16 Personality Types of The White Lotus Season 2 Characters

16 Personality Types of The White Lotus Season 2 Characters

Today we explore the 16 personality types of The White Lotus season 2 characters. The White Lotus is HBO’s new crime drama set in different resorts each season. Season 2 saw us take a virtual trip to Sicily, Italy, with a complex group of very dislikable characters.

The White Lotus Resort is a place of luxury and intrigue where guests go to find solace and relaxation. But beneath the surface lies a world of secrets, lies, and danger. From luxury suites to beach resorts, we get an insight into their turbulent relationships and lifestyles.

The characters are all unique individuals with different personalities that drive their actions throughout the season. Every character has toxic personality traits that lead them down dark paths. They have their own self-interests and agendas that motivate how they interact with one another in this beautiful yet dangerous paradise.

Whether it’s an insecure Tanya or a manipulative Quentin, there are few redeeming qualities about this group of dysfunctional people. Join us on our journey through The White Lotus Resort as we explore each character’s personality type. We’ll delve into each character’s unique traits. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

16 personality types of The White Lotus characters

Tanya McQuoid: ESFP

Tanya McQuoid, the only character from both seasons of The White Lotus, is an ESFP through and through. She is extravagant, enthusiastic, and loves the limelight — all classic ESFP traits. Tanya also exhibits many unhealthy ESFP traits, including a deep need to be surrounded by people. She doesn’t want to be alone at all. So much so that she flew her assistant, Portia, out to Sicily because she didn’t know what to do. It’s fair to say Tanya is emotionally fragile.

Tanya is not afraid to take risks, especially in her relationships, which often end in chaos. Her brashness can lead to trouble but adds an exciting spark to the show. Despite her flaws, Tanya is undeniably lovable – she’s fierce and fabulous, and we couldn’t help but root for her. Her ESFP ways keep the show unpredictable and enthralling! Enjoy Tanya’s journey as you watch The White Lotus – she sure knows how to make things interesting.

Harper Spiller: INTJ

Harper Spiller, the mysterious and brooding protagonist of The White Lotus, is an INTJ. Like a typical INTJ, she is analytical, independent, and incredibly intelligent. Unlike Tanya, Harper prefers to be alone or just with Ethan. She is not thrilled to be on the trip with Daphne and Cameron and is often annoyed by their seemingly “perfect” relationship. When she finds out the truth, it bothers her as she is a strong believer in justice and honesty.

INTJs are famously private with their emotions, and Harper is no exception. She has difficulty expressing her feelings and would rather keep them all inside. Despite this, Harper still finds the inner strength and courage to stand up for what she believes in. Harper also exhibits unhealthy INTJ traits – although she can be quite levelheaded and logical, she can also be overly stubborn and judgmental of others. Plus, she believes she is superior to Daphne and Cameron, but aren’t they all the same in the end?

Ethan Spiller: INTP

Ethan Spiller is an INTP. He is a natural thinker and loves to analyze problems in detail. This trait can often lead him down the rabbit hole of research and questioning what is, which we see throughout the show. Ethan also exhibits unhealthy INTP traits. He has difficulty expressing himself, especially when it comes to his emotions. His simplistic view of human relationships often puts him at odds with his wife, Harper. Ethan told her he didn’t cheat on her, and to him, that should have been that. But that wasn’t enough for her, and he couldn’t get his head around it.

INTPs are innovative and curious; Ethan is the perfect example of this. Not to mention he had just sold a tech business for a lot of money. However, like Harper, Ethan also has a superiority complex. So much so that it can sometimes feel like he believes Harper should also do as he says because, to him, the sale of his company means he’s succeeded… on paper. All in all, Ethan’s INTP traits lead to some pretty wild adventures throughout the season.

Daphne Sullivan: ESFJ

Daphne Sullivan is a quintessential ESFJ. She loves people, socializing, and having fun. Daphne always manages to see the positive in situations. As someone who doesn’t overthink things, like her husband cheating on her, she smiles through and keeps things light. ESFJs love to be around people, so much so that Daphne says she feels sorry for people by themself.

Despite her bubbly personality, Daphne also exhibits some unhealthy ESFJ traits. ESFJs can be prone to conflict avoidance, which is something Daphne does quite often. She doesn’t confront her husband about his behavior. Instead, she disassociates to maintain her inner peace. Daphne finds her own coping mechanisms, like sleeping with her personal training and playing games in her relationship with Cameron. She knows her husband isn’t perfect, but she is practical and believes her life is better with Cameron than without.

Cameron Sullivan: ESTP

Cameron Sullivan, the charming, smooth-talking businessman from The White Lotus, is an ESTP. He is a classic example of an ESTP as he loves to be around people and craves attention. Cameron is often seen making witty remarks or cracking jokes – he can really light up a room. His extroverted nature also leads him to take risks, a common trait of ESTPs.

Like pretty much every character on The White Lotus, Cameron exhibits many unhealthy ESTP traits. He can be selfish, impulsive, and manipulative. He tries to get his way by using people to his advantage. As someone that clearly suffers from insecurities and behind a facade of arrogance, he is a competitive guy. Ethan sold his company and is now likely richer than him, so his witty jokes are often subtle put-downs and digs. Plus, on the jetskis, neither men were backing down. Cameron also cheats on Daphne with no remorse. He believes cheating is a crime of opportunity, and for some reason, it works for their relationship as Daphne does her own thing.

Albie Di Grasso: INFJ

The innocent Albie Di Grasso is an INFJ. He is incredibly compassionate and caring and deeply desires to help others. INFJs are known for their idealism, and Albie is no exception. He wants to help people like Portia and Lucia. He is also too trusting. This makes him naive to the dangers of his world and its people. Ultimately, Lucia scams him, and Albie is left heartbroken.

Albie also exhibits unhealthy INFJ traits. He can be overly idealistic and has difficulty dealing with conflict. It’s difficult for him to say no, as Lucia and Mia have taken advantage of him on many occasions. These personality traits, alongside his savior complex, can be overwhelming, often leading him to make decisions that are not in his best interest.

Portia: ISFP

Portia, Tanya’s personal assistant, is an ISFP. Her calm, gentle demeanor is reflective of the ISFP personality type. ISFPs are creative and free-spirited, so Portia loves to express herself through fashion. She probably has the most famous wardrobe of The White Lotus characters so far – and not in a good way! She’s also a great listener, as her emotional intelligence allows her to understand people, like Tanya, on a deeper level.

Portia had a personal crisis that caused her to exhibit unhealthy ISFP traits. She was overwhelmed with indecision. Should she embrace the bad boy Brit, Jack, and have some Italian fun, or should she stick with kind and caring Albie? Portia acted on impulse and went with Jack, only to realize that she was being distracted and it was all part of a bigger ploy. In the end, Portia learned from her mistake and swapped numbers with Albie at the airport, showing the ISFP’s capacity for growth.

Valentina: ESTJ

Valentina is an ESTJ. She’s a strong-willed and opinionated individual who loves to take charge of situations. As a typical ESTJ, Valentina is organized, efficient, and practical. These are the perfect personality traits to run The White Lotus Resort smoothly. She is a good manager who ensures her employees work hard and do their job to the best of their abilities. Valentina also has a hidden empathetic side which we see when she feeds the stray cats.

Valentina sometimes exhibits unhealthy ESTJ traits as well. She can be inflexible and unapproachable. Her bluntness can sometimes come off as insensitive and rude. Valentina doesn’t always use her position of power for good, either. She moves employees around when she gets jealous of them flirting with Isabella. She tries to manipulate the situation to allow herself to hit on Isabella, only to find out she is engaged. Despite her occasional mistakes, Valentina is a valuable asset to The White Lotus Resort.

Lucia Greco: ESTP

Lucia Greco is the ultimate ESTP woman. She’s always up for an adventure and loves to take risks. Lucia is charismatic, cunning, and determined – all of which make her a great con artist and escort. She hustles her way through The White Lotus and charms almost everyone she meets. So much so that she ends up sleeping with a number of the guests throughout their stay.

ESTPs are also incredibly persuasive, and Lucia is no exception. She can talk her way out of any situation, as we saw when she talked her way into the Resort when Valentina kept trying to send her away. Lucia’s unhealthy ESTP traits are also apparent in her story. She knows exactly how to manipulate people and uses this skill to get what she wants. Her fearless attitude seems to get her into all different positions, so to speak. Lucia doesn’t let anything stop her from living life on the edge.


Lucia’s best friend and partner in crime, Mia, is an ISFP. ISFPs are known for their free-spirited and creative nature, so it’s no surprise that Mia is a beautiful singer. We see her serenade the guests of The White Lotus Resort with her mesmerizing voice.

While Mia is not an escort at the start of the season, she eventually falls into it and begins to bargain with people for sexual favors. Her dream is to sing for people so she persuades Valentina to let her stay on the piano. Unhealthy aspects of Mia’s personality include making some morally questionable decisions as she starts to hustle her way through the Resort. Despite this, Mia is still incredibly loyal and generous towards Lucia and always has her back even when things don’t go as planned.

Quentin: ENFJ

Quentin is an evil ENFJ. Quentin is used to getting what he wants and believes money can buy anything. As an unhealthy ENFJ, he will do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means manipulating people or breaking the law. His money was running out and so he devised a long-term plan to replenish his bank accounts.

Quentin uses his typical ENFJ charm and charisma to form connections with people. He knew how to flatter Tanya, and he played to her ego. Quentin is a master of manipulation and always knows what to say to get people on his side. He takes advantage of people’s weaknesses to benefit himself and never loses sight of his goal. Quentin is a dangerous and calculating individual. A classic example of an unhealthy ENFJ in action.

Jack: ESFP

Jack is an ESFP. He’s a thrill-seeker and loves to have fun. Jack is an obnoxious, dangerous, naughty Essex boy. Partying his way around Italy on yachts and in chateaus is exactly what he wants to be doing. Jack charms almost everyone he meets and is a hit with both men and women. As an ESFP, Jack is clearly spontaneous and adventurous. Jack does things impulsively, from his random “cowabunga” tattoo to skipping the bill in Palermo.

However, Jack has a very dark side. He is a selfish individual who doesn’t think twice when it comes to making decisions that could hurt people. His goal is to distract Portia from Quentin so they can make their move on Tanya. Even though Jack warns Portia not to go back to Tanya and to get home, it’s clear he is following his own payday. Jack doesn’t have a moral code and is driven by money.

Bert Di Grasso: ESTP

Bert Di Grasso is a typical ESTP – bold, confident, and basically gives zero f*cks. Flirty Bert may be past his prime, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to charm the ladies. He basically hits on every woman he can and, while this is definitely creepy, it’s unsurprising behavior for a classic ESTP with a pronounced unhealthy side. Indulging in life’s sensory pleasures and taking risks is right up Bert’s alley. It is clear Bert used to cheat on his wife A LOT.

ESTPs are carefree, living in the moment, and Bert definitely lived his life to the fullest, from what we heard. They also have no filter, and they are typically straightforward individuals who don’t beat around the bush. Bert was not afraid to take risks and had no problem doing whatever it took to get what he wanted. His shameless attitude towards his actions and his blatantly creepy advances were textbook examples of an unhealthy, misogynistic ESTP in full swing.

Dominic Di Grasso: ISTP

Dominic Di Grasso is an unhealthy ISTP. As another generation of a serial cheater in the Di Grasso family, Dominic seems to have inherited his father’s flair for infidelity. ISTPs are private individuals, and Dominic’s ability to lie so effortlessly makes it difficult for anyone to know what he is actually thinking or feeling.

As an introverted version of his father and a man of a different generation, Dominic is not publicly sleazy about his behavior like Bert was. He is more private, sneaky, and calculated with his actions. He often played the victim and used his guilt and shame to make people feel sorry for him. While Dominic did not have the same brash attitude as Bert did, he was still an unhealthy ISTP who acted out of self-interest and used women to get what he wanted.

So, there you have it, the 16 personality types of The White Lotus season 2 characters. There isn’t a lot to like about these characters, but at the same time, we love them. They are complex, flawed individuals that make for great entertainment. They serve as a reminder of what not to do in life and how not to behave. So, take note, and don’t be like these characters.

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