16 Personality Types of Ginny & Georgia Characters

16 Personality Types of Ginny & Georgia Characters

Today we explore the 16 personality types of Ginny & Georgia characters. With Season 2 being released, we can’t help but get excited to see our favorite mother-daughter duo in action.

Ginny & Georgia follows the adventures of spirited teen Ginny Miller and her indomitable mother Georgia as they strive for a fresh start in the charming New England town of Wellsbury. Together, this unlikely twosome must navigate their complex relationship. They deal with the trials and tribulations of teenage life, all while keeping one eye on their own secrets.

Along the way, they’ll find support in unexpected places. They discover that the most complicated relationship is the one between mother and daughter. With a unique voice and plenty of heart, Ginny & Georgia is a fun and thought-provoking show that will leave you pondering the question: Who are Ginny and Georgia, really?

That’s why we’ve done a deep dive into the 16 personality types of this dynamic duo and the other amazing characters that make the show so gripping. We want to shed some light on the people of Wellsbury and provide insight into the heart of Ginny & Georgia.

No matter your personality type, you can find a little bit of yourself in the characters of Ginny and Georgia. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test. So without further ado, let’s get started.

So, let’s dive in!

16 personality types of Ginny & Georgia characters

Georgia Miller: ESTP

Georgia Miller is a typical ESTP. There is no doubt that Georgia is a fearless and active go-getter. She knows what she wants and is willing to take risks to get it. Like an ESTP, she is confident and charismatic, constantly pushing the boundaries of what she can do. Her outgoing nature gives her the ability to easily connect with people and make them feel comfortable in her presence.
ESTPs can also be a bit impulsive and tend to take action without a plan, which Georgia often does. Nevertheless, her resourcefulness and quick thinking usually come in handy and get her out of any sticky situation. Georgia is a master negotiator and loves being in the spotlight when making deals. She always sees what she’s doing as an opportunity for personal gain, which fits perfectly with ESTPs’ entrepreneurial spirit. Even if she isn’t always the healthiest person, Georgia’s ESTP bold attitude and problem-solving skills make her an unstoppable force.

Ginny Miller: ISTJ

Ginny Miller is an interesting ISTJ. At the same time as wanting to fit in and be accepted, Ginny has a strong will and stands up for what she believes in. As a result, she is often in conflict with her own emotions and with what other people expect of her. ISTJs can be quite stubborn and Ginny is no different – she will stick to her beliefs no matter what. She is reliable, responsible, and loyal – traits that are typical characteristics of an ISTJ. Ginny’s stubbornness is also a source of strength, as she refuses to give up even in the face of adversity.
It’s fair to say Ginny can be an unhealthy ISTJ at times. She has a victim complex causing her to get too caught up in analyzing scenarios, thinking about the past, and then worrying about every single possibility. This can lead her to make decisions without fully understanding the potential consequences. Compared to Georgia, Ginny is self-disciplined, controlled, and dislikes change. Despite this, she isn’t afraid to express her opinion and will always speak up for what she believes in. In the end, Ginny is a strong-minded individual who is misunderstood.

Marcus Baker: ISTP

Marcus Baker is an ISTP through and through. He’s independent, adventurous, and happy in his own company. Marcus loves living in the moment, making him spontaneous and unpredictable – but also reliable when it counts. He is more focused on the present and doesn’t appreciate being told what to do – a classic ISTP trait. Like other ISTPs, he is practical, analytical, and enjoys problem-solving. Marcus is a good listener and he is the only person that sees Ginny for who she is. He is also not afraid to speak his mind and give honest opinions, even if it means he may get into trouble.
ISTPs can also be quite rebellious, which is true of Marcus. He loves taking risks and pushing boundaries – often without thinking of the consequences. This reckless behavior sometimes leads him astray, like when he crashed his bike, but he still manages to turn out alright in the end. ISTPs can be quite private people and Marcus is no different. He struggles to open up to anyone, which can make him appear distant or aloof. However, he feels a deeper connection with Ginny and can open up to her. All in all, Marcus is a typical ISTP who marches to the beat of his own drum.

Maxine Baker: ENFP

Maxine Baker is the ENFP of the group. She loves adventure and pushing her boundaries, just like any ENFP would. She is creative, enthusiastic, and highly independent. Maxine doesn’t care what other people think and is always true to herself – no matter how unusual or strange that may be at times. Maxine loves attention and being the center of it. She is always looking for new ways to amuse and entertain herself as well as others.
With her open-mindedness, Maxine easily makes friends everywhere she goes – especially with other ENFPs. Maxine is also very passionate about causes and will use any opportunity to express her views on them. The only thing that may be holding Maxine back from achieving her full potential is her lack of focus, which can lead to procrastination. Despite this, she always finds a way to make things work and get the job done. Her ENFP personality enables her to come up with unique solutions and makes her an invaluable asset in any situation. In the end, Maxine is an inspiring and uplifting friend to have around.


Joe is an INFJ. He has a gentle and protective nature that draws people to him. Joe is highly perceptive, often able to sense when something isn’t right or if someone needs help. This is why he offered Georgia (Mary) a sandwich at the gas station, even though he didn’t know her. He could tell she needed help, which is a very INFJ move. Joe’s INFJ personality makes him a good listener and he can read people well. He takes the time to understand other people’s perspectives and emotions, allowing him to connect with them on a deeper level. He doesn’t judge people and can always see the best in them.
Joe’s quiet strength and compassionate personality are what make him an excellent friend to Georgia from their first meeting at the gas station. He goes along with what she says without complaining or questioning her motives, making him the perfect companion for Georgia. All in all, Joe is an INFJ through and through – wise, loyal, and thoughtful.

Mayor Paul Randolph: ENTJ

Mayor Paul Randolph is an ENTJ. As the mayor of Wellsbury, he’s used to being in charge and getting things done. ENTJs are natural-born leaders, and Mayor Randolph certainly fits this category. He is a decisive, confident leader who can think on his feet and tackle complex problems with ease. He loves the challenge of running a town and is always looking for ways to improve it.
ENTJs are also very ambitious, which Mayor Randolph definitely embodies. He is motivated by success and will do whatever it takes to reach his goals. His ambition can often be seen in the way he handles situations – he’s not afraid to make tough decisions if it means a better outcome for the town. Mayor Randolph is a great example of an ENTJ’s strengths and weaknesses. He may not always make the right decisions, but he sure does try his best for Wellsbury.

Ellen Baker: ESFJ

Ellen Baker is your typical ESFJ mom. She is caring and compassionate, always looking out for other people’s best interests. As the mom to Max and Marcus, she’s the glue that holds them together and makes sure they are taken care of. ESFJs are usually very organized and focused on details, which Ellen certainly exemplifies. She loves taking care of things and making sure everyone is comfortable.
ESFJs are known for their warm personality and desire to help people, which Ellen certainly embodies. But she also isn’t afraid to tell her kids off when they step out of line. Her stern yet loving attitude makes her a great mom and an even better friend – she will always have your back, no matter what. Ellen is the perfect example of an ESFJ.

Abby Littman: ISFP

Abby Littman is an ISFP. Like pretty much all the characters in Ginny and Georgia, Abby has a tendency to be quite unhealthy and reckless with her actions. She is often impulsive and will act without thinking of the consequences – typical behavior for an ISFP. She can also be rude and selfish at times and lets jealousy get the best of her.
These shortcomings aside, Abby does have a tender side that she rarely shows to anyone else. She cares about her friends and their opinions and will do anything to protect them. Abby is a loyal friend who is there for her friends come what may. Even though her friends aren’t always there for her, Abby sticks by their side regardless. ISFPs are known to be private people, and Abby is no different. She doesn’t like to share her emotions or thoughts with anyone, which can make her appear distant at times. Her friends couldn’t see that she was struggling with body image issues and her parent’s divorce. Despite her difficulties and flaws, Abby is mostly a good friend.

Norah: ESFP

Norah is an ESFP. She’s the life of the party, always looking for the next big thrill and never missing an opportunity to have a good time. Norah is confident, outgoing, and loves being in the spotlight – all typical ESFP traits. Her free-spirited nature allows her to be carefree and make daring choices, which can get her into trouble. Norah may appear to be a bit air-headed, but she is a devoted friend. She always has the best intentions for her pals and provides them with emotional support whenever they need it. Especially now, when Max is in a difficult situation involving Ginny and Abby – Norah’s loyalty never falters and she supports Max no matter what.
ESFPs are typically easygoing and laid-back, and Norah is no exception. She loves being around people and enjoys social gatherings. She doesn’t typically overthink, but she can also be sensible when the situation calls for it. Norah is the perfect example of an ESFP. All in all, Norah’s fun, carefree attitude makes her a great friend and someone you can always count on when times get tough.

Hunter Chen: ESFJ

Hunter Chen is your quintessential ESFJ popular kid. He’s charming, outgoing, and thoughtful. ESFJs are always looking out for others and making sure that everyone is taken care of – a trait that makes them likable and trustworthy. Hunter is the epitome of the perfect boyfriend to Ginny. He writes her love songs, tap dances for her birthday, and makes it all about her, typical ESFJ personality traits. Ginny is taken aback by his good looks and gentlemanly ways. But that doesn’t mean these traits are enough. It’s also about the connection too and it wasn’t there for Ginny.
Like a classic ESFJ, Hunter is generous, sweet, and well-liked by his peers. He puts great effort into his schoolwork and proves to be a respectful child when it comes to his parents. He loves being around people and enjoys social gatherings. Although he may be too perfect at times, Hunter is a great friend and boyfriend to Ginny and someone she can always rely on. He’s loyal, thoughtful, and caring – everything you could want in a friend. All in all, Hunter is the perfect example of an ESFJ.

Zion Miller: INFJ

Zion Miller is an INFJ. He’s Ginny’s free-spirited father who loves her deeply. INFJs are known for their creativity and vision, which is very much exemplified by Zion’s carefree nature. Zion has an easygoing attitude and a vibrant energy. He is passionate about art – particularly, photography and poetry – and loves to explore new places, new cultures, and new ideas. He is a bit of an eccentric, but his vibes are what makes him so endearing.
INFJs are typically introspective and are driven by their inner values. Zion is no exception. He is insightful, understanding, and offers wise advice to Ginny – something she desperately needs in the midst of her teenage confusion. Even though he is often off on his own adventures, he still shows up for Ginny when it matters most. His intuition means that he can read her mood and feelings as if they were his own. He could sense there was a connection between Ginny and Marcus from the moment he met Marcus and saw their connection. Zion is the perfect example of an INFJ.

Cynthia Fuller: ESTJ

Cynthia Fuller is an ESTJ who exhibits many of the unhealthy traits associated with this type. She is a bit of a gossip and loves stirring up drama and making a situation from nothing. Cynthia can also be quite selfish and doesn’t think twice about what her actions will do to others – she only cares about herself and her son.
ESTJs can be controlling, bossy, and authoritative – all traits that Cynthia possesses. She tries to control the moms of Wellsbury, telling them what they want and making sure she gets her way.

Cynthia will do anything to get what she wants and isn’t afraid to lie or manipulate people to get it. ESTJs are also competitive and Cynthia is no exception. She loves the idea of being the best and will do anything to come out on top. Although Georgia isn’t a saint, Cynthia is the villain of Ginny and Georgia.

So, there you have it, the 16 personality types of Ginny and Georgia characters. Each one is unique in their own way and brings a special something to the show that makes it so amazing. Whether they’re strong-willed, ambitious, or just plain fun – each character contributes something special to Ginny and Georgia’s story. And that’s why we love them.

So now you know the personality types of the Ginny & Georgia characters, take a look at the 16 personality types of YOU characters and see who shares your personality type.

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