16 Personality Types of Peaky Blinders Characters

16 Personality Types of Peaky Blinders Characters

Today we take a look at the 16 personality types of Peaky Blinders characters.  These characters may be involved in illegal activities, but their unique personalities add depth and complexity to the show. From ruthless ENTJs to empathetic ISFPs, each personality type brings a different perspective and impact on the story.

Peaky Blinders is not just a show about gangsters and violence, but it also explores the inner workings of these characters’ minds and how their personalities shape their actions. So next time you tune in to watch the Shelby family’s rise to power, pay attention to more than just the plot twists and action scenes. Look deeper into the personalities that make up this iconic gang and see how they influence the story’s outcome. Who knows, you might even find a bit of yourself in these characters.

So have a read below and see which Peaky Blinders character shares your personality type. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

16 Personality Types of Peaky Blinders Characters

Thomas Shelby: ENTJ

Tommy Shelby is the ultimate ENTJ. Strategic, ruthless, and always one step ahead, the leader of the Peaky Blinders knows how to get things done. But it’s not just his cunning mind and impeccable planning skills that make him a true ENTJ – it’s also his confidence, ambition, and unwavering determination. Tommy’s ambition knows no bounds. He constantly strives for more power, more influence, and more control over his surroundings. He sees the bigger picture and is always thinking three steps ahead, which allows him to make calculated moves that bring him closer to his ultimate goals.

One of Tommy’s defining traits as an ENTJ is his ability to make decisions quickly and confidently. He’s not one to second guess himself or let emotions cloud his judgment. When he sets his sights on a goal, he moves full steam ahead without hesitation. But it’s not just about achieving success for Tommy – it’s about winning at all costs. He is willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top, even if it means making tough and controversial decisions. This unwavering confidence and decisiveness is a true hallmark of an ENTJ.

Arthur Shelby: ESFP

Arthur is almost the opposite of his brother, Tommy, when it comes to personality type. As an ESFP, he is a free spirit who lives in the moment and enjoys the finer things in life. While Tommy is busy planning and strategizing, Arthur can often be found indulging in his vices and having a good time. As an unhealthy ESFP, Arthur can struggle with impulsivity and making rash decisions, but when he is at his best, he brings a sense of passion and liveliness to the group. He’s not afraid to take risks and often acts on emotions in the heat of the moment rather than logic, which can sometimes lead to conflicts with Tommy.

However, this doesn’t mean that Arthur lacks ambition or drive. He may not have the same calculating nature as Tommy or the innate desire to be a leader, but he still has a strong sense of loyalty and a desire to protect his family and their business, a common trait among ESFPs. Arthur may not always see eye to eye with his brother, but their different personalities complement each other and make the Peaky Blinders an unstoppable force.

John Shelby: ESTP

John Shelby is an ESTP. As an ESTP, he has his own unique strengths that make him a valuable member of the Peaky Blinders. Like Arthur, John is also someone who lives for the present and enjoys taking risks. He’s not one to shy away from danger or adventure, making him a perfect candidate for carrying out dangerous missions on behalf of the gang. But unlike Arthur, John has a more strategic mind and prefers to make decisions based on logic rather than emotions. John Boy doesn’t let emotions cloud his judgment.

As an unhealthy ESTP, John is intimidating and has a hot temper. He can be impulsive and struggle with making long-term plans, but when he is at his best, he brings a sense of boldness and charisma to the group. His fearlessness and quick thinking make him a valuable asset in high-pressure situations and a valuable member of the Peaky Blinders.

Polly Gray: ENFJ

Polly Gray is the matriarch of the Shelby family and an ENFJ. As an ENFJ, she is warm and caring and always puts her loved ones’ needs first. Polly is the glue that holds the family together, and her natural leadership abilities make her a respected figure among the Peaky Blinders. She is intuitive and can read people well, which allows her to navigate tricky situations and manipulate outcomes in their favor, which is typical of this personality type.

As an unhealthy ENFJ, Polly can be overbearing and controlling at times, which can cause conflicts with her family. However, her intentions are always rooted in love and a desire to protect those she cares about. She may not always agree with the methods of the Peaky Blinders, but she will always stand by her family and fight for their well-being. Polly’s ability to balance emotions and logic makes her an essential member of the Shelby clan. Her strength also lies in her ability to bring people together and create unity within the group, which is typical of an ENFJ leader.

Michael Gray: INTJ

Michael Gray is a typical INTJ. As a highly intelligent and strategic thinker, Michael is one of the brains behind the operation. He brings a level of intellect and logic to the Peaky Blinders that is often lacking in their more impulsive members. Michael is always analyzing and calculating, constantly looking for ways to improve their business and stay ahead of the game. This critical thinking and problem-solving ability make him a valuable asset to the Shelby family. Where Arthur and John Boy are the muscles, Michael is the brains.

As an unhealthy INTJ, Michael can come across as cold and detached, often struggling with emotions and relationships. However, when he is at his best, he is a mastermind who can outsmart even the most cunning of enemies. His strategic mind and ability to see the big picture gave him the confidence and ambition to make bold moves, which is crucial if you want to get ahead in the world of the Peaky Blinders.

Alfie Solomons: ENTP

Alfie Solomons is an ENTP. As an ENTP, he is a true free spirit and a master of manipulation. Alfie’s charm and wit make him a formidable opponent and ally to the Peaky Blinders. He is always thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas to stay ahead in the game. His ability to read people and play mind games is a valuable skill in the world of gangsters and criminals.

As an ENTP, Alfie can be unpredictable and unreliable. He often changes his mind at the last minute and makes decisions based on what suits him best. However, this characteristic also makes him a wild card that can bring unexpected opportunities to the table. With Alfie, you never know what you’re going to get, but one thing is for sure – he’s always entertaining and keeps things interesting for the Peaky Blinders. ENTPs love to debate and argue, and Alfie is no exception. His quick thinking, ability to speak in metaphors, and sharp tongue make him a worthy adversary in any verbal sparring match.

Grace Burgess: ISFP

Grace Burgess is an ISFP, the opposite personality type to her husband, Tommy Shelby. As an ISFP, she is a gentle and sensitive soul who often struggles with the brutality of the Peaky Blinders’ world. Grace may not be as street-smart or strategic as the others, but she brings a different kind of strength to the group. Her kindness and empathy make her a beloved member of the Shelby family and someone that Tommy can turn to for comfort in their darkest moments.

Tommy never recovered from Grace’s death because she taught him how to love and be loved in return. She was an innocent soul in a world of violence, and her presence brought out the best in Tommy. Grace may not have been cut out for the criminal lifestyle, but she will always be remembered as an essential part of the Peaky Blinders’ story.

Gina Gray: ENTP

Gina Gray is an unhealthy ENTP. While she is intelligent, ambitious, and independent like most ENTPs, her actions are often driven by selfish motives. Her manipulative and scheming nature makes her a dangerous adversary for the Shelby family. However, she also brings a level of cunning and unpredictability that keeps things interesting for the Peaky Blinders. As a confident and assertive ENTP, Gina is not afraid to challenge the men in her life and make bold moves to get what she wants.

Despite her negative traits, Gina’s intelligence and charm cannot be denied. She knows how to play people and get what she wants. Like ENTPs, she is a master of persuasion and can spin any situation to her advantage. Her involvement in the Shelby family has caused chaos and tension to their already complex dynamics, making her a challenging addition to the group. ENTPs get bored easily, which could be one of the reasons Gina is always looking for ways to stir up trouble and cause chaos, including sleeping with Oswald Mosley.

Aberama Gold: ENTP

Aberama Gold is another ENTP in the Peaky Blinders. He is a cunning and ruthless gangster who will do whatever it takes to get his way. His quick thinking, sharp tongue, and manipulative nature make him a force to be reckoned with. As an ENTP, Aberama also has a love for debate and can argue his way out of any situation. He is a great match for Polly, a strong-willed and charismatic ENFJ. Together, they make a formidable duo in the Peaky Blinders’ world.

However, like most ENTPs, Aberama can also be unpredictable and unreliable. He is often driven by his own desires and will betray anyone to get what he wants. This makes him a great ally or a dangerous enemy, depending on which side he’s on. Aberama’s love for chaos and excitement also makes him an exciting addition to the Peaky Blinders’ lineup, always bringing a level of unpredictability and energy to their operations.

Oswald Mosley: ENTJ

Oswald Mosley is the arch-nemesis of Tommy Shelby and an ENTJ. As a charismatic and ambitious politician, he is always looking for ways to gain power and influence. His main goal is to take down the Peaky Blinders and build his own criminal empire. With his strategic mindset, manipulation tactics, and unwavering determination, Oswald poses a significant threat to the Shelby family.

As an ENTJ, Oswald is a natural leader who inspires people to follow him. He also has a calculating and cold side, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. His rivalry with Tommy adds another layer of tension and excitement to the show as two strategic ENTJs both try to outmaneuver each other. Despite being enemies, they share many similar traits and have a mutual respect for each other’s cunning and intelligence.

Luca Changretta: ISTP

Luca Changretta is an ISTP. As an Italian-American mafia leader, he is a skilled and ruthless killer who has no qualms about using violence to get what he wants. ISTPs have excellent practical skills, which Luca uses to his advantage in orchestrating complicated plans and operations. He also has a calm and calculating demeanor, making him an intimidating figure in the criminal world.

However, Luca’s love for revenge clouds his judgment, leading to his downfall. Like most ISTPs, he is fiercely independent and can have trouble working with others. His stubbornness and inability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances ultimately lead to his demise. Luca isn’t as ruthless or strategic as Tommy Shelby, but as an ISTP, he is a formidable opponent who poses a significant threat to the Peaky Blinders.

Ada Thorne: ENFP

Ada Thorne is the only Shelby sibling who doesn’t have involvement with the Peaky Blinders’ operations. As an ENFP, she is idealistic and compassionate, always fighting for what’s right. Ada’s innate goodness often clashes with her family’s illegal activities, causing tension between them. However, her love and loyalty to her brothers keep her tied to the Shelby family. Ada may not be as ruthless or strategic as her brothers, but she brings a different perspective and moral compass to the group.

ENFPs are known for their creativity and imagination, which makes Ada an excellent writer and activist. She uses her words to fight against injustices and stand up for what she believes in. Her role in the Peaky Blinders may not be as prominent, but her impact on the family’s dynamics and their reputation is essential. Ada serves as a reminder that amidst all the violence and chaos, there is still goodness and hope within the Shelby family.

Lizzie Stark: ISFP

Lizzie Stark is a former prostitute turned Tommy Shelby’s wife and an ISFP. She is one of the more kind-hearted and empathetic characters in the show. She disapproves of what Tommy does, but his lack of respect for her opinion means it doesn’t matter what she thinks. Her sensitive nature also allows her to see the good in people, even the evil and manipulative Tommy Shelby.

As an ISFP, Lizzie is creative and artistic, which she expresses through her fashion choices. She brings a touch of sophistication and class to the Shelby family and their operations. ISFPs can be moody and withdrawn, which is evident in Lizzie’s character as she often struggles with her own emotions and the violent world she’s been thrust into. Despite this, she remains fiercely loyal to Tommy and their family.

Linda Shelby: ISFJ

Linda is an unhealthy ISFJ, married to Arthur Shelby. She is ambitious and manipulative, using her relationship with Arthur to gain power within the Peaky Blinders and control him. ISFJs are known for their nurturing and loyal nature, but Linda’s manipulative tendencies go against these traits. She often clashes with Polly, who sees through her facade and despises her manipulation tactics.

ISFJs can be highly emotional and struggle with change, which is evident in Linda’s character as she struggles to cope with the constant danger and violence that comes with being part of the Shelby family. Linda consistently views herself as better than those around her because of her perceived moral superiority. However, her actions and behavior often prove otherwise.

Finn Shelby: ISFP

Finn Shelby is the youngest of the Shelby siblings and an ISFP. His brothers think of him as the baby of the family, someone who is immature and naive. Unhealthy ISFPs can be impulsive and easily influenced, which is true of Finn. His haplessness proves to be a liability. As he gets older, Finn becomes someone only interested in having fun and partying. He regularly does cocaine, drinks, and womanizes.  He’s not someone you can rely on in a crisis, and his actions often put the Peaky Blinders in danger by telling Billy Grade the Shelby family plans. Finn wasn’t cut out for the gangster lifestyle and the violence that comes with it. Unlike his brothers, he is more sensitive and empathetic, who have become desensitized to it all.

Chester Campbell: ESTJ

Chester Campbell, also known as Inspector Campbell, is an ESTJ. As a ruthless and authoritarian leader, his main goal is to take down Tommy Shelby and the Peaky Blinders. He will do whatever it takes to achieve this, even if it means using unethical tactics.

ESTJs are known for their strict adherence to rules and their strong belief in authority. These traits are evident in Chester’s character as he follows orders without question and believes that his way is the only right way. However, his tunnel vision and obsession with taking down Tommy ultimately lead to his downfall.

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Final thoughts

So there you have it, the 16 personality types of Peaky Blinders characters. From ENTJ rivals to ISFJ manipulators, each character brings their unique traits and quirks to the show, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in personality types and criminal dramas. So next time you binge-watch Peaky Blinders, pay attention to how each character’s personality influences their actions and the storyline as a whole. You can also take a look at the 16 personality types of Breaking Bad characters.

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