21 Aries Nail Designs & Styles

21 Aries Nail Designs For This Zodiac Sign

Are you an Aries looking for a bold and daring manicure? Look no further. Here are 21 stunning nail designs perfect for strong and independent Aries. Whether you want something subtle or over-the-top, these nails will ensure everyone knows that your zodiac sign is Aries. From fiery red tips to silver sparkly stiletto nails, there is something here for every kind of Aries. Get ready to turn heads with any of these amazing nail designs.

21 Aries nail designs

Aries Nails

1. Classic glossy red square nails

Nothing is more Aries than a classic red nail. Red is the Aries power color, and it really brings out the bold and confident energy of this zodiac sign. Plus, the square shape of the nails adds the extra dimension of practicality that Aries loves. If you want to get the full Aries nail effect, go for a bold glossy red shade and make sure each nail is perfectly symmetrical. When you’re feeling like a boss, these nails will be sure to show off your capability and strength.

Image source: @z_houseofbeauty

2. Glossy red nails with a twist

OK, so we know Aries suit a classic red, but what about with an added twist that really shows their flair? Going for one nail with a gold and black leopard print design or a pop of glitter will add an individualistic touch to your look. This is ideal for Aries who want to stay true to their confident and daring personalities but with an updated modern flair. Plus, it’s perfect if you want to make sure your nails are memorable with minimal effort.

Image source: @monicasabau.nailtrainer

Aries Nails

Aries Nails

3. Lime green leopard print nails

Want to take your Aries nail game to the next level? Then you should definitely go for a lime green leopard print. This daring nail design will show off your adventurous nature and willingness to try out new things. The combination of the bright color and bold pattern is sure to grab attention, making it perfect for any party or special event. The different nail patterns also add a cool texture to your look, giving it an edgy feel that Aries will love.

Image source: @nailsbyglady

4. Tonal blue with swirls

If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle than the traditional red, then these different blues are an excellent option. This soft nail color will add a subtle touch of femininity to your look without compromising on the Aries energy. Include some fun swirl designs with different blues on the ring fingers to show off your creative side, and you’re good to go. This optimistic nail look is perfect for any day when you want to make a subtle yet powerful statement.

Image source: @bukurinails_

Aries Nails

Aries Nails

5. Pastel yellow nails with a gold Aries glyph and stars

These gorgeous pastel yellow nails are great for showing off your Aries zodiac sign with pride. The gold glyph and stars on the ring fingers are an excellent way to include some sparkle and shine, paying homage to this zodiac sign’s bright energy and positivity. The colorful yellow adds a touch of fun, which is on point for any summer occasion or special event. With these nails, you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression.

Image source: @nailcandybymichelle

6. Zebra print long tips

French nails just won’t cut it for this bold and daring zodiac sign. That’s why Aries need a bold manicure that is designed to stand out. Zebra print long tips are the perfect way to show off your individuality and wild side. The bright color dividing the tips and the base adds a pop of interest, while the long length brings out the confidence and power of this sign. These nails are sure to make a statement wherever you go.

Image source: @joelyoceannails

Aries Nails

Aries Nails

7. Nude with a small black heart

These are definitely on the more understated side for Aries. But, sometimes, different events call for a more low-key nail design. That’s where these nude nails with a small black heart on each come in. The subtlety of this design is perfect for Aries who want to show off their softer side and make an impression without being too loud. Plus, the heart is a great way to add a touch of romance and passion – something that every Aries needs.

Image source: @joelyoceannails

8. French nails with red fire tips

Nothing is more iconic for Aries than fire! That’s why these French nails with red fire tips are a fabulous fit for this passionate sign. The classic French mani gets a serious upgrade with these bold and eye-catching tips. The modern twist is typical Aries, they don’t like to do things “the usual way.” The fire tips add a touch of drama and excitement, ideal for those Aries days when you want to make sure your nails match your energy.

Image source: @joelyoceannails

Aries Nails

Aries Nails

9. Monochrome Aries nail art

What screams Aries more than actually writing “Aries” on your nails? This monochrome Aries zodiac sign nail art is a great way to pay homage to this powerful sign. Be proud of your zodiac sign and show it off with this stunning manicure. The combination of the monochrome base and bold lettering is an excellent mix of creativity, confidence, and pride – three things that every Aries loves. Plus, the sparkles add the necessary flair to make this manicure stand out from the crowd.

Image source: @klawzbykate

10. Black and pink leopard print alternated with black tips

I am obsessed with these nails! The black and pink leopard print nails are bold yet feminine, perfect for an Aries. The black tips add a touch of drama – something that every Aries loves. This edgy nail design is sure to make a powerful statement wherever you go. This look is ideal for Aries who want to make an impression while still showing off their softer side. Rock these nails when you want to feel confident, energized, and powerful.

Image source: @napaznokciach

Black and pink leopard

Aries Nails

11. Neon and zebra print nails

The pink and orange neon or the index and ring finger make this zebra print really pop! Aries need a burst of color to surround themselves with positive energy, which is why these nails are just so fitting for them. Plus, the zebra print represents their wild and free spirit. With this look, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd and show off your Aries pride in style.

Image source: @pressedbycharlotte_

12. Half cow print half nude on each nail

This nail design is perfect for Aries who want to show off their wild side and their softer side. The half cow print half nude nail art combines a classic look with a bold design. It’s an eye-catching design without being too over the top. The muted tones are balanced by the design of the cow print, so they are still outgoing but a bit more low-key. Show off your fun Aries personality with this manicure, and you’ll be sure to turn some heads.

Image source: @julyninetysix

Aries Nails

Multi colored block

13. Multi-colored block nails

Having each nail a different color is a classic Aries move! This multi-colored block nail manicure combines a mix of colors from purple to pink to blue. If you’re feeling indecisive, this is an excellent way to show off all your favorite colors. You can be sure that no one else will have nails quite like yours. This gorgeous long almond shape is on point for Aries who love to stand out from the crowd. Get ready to turn heads with this eye-catching mani.

Image source: @pegi_nails

14. Red velvet Aries nails

If you haven’t jumped on the velvet nail trend yet, now’s your chance! Red velvet nails are perfect for Aries who want to add a touch of luxury and sophistication. The deep red color is bold and dramatic, which fabulously captures Aries’ fiery energy. Plus, the velvet finish turns these nails into a modern glamorous vibe that you won’t be able to resist. Show off your inner fire with this luxurious mani, and be sure to make an impact.

Image source: @thenailmystic

Red Velvet

Orange marble

15. Orange marble swirls

This fiery manicure embodies the Aries zodiac sign. The bright orange color combined with the marble swirls captures their energy flawlessly. These nails are both bold and beautiful, and they are sure to make a statement wherever you go. The orange embodies the fire and passion of Aries, while the marble swirls add texture and depth that can’t be ignored. This is a perfect manicure for the Aries who loves to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Be sure to rock these nails when you want to make a bold statement.

Image source: @julyninetysix

16. Midnight blue glitter Aries nails

For the Aries who love a bit of sparkle and shine, these midnight blue glitter nails are on point. The color is dark and mysterious, perfect for an Aries who wants to keep people guessing. Plus, the glitter adds just enough bling to not be too over-the-top. These nails combine confidence with mystery – two things every Aries loves. The Aries glyph is the ideal addition to these nails, and it will remind everyone of your bold and powerful self. Show off your inner Aries with this stunning mani, and be sure to make a lasting impression.

Image source: @polishedinportland

Aries Nails

Red block swirls on nude

17. Red swirls on nude nails

This is the perfect manicure for Aries who want to keep it simple but still make a statement. The combination of nude and red creates a beautiful contrast that will draw people’s attention. The red swirls capture the energy of Aries without being too overwhelming. With this look, you’ll be sure to feel confident and powerful with every glance at your nails. Show off your inner fire with these beautiful nails, and be sure to turn heads.

Image source: @nails.bylynsey

18. Neon orange with Burberry logo nail art

I love the whole Aries aesthetic going on with this neon orange nail art. The bright orange color captures the boldness of Aries perfectly, and it can’t be ignored. Then you have the Burberry logo, which adds a touch of luxury and bling that will have everyone asking where you got them done. The bold colors and the length are an eye-catching combination that is sure to draw attention and make a statement – just what Aries loves. Show off your bold and luxurious Aries side with this mani, and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Image source: @joelyoceannails

Orange and Burberry

Aries Nails

19. Green and zebra print mixed up

The two zebra print nails with the three green nails in a non-uniformed way speak to the Aries personality. Aries do things their own way, and these nails exude that message. This manicure can’t help but draw attention with its unique and individualistic style. Be bold and daring – express yourself with this manicure. You won’t regret it!

Image source: @joelyoceannails

20. White fire on nude nails with Aries symbols

These nails are a subtle nod to the Aries zodiac sign. They are simple but still glamorous and eye-catching. The white fire on a nude base is the perfect mix of elegance with a little sass, and it is sure to draw attention. The Aries glyphs with the fire bring out the intensity and passion that is so characteristic of this fire sign. Express yourself with this subtle but stunning mani, and be sure to make a statement everywhere you go.

Image source: @aprildamsbeauty

Subtle nude and white

Silver stiletto

21. Silver sparkle stiletto nails

Stiletto nails capture the essence of any Aries looking for a dramatic look. The sharp points create an intense and powerful look that can’t be ignored. Plus, the silver sparkles add a touch of glamour and sophistication that is sure to turn heads. These nails exude confidence and power – perfect for the Aries who want to make an impact. Whether you’re headed to an event or just want to show off your fiery personality, these nails will do the job. Show off your fierceness with this amazing stiletto design, and be sure to make a statement.

Image source: @nailistcindy

So there you have it, 21 nail designs for the Aries zodiac sign. Show off your fiery personality and make a bold statement with any of these beautiful manicures. From subtle and sophisticated to bold and daring designs, these nails are sure to make you stand out from the crowd with their unique looks. Whether you want to express yourself or just show off your inner fire sign, any one of these Aries-inspired manicures can help you do it in style. So go ahead – choose whichever design speaks to you and get ready for all eyes on you. Be sure to own your Aries identity and rock one of these designs today.

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