about. ESFJs have a deep drive to understand people and look after them, which can be strange or off-putting to some. But those qualities are also what makes them so unique and inspiring in their own way.

15. ISFJ

ISFJs are the second least weird personality type. People with this personality type are perfectionists who strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives. They are reliable and responsible, always ready to help out when needed. ISFJs tend to be traditionalists and seek stability in their lives.

However, this can also make them appear strange or old-fashioned to outsiders who don’t understand their need for security. ISFJs have a soft side too. They are emotionally sensitive and deeply caring individuals. They may be one of the least weird personality types, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t unique or inspiring in their own way. We can learn how to treat people with kindness and care from ISFJs.

14. ESTJ

The third least weird personality type is ESTJ. These organized and hard-working types are often viewed as traditionalists. They value structure and discipline, and they can be strict when it comes to following rules. This is quite a typical and even admirable trait, but ESTJs can also be seen as strange for their bluntness and directness.

ESTJs don’t beat around the bush; they speak their minds without hesitation. This can make them appear confrontational or intimidating to others. But this straightforwardness is part of what makes them unique. ESTJs know exactly what they want and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Their dedication and commitment to their goals are inspiring and something we can all learn from.

13. ENTJ

The thirteenth weirdest personality type is ENTJs. ENTJs are strong-willed and independent individuals who strive to be the best. They have no patience for procrastination and are always looking for ways to improve themselves. They aren’t usually weird in the traditional sense, but their ambition and commitment to excellence can make them seem strange or intimidating to others.

But that’s what makes ENTJs so inspiring. They never back down from a challenge and will push themselves beyond their limits if needed. Their tenacity and determination are something to be admired, as is their willingness to take risks in order to reach their goals.

12. ENFJ

ENFJs are the twelfth weirdest personality type. They are confident and outgoing individuals who can charm their way through every situation. ENFJs are often praised for their people skills and tend to be natural-born leaders. They enjoy being in the spotlight and often take great pride in their appearance.

ENFJs also have a softer side, which can be seen as strange or weird to some. This side is reflective and deeply thoughtful, allowing them to understand the emotions of others quickly. ENFJs also have an artistic flair and a great appreciation for beauty. Their combination of strength and sensitivity makes them enigmatic and mysterious to observers. But this complexity is part of what makes them so inspiring and unique.

11. ISTP

The eleventh weirdest personality type is ISTP. People with this type are known for their adventurous and devil-may-care attitude. They often seem wild and reckless to others, but there is much more than meets the eye. When it comes to practical matters, ISTPs are highly skilled and independent. They have a knack for understanding how things work and solving problems with ease.

Their carefree attitude can sometimes be seen as strange or reckless, but it is precisely this attitude makes them so inspiring. ISTPs embrace their weird side and use it to explore the world around them without fear of judgment. They follow their own paths and blaze their trails, no matter how challenging they may be.

10. ISTJ

ISTJs are number ten on our list. These introverted and analytical types often appear strange to others due to their meticulous approach to life. ISTJs tend to be highly organized individuals who thrive in structured environments. They work hard towards their goals and are incredibly dedicated to what they do. This makes them ISTJs pretty normal to most people. They are traditional and conventional, but this is part of their charm.

However, ISTJs have difficulty accepting change or new ideas, making them seem rigid to others. But ISTJs’ highly disciplined nature is what makes them stand out. Their drive and commitment to the task at hand are inspirational; they are the perfect model of dedication.


The ninth weirdest personality type is ESFPs. People with this type are known for their lively and enthusiastic personalities. They are often seen as the life of the party, with a knack for making everyone around them smile and feel good. ESFPs have no qualms about expressing themselves freely and openly, which can be strange to those who don’t understand their free spirit.

But this is precisely what makes them unique and inspiring! ESFPs embrace their weirdness, using it to make a statement and help those around them. They are always thinking of new ways to express themselves and can be bold in their approach. ESFPs love life, and they want everyone else to experience it too.


Eighth on the list is ESTPs. People with this type are known for their passionate and creative personalities. They often have a knack for starting new projects or initiatives and have a strong drive to succeed. An ESTP’s’ enthusiasm is contagious and can even be inspiring to those around them.

But their exuberance sometimes comes across as strange or weird to others. ESTPs tend to take risks, making them seem wild. Their reckless approach to life and their intense energy can be confusing or off-putting to more conservative or quieter types, and they see this behavior as strange. Nonetheless, ESTPs are authentic originals who never back down from a challenge!


INTJs are number seven which might surprise you, but they have some pretty peculiar traits. People with this personality type are fiercely independent and often appear brooding and mysterious. They can also be quite controlling sometimes, making them appear a bit strange to others. INTJs’ passionate and intense nature can be incredibly sexy to some people but off-putting to others.

Although INTJs might seem a bit odd at times, it is what makes them so inspiring. They are highly independent and dedicated to their goals, no matter how ambitious they may be. Their combination of intelligence and confidence sets them apart from the rest, making them true standouts in any crowd. INTJs embrace their weirdness and use it to blaze their own trails.


The ISFP personality type takes the sixth spot on our weirdest types list. Others see this introspective type as strange due to their unconventional behavior. They don’t follow trends or conform to what’s popular – they make the trends. ISFPs have an independent style that sets them apart from the crowd. Their passion for creativity in art, fashion, and music can be unique and hard for more traditional types to understand.

ISFPs are often described as free-spirited individuals. They don’t like being restricted by the rules and conventions of society, which can make them appear strange or different. But it is this same trait that makes them so unique and inspiring. ISFPs embrace their weirdness and express it through creative mediums throughout their lifestyle. They use their individualism to break down barriers and bring new ideas into the world.


Next up, we have the ENTPs. This personality type is often seen as one of the most eccentric and weirdest types around. They are knowledgeable and curious individuals who think outside the box. ENTPs can be so inventive with their ideas that it comes across as strange or even off-putting to some people. They love exploring different ideas and theories and can come up with genuinely out-of-this-world solutions.

ENTPs don’t like playing by the rules, which can also make them seem a bit weird at times. They often push boundaries and seek new experiences, making it hard for others to keep up with them. But this is also what makes them unique and creative. They are always finding new ways to express their ideas and make the world a better place. ENTPs embrace their weirdness, making them truly inspiring individuals.


ENFPs are a wild and wonderful bunch, so it’s no surprise they take fourth place in the weirdest personality types. People with this personality type are full of life and enthusiasm, sometimes considered strange or eccentric. They often have an offbeat sense of humor and can see things from a unique angle. ENFPs are always looking for new adventures and experiences, and they can get easily bored with the mundane. They are always looking for new ways to express their creativity and love of life, which sometimes comes across as unusual or weird to others.

ENFPs don’t like living by the rules. Instead, they enjoy pushing boundaries. They are often at the forefront of movements that challenge traditional norms, making them weird to some, but inspiring to others. With their unique perspectives and unconventional ways of thinking, ENFPs often bring a fresh approach that can shake up the status quo. They embrace their weirdness as part of who they are, which makes them incredibly special.


Third place for the weirdest personality types goes to INFJs. These deep, introspective individuals are often misunderstood due to their complex personalities. Others may find them strange or hard to read since they can be so mysterious and enigmatic. They live in a world of their own — a world that’s full of rich emotions and complicated feelings. This can make their behavior difficult to interpret, making them seem a little strange.

INFJs are also known for their unconventional ideals and ideologies. They have a unique way of looking at the world and are truly passionate about making a positive change. INFJs are driven by their moral compass, and they often fight for causes that they truly believe in. Their passion can sometimes overcome them and make them seem odd, but it is also what makes them so inspiring.


The close runner-up for the weirdest personality type is INFP. These dreamy and sensitive individuals have a unique perspective on life that many find hard to comprehend. Their imaginations run wild, and they often get lost in their own thoughts and ideas. As a result, INFPs can get so lost in their rich inner worlds and their fantasy realms that it’s easy for them to get disconnected from the real world. This can make them seem a little weird, but it’s also what makes them so fascinating. INFPs’ creative minds and unique ability to turn their fantasy into reality can make them a powerful force.

Another weird thing about INFPs is that they embrace the unknown — something that many people find uncomfortable or intimidating. INFPs aren’t afraid to wander off the beaten track and explore life on their own terms, even if they get lost. So, although INFPs can be a little weird at times, it’s also what makes them so special. They are brave enough to pursue their dreams and unique ideas, even if that means going against the grain.


Coming in first place for the weirdest personality types has to be INTP. INTPs are known for their rebellious and eccentric personalities. They often march to the beat of their drum and are unconventionally creative individuals. INTPs have an incredibly unique outlook on life and don’t always think like everyone else. Their creative and unique ideas often result in a unique persona that fascinates and intrigues people. They see patterns in the world that others don’t, and their ideas often shock people with how different they are.

INTPs have been behind many amazing scientific breakthroughs and inventions. For example, Albert Einstein was an INTP. They are a clear case of why weirdness should be celebrated. Their weird and wonderful personalities make the world such a fascinating place.

So, which personality types are the weirdest? INTPs and INFPs are both wonderfully weird types. They are creative individuals who get lost in their own thoughts and have an unconventional outlook on life. It’s this eccentricity that makes them so unique and inspiring. Their passion for turning their theories and ideas into reality is commendable.

In conclusion, many different personality types can be seen as weird in some way. It’s what makes the world a diverse and exciting place. So don’t be afraid to embrace your quirks and show others what makes you unique.

Every personality type has its own unique traits and special qualities that make them interesting and inspiring. No matter what your personality type is, remember to embrace it and use it to reach your potential. Who knows, you might surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

Now that you know the weirdest personality types, it’s time to find out which personality types are the most powerful.

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