16 Personality Types as Colors

16 Personality Types as Colors

Today we explore the perfect color for each of the 16 personality types. Have you ever noticed how color can impact your feelings and emotions? Colors can be powerful tools to understand ourselves and our peers.

There are many meanings and connotations associated with different colors. There are obvious meanings behind them, like green symbolizing nature. However, green also means stability, growth, and balance.

You can incorporate the color of your personality type into your wardrobe, home decor, or workspace. It can help you tap into different aspects of yourself and others. Get creative!

So, without further ado, let’s explore the perfect color for each personality type. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test. So without further ado, let’s get started.

16 personality types as colors

INFP: White

White perfectly captures the ethereal and compassionate nature of an INFP. They are wise and lighthearted individuals, who often find solace in the quiet simplicity of life. INFPs have an undeniable innocence and purity that allows them to deeply understand the world around them, which is reflected in the color white. White will also help emphasize their inner peace, allowing them to express their creativity.

The color white also represents new beginnings. This is perfect for INFPs as they are always open to exploring new possibilities and perspectives. They are in touch with their inner world and embark on a journey of personal growth. The color white is the perfect reminder to keep pushing forward and exploring their inner potential. Overall, white reflects INFPs’ creativity, wisdom, and open-mindedness. It’s a wonderful representation of their unique personality type.

ENFP: Orange

ENFPs are full of life, bursting with positive energy. The vibrant color orange perfectly captures their passionate spirit and zest for life. It reflects their desire to explore the world around them, just like a bright sunrise in an orange sky. ENFPs have an unmatched enthusiasm and optimistic view of life, which is why orange is the ideal color for them.

Orange also symbolizes creativity and originality, two traits that perfectly embody ENFPs. They are always looking for new ways to express their ideas and are never afraid to take risks. ENFPs think outside of the box and strive to use their unique talents in the most meaningful way. Overall, orange is the perfect color for ENFPs who love adventure and exploration. It is a youthful and fun color that will bring out their joy in life and encourage them to explore the world around them.

INFJ: Silver

INFJs are creative and intuitive individuals with a deep understanding of the world around them. The color silver perfectly captures their mysterious and complex nature. INFJs are the wisest personality type who have deep insight into the human condition. They often uncover mysteries that others wouldn’t even know existed. Silver reflects the depth of their wisdom and insight, while still leaving a hint of mystery in their personality.

Silver also reflects INFJs’ reflective and calm nature. They are often introspective and thoughtful, which makes them great problem-solvers. Silver will emphasize this strength and allow INFJs to express their insightful thoughts in an elegant way. It will also remind them to take the time to reflect and be in touch with their inner world. Above all, silver embodies the INFJs’ thoughtful and wise nature, while still leaving room for exploration. It’s a beautiful representation of their unique personality type.

ENFJ: Gold

ENFJs are incredibly caring and compassionate people who strive to help others. Gold perfectly encapsulates their warm and nurturing nature. It reflects their desire to provide love and support for those around them, while still having a sense of elegance and sophistication. ENFJs will find comfort in the color gold as it reminds them of the importance of creating meaningful relationships and making a positive impact in the world.

Gold also symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and success – all things that ENFJs strive for. It reflects an ENFJ’s ambition and drive. They have a deep desire to succeed and make a difference in the world, which is perfectly portrayed by gold. Gold is a regal color that emphasizes their leadership abilities and encourages them to reach for their goals.

INTP: Blue

Blue is the perfect color for INTPs. It reflects their abstract and analytical nature as well as their deep need for independence. Blue also symbolizes knowledge, creativity, and insight – all qualities that are essential to an INTP’s personality. They are highly creative thinkers who prefer to analyze things from multiple angles in order to come up with creative solutions. Blue also symbolizes their introverted nature, as it encourages them to take time for themselves in order to process and reflect on the world around them. INTPs need this alone time in order to recharge and come up with innovative ideas.

Blue is a calming color that can provide clarity and focus to an INTP’s mind, allowing them to explore the depths of their inner world and unlock their full potential. It also encourages them to trust in their own instincts and follow their passions without fear. All in all, blue is the perfect color for an INTP.

ENTP: Purple

ENTPs are natural explorers and innovators, always looking for new ways to push boundaries and challenge conventions. Purple is the perfect color to reflect this adventurous spirit. It symbolizes imagination, creativity, and ambition – qualities that are essential parts of an ENTP’s personality. They love to explore novel ideas and come up with unique solutions, connotations linked to the color purple.

Purple also reflects their need to stay ahead of the curve and enjoy the thrill of taking risks in order to achieve success. They are risk-takers who thrive in unpredictable situations, and purple is a color that encourages this behavior. This is when ENTPs thrive. They are innovative, dynamic, and full of energy and they need this type of stimulation to keep them engaged. Purple can provide this sense of excitement and adventure that an ENTP craves while also reminding them of their own limitless potential. Purple captures an ENTPs bold spirit and encourages them to think outside the box in order to reach success.

INTJ: Navy

Navy is an elegant and sophisticated color, fitting perfectly with an INTJ’s personality. It captures their intelligence and knowledge while still embodying a sense of class and poise. INTJs are highly independent thinkers who are always looking for ways to improve and optimize their lives. Navy reflects this desire as it’s a color associated with order, structure, and control.

Navy also symbolizes their deep inner world and reflective nature. INTJs need time alone in order to process their thoughts and explore the depths of their minds. Navy is also seen as a calming color that allows people to introspect and it can encourage INTJs to trust in their own instincts. It also reflects their need for independence, as navy symbolizes confidence and self-assurance. These qualities can help lead an INTJ to success, and navy helps to remind them of the importance of trusting their inner voice.

ENTJ: Black

Black is the perfect color for an ENTJ. It reflects their ambition and determination to reach their goals while also embodying a sense of authority and power. Black is associated with strength, confidence, and leadership – qualities that ENTJs have in spades. They are natural-born leaders who are always looking for ways to assert themselves and take charge. Black captures this, allowing the ENTJ to embrace their own power and potential.

Black also symbolizes their need for structure and order. ENTJs are all about organization and efficiency, often relying on detailed plans in order to reach their goals. The color black is a great reminder of this need for control and can help an ENTJ stay focused on their objectives. By embracing the color black, ENTJs can stay motivated in their pursuits and find success.

ISFJ: Coral

Coral is the perfect color for an ISFJ. It reflects their warmth and kindness while also symbolizing loyalty and dependability – qualities that are essential to ISFJs. They are people-oriented, often putting the needs of others before their own. Coral captures this spirit as the color is seen to have nurturing properties, encouraging an ISFJ to be compassionate and supportive.

Coral also reflects their need for security and stability. ISFJs are most comfortable when they have a sense of order and structure in their lives, which coral can help provide. The color is calming, reminding an ISFJ of the importance of taking care of themselves while still being there for others. By embracing the color coral, ISFJs can stay true to their nature while also feeling secure and content in their environment.

ESFJ: Pink

Pink is the color of love and friendship, making it a great choice for ESFJs. This color reflects their strong desire to connect with and help others. ESFJs are incredibly people-oriented and often prioritize relationships over anything else. They are people pleasers who thrive in social situations and pink is the perfect color to capture this spirit.

Pink also symbolizes their need for harmony and balance. ESFJs are all about keeping the peace, often trying to find a way to make everyone happy. Pink also embodies warmth and compassion, personality traits that come naturally to an ESFJ. It symbolizes their nurturing side, encouraging them to be supportive and attentive to others.

ISTJ: Gray

Gray is the perfect color for an ISTJ. It reflects their practical and disciplined nature while also symbolizing stability and reliability – qualities that ISTJs possess in abundance. They are incredibly organized and detail-oriented, often relying on logic and structure to make decisions. Gray captures this spirit as the color is associated with orderliness, allowing an ISTJ to embrace their own sense of discipline and structure.

Gray also reflects their need for security and safety. ISTJs like to maintain a certain level of consistency in their lives, preferring routines that provide them with stability. Gray can help an ISTJ stay focused on the task at hand, helping them achieve success without sacrificing their need for comfort and security. By embracing the color gray, ISTJs can find a balance between their inner drive and their need for security.

ESTJ: Khaki

ESTJs are logical and analytical, driven individuals. Khaki is the perfect color to reflect this mission-driven mentality. It symbolizes practicality, reliability, and organization – characteristics that are essential parts of an ESTJ’s personality. They thrive in orderly environments where there are clear expectations and guidelines, qualities that are associated with khaki.

This earthy tone reflects their practical and grounded nature, as well as their loyalty and dedication to their goals. It also symbolizes strength, stability, and hard work – all qualities that are essential for an ESTJ’s success. Khaki reminds them of the importance of staying focused and being prepared for any eventuality. They are goal-oriented and disciplined, two qualities that are brought to the forefront when wearing khaki. Khaki is the perfect color for an ESTJ, as it reflects their ambition and drive to succeed.

ISFP: Green

Green is the perfect color for ISFPs. It embodies their connection with nature and the outdoors, offering them a sense of freedom and connection with their environment. Green reflects their laid-back attitude, often reminding them to take it easy and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. This color also symbolizes growth and renewal, encouraging ISFPs to take risks and explore the world around them.

Green also reflects their spontaneous and creative nature. ISFPs are often filled with curiosity and enthusiasm, making it easy for them to try new things and come up with fresh ideas. The color green encourages them to stay true to themselves while still being open-minded and embracing change. By wearing green, ISFPs can reflect their own unique vision of the world and stay true to their individualistic values.

ESFP: Yellow

ESFPs are warm, vibrant people who are often the life of the party. Yellow is the perfect color to capture this energy and enthusiasm. It symbolizes their optimistic outlook on life and their strong desire for fun and adventure. Yellow encourages them to be confident in their decisions and embrace life with a positive attitude.

This sunny tone also embodies their creativity, spontaneity, and love of socializing. ESFPs enjoy being surrounded by people and taking part in new experiences. Their zest for life is unmatched, and yellow represents this bright and spirited nature. ESFP embrace their own sense of joy and they love to embrace the unknown too. By wearing yellow, they can reflect their natural exuberance while staying connected with their positive outlook on life.

ISTP: Turquoise

Turquoise is the perfect color for an ISTP as it reflects their willingness to explore and experiment. It symbolizes freedom and open-mindedness, encouraging them to stay curious in their pursuits. This vibrant tone also embodies their practicality, reminding them to stay grounded in their decisions while still allowing them to take risks and explore uncharted territory.

Turquoise is also a color of balance, reflecting the ISTP’s need for both stability and change. They are able to look objectively and logically at a situation before making a decision. But they also know when to act quickly and explore the unknown. Turquoise reminds them of this balance and allows them to stay true to their individualistic values. It is the perfect color for an ISTP, as it reflects their drive and desire for new experiences.


The color red perfectly embodies an ESTP’s nature. It stands for confidence, courage, and ambition – qualities that this personality type is known to possess in abundance. Red is a strong, passionate, and energetic color that reflects the spirit and determination of an ESTP. They are not the ones to back down from a challenge. In fact, they thrive on them.

Furthermore, scarlet red is full of life, confidence, and enthusiasm; all qualities commonly attributed to people with this personality type. Red also symbolizes perseverance and bravery which these individuals possess in spades. They are leaders and trendsetters in their own right. Scarlet red will always be an iconic color for an ESTP. It can help bring out the best in them by giving them the energy and motivation they need to take on any challenge that comes their way.

Overall, the colors of the 16 personality types can be a great way to understand yourself and others better. While it’s important to remember that these are only generalizations, understanding the meaning behind each color can help you gain insight into your own personality and those around you. Colors represent different emotions and qualities, which can help you to appreciate the unique personalities of each individual. So go ahead, find your true color and wear it with pride.

With a bit of creativity, you can use color to explore your own unique personality and connect with your self. Who knows where it might take you. If you enjoyed learning about the perfect color for your personality type, check out the 16 personality types as spirit animals to connect with your inner self even further.

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