The ideal date for each of the 16 personality types

So you’ve met your perfect personality match on So Syncd. They’re sexy, interesting and you’re waiting for that push notification with their name on it. Hey, it happens a lot on our app. It’s all going great, you ask them out, they say an enthusiastic ‘YES!’ and then…you have to plan the first date. You want to get it right but you’re not sure what they’ll like. Fear not! We have an ideal date guide for each of the 16 personality types.


A stroll through a long grassy field and a picnic under a shady tree with a bottle of fizz.


Go with the flow and sit in the sandy dunes watching the sun set with a bottle of rosé.


Embrace your cultural side and grab two tickets to a show at the theatre. 


Laugh your way through learning to sip and savour wines at a local vineyard. 


Cosy up next to a roaring fire and get competitive with some board games.


Put your two heads together and your wits to the test with an unpredictable date in an escape room.


A table set for two to enjoy fabulous food and a fun night at a candlelit dinner. 


Whip up some pasta, open the wine and gear up for a night of silliness playing Pictionary. 


Find your inner hunter-gatherer skills and commune with nature berry picking at a fruit farm. 


Create some magic by putting your culinary skills and tasting techniques to the test at a cookery class. 


Take a stroll through history and check there are no skeletons in the cupboard at a museum. 


Show off your knowledge of useless but entertaining information at a trivia night. 


Nurture your inner artist and add some colour to your date with a creative painting class. 


Show off your singing skills and hit the high notes at a karaoke bar. 


Test your teamwork skills and your balancing act on a bicycle made for two. 


Ride the dodgems, whirl on the big wheel and share candy floss at a fairground date. 

Dating during the COVID period is difficult. Here are some backyard date ideas to help you out.

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