16 Personality Types of Sherlock Characters

16 Personality Types as Sherlock Characters

Today we explore the 16 personality types of Sherlock characters. Sherlock is a TV show that tells the story of a crime-solving duo living in London. The show is full of witty banter, deductive reasoning, and suspenseful plot twists.

The two main characters are Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective, and Dr. John Watson, a former army doctor. And the two couldn’t be more different if they tried. Consequently, this different outlook on life makes them such a great team.

Sherlock is analytical and intelligent and can pick up on patterns and details that others miss. Watson is more compassionate and emotional, which allows him to provide a different perspective on cases. So, what are their personality types?

Read on to find out the 16 personality types of Sherlock characters. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

Sherlock: INTP

Sherlock Holmes embodies the INTP personality type. He is highly introspective and logical, always seeking to find patterns and meanings in the world around him. This is what helps him solve all his cases. Sherlock is also fiercely independent, preferring to work alone rather than be part of a team. He is often seen as cold and aloof, but this is simply because he struggles to understand and relate to the emotions of others. INTPs are known for their originality, creativity, and resourcefulness. They are often drawn to occupations that allow them to exercise their analytical skills, which is exactly what detective work entails. So it’s no wonder that Sherlock is such a great detective!

Dr. John Watson: ISFJ

John Watson is the ISFJ personality type. He is kind-hearted and compassionate, always looking out for others. This is why he is drawn to Sherlock, who often needs someone to look after him. Like a typical ISFJ, John is also very loyal and reliable, always sticking by Sherlock’s side no matter what. He is a great listener and provides emotional support that Sherlock doesn’t even know he needs. ISFJs are known for their practicality, resourcefulness, and concern for others. They are often the caretakers, which is definitely John’s role in his friendship and partnership with Sherlock. John’s ISFJ personality type is what helps him keep Sherlock grounded and sane, which is no easy feat!

James “Jim” Moriarty: ENTP

James “Jim” Moriarty is an extremely unhealthy ENTP. He is highly intelligent and quick-witted, always able to think several steps ahead of Sherlock. This makes him a worthy adversary for the great detective. Moriarty is also charming and charismatic, able to easily manipulate those around him to do his bidding. Unhealthy ENTPs can be selfish, egotistical, and ruthless, and this is definitely the case with Moriarty. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means destroying Sherlock in the process. ENTPs are also known for their creativity, resourcefulness, and originality. Moriarty chooses a creative approach toward the object he’s interested in. Rather than just killing Sherlock, he wants to drive him insane and tricked him with different clues and games. ENTPs get bored easily and tormenting Sherlock is what keeps Moriarty entertained.

Irene Adler: ENTJ

Irene Adler is an unhealthy ENTJ. She is charming and ambitious, always striving to be the best. This is what drives her to outwit Sherlock Holmes. Irene is also very confident and manipulative, using her charms to get what she wants. She is often seen as a femme fatale, which is definitely an accurate description of her personality. ENTJs are known for their charm, decisiveness, and intellect. They are often drawn to occupations that require strategic thinking, which is exactly what being a criminal mastermind entails. So it’s no wonder that Irene is such a great antagonist for Sherlock! Irene’s ENTJ personality type is also fitting for her role as a dominatrix. She is confident and in control, always knowing exactly what she wants. This makes her a dangerous and seductive opponent for Sherlock, which is exactly what he needs in order to stay sharp.

Mycroft Holmes: ESTJ

Mycroft Holmes is the ESTJ personality type. He is logical and practical, always preferring to stick to the facts. This is what makes him a great asset to the British government. Mycroft is also very ambitious and hard-working, always striving to achieve his goals. He is often seen as cold and calculating, but this is simply because he is very efficient and to the point. ESTJs are known for their efficiency, resourcefulness, and decisiveness. This makes Mycroft the perfect candidate for a government agent. Mycroft and Sherlock are nearly opposite personality types. Mycroft is more focused on the details, but Sherlock is the one with the intuitive insights. However, they do share a couple of key traits: a dedication to their work and their logical approach to life.

Molly Hooper: ISFJ

Molly Hooper is another ISFJ personality type in Sherlock. ISFJs are known for their loyalty, practicality, and reliable nature. Molly is very good at her job as a specialist registrar at the morgue, as she is able to pay attention to the small details. Like a typical ISFJ, Molly is also very compassionate and caring, always looking out for Sherlock’s well-being. She is always there for Sherlock when he needs information from her, even though he is usually only nice to her when she wants something. ISFJs are known for their selfless acts of kindness and this is certainly true of Molly Hooper. She is always willing to go above and beyond for Sherlock, even though he doesn’t always appreciate it. ISFJs can be very shy and reserved which is partly why Molly has trouble expressing her true feelings for Sherlock.

Mary Watson: ESTP

Mary Watson is the ESTP personality type. She is impulsive and adventurous, always up for a new challenge. Mary is also very charming and outgoing. This is how she is able to win John Watson over and get him to fall in love with her. ESTPs are known for their spontaneity, resourcefulness, and adaptability. This was Mary’s true personality under her facade. As an ESTP, Mary is always looking for new thrills and excitement. This is what makes her such a great assassin. She is able to quickly adapt to new situations and come up with creative solutions on the fly. This makes her a very dangerous opponent for Sherlock, but also a very intriguing one. She has also exhibited sociopathic tendencies, having a ruthless and violent side, as she was willing to murder Charles Augustus Magnussen in order to safeguard her secret from John.

Martha Louis Hudson: ESFJ

Martha Louise Hudson embodies the ESFJ personality type. She is warm and compassionate, always looking out for others. ESFJs are known for their kindness, generosity, and loyalty. This is why Martha is always quick to help Sherlock and charge him a cheaper rent for 221B Baker Street. She is also very efficient and organized, making sure that everything runs smoothly at Baker Street. Martha is the perfect balance to Sherlock’s chaotic personality. She keeps him grounded and helps him to see things from a different perspective. Despite insisting she is Sherlock and Watson’s landlady and not housekeeper, Martha takes on a maternal role within their Baker Street family, always looking out for their well-being and making sure they have everything they need. She is the heart of Baker Street and Sherlock would be lost without her.

Eurus Holmes: INFJ

Eurus Holmes is an unhealthy INFJ. INFJs have strong people skills and they can use this to their advantage to control and manipulate others. Eurus is extremely intelligent and quick-minded, which makes her extremely dangerous. Unhealthy INFJs can also be paranoid and obsessive, which are both traits that Eurus exhibits. Like an INFJ, she can also see things she shouldn’t and saw beyond her level of understanding. However, this just made her more unstable as she formulated visions that were not healthy for her. INFJs have extremely high emotional intelligence and intuition. Eurus; way of playing people against each other for emotional torture is typical of an unhealthy INFJ. With a genius level of intellect, Eurus was the cleverest sibling and this made her an enigma, as she was able to outsmart Sherlock and Mycroft alike.

Greg Lestrade: ISTJ

Greg Lestrade is an ISTJ personality type. Like other ISTJs, Greg is a practical and efficient thinker. He is also logical and methodical in his thinking. Greg is a good detective and he has a lot of experience in the police force. This experience has taught him to be patient and to pay attention to the small details. As a healthy ISTJ, Greg knows his intellectual limits, so he often brings in Sherlock to help him with cases beyond his capabilities. He can also take Sherlock’s criticism in stride and knows that Sherlock is often right about the cases they work on together. Greg has a deep respect for Sherlock. However, as a sensor, he does get confused and frustrated with Sherlock’s abstract and cryptic conclusions.

Charles Augustus Magnussen: ISTJ

Charles Augustus Magnussen is an unhealthy ISTJ. ISTJs are practical, efficient, and logical in nature. Magnussen is a ruthless businessman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Once referred to by Sherlock as the “Napoleon of blackmail”, he had much control over the Western world due to his blackmailing. Unhealthy ISTJs can be cold and calculating with a total disregard for social niceties. This is certainly true of Magnussen who used people’s secrets to control them. He was also known for his lack of empathy and ability to see people as nothing more than chess pieces in his game. Magnussen’s superiority complex was categorized by his utter disregard for human happiness, inflated sense of entitlement, and narcissistic view of how other people think and behave. Sherlock thought of him as worse than any killer or serial killer he had encountered.

Now you know the 16 personality types of Sherlock characters! Do you relate to any of the characters? They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but they all work together to make the show one of the best detective dramas out there.

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