21 Taurus Nail Designs & Styles

21 Taurus Nail Designs For This Zodiac Sign

Taurus season is approaching, and it’s time to show off your sensual and laidback style. With so many nail designs to choose from, you can express yourself in any way you want. From subtle nude tones to bright greens with silver detail, these 21 nail designs have something for every Taurus. So why not express your true Taurus nature with a unique and stylish manicure? With so many options, you’ll be sure to find the perfect look that expresses who you are. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best nails for people born under the Taurus zodiac sign.

21 Taurus nail designs

Taurus Nails

1. Green velvet nails

People born under the Taurus zodiac sign are known for their love of luxury and comfort. So what better way to express that than with velvet green nails? The color green is the power color of Taurus, and the velvet texture adds an extra layer of sophistication — perfect for those looking for something a bit more elevated. The dark emerald hue and velvety texture will make you look like a million bucks.

Image source: @therealglambyjenny

2. Nude with hot pink daisies

These nails are fitting for a relaxed and easy-going Taurus. They are cute and flirty — just like a Taurus. The nude and pink colors are feminine and sweet, while the daisy accents add a touch of playfulness. People born under this sign are known for their connection to nature, so this design perfectly embodies that.

Image source: @nailsbycarriex

Taurus Nails

Taurus Nails

3. Doughnut glazed chrome nails

These Hailey Bieber-inspired nails are perfect for the Taurus who loves all things luxe. The chrome finish is super chic, and the doughnut design gives it a unique twist. Plus, this long almond shape is glamorous, just like people born under this zodiac sign. So if you’re looking for something modern but timeless at the same time, this is it.

Image source: @setsbyjaquelin

4. Tonal blues with a swirly ring finger

These nails are fun, flirty, and fabulously Taurus. The tonal blues give a relaxed yet chic vibe. Meanwhile, the swirly accent ring finger adds a touch of whimsy and playfulness — ideal for someone born under this sign. And with its subtle colors, it’s still suitable for any occasion. So go ahead, shine on. You could play around with more earthy tones such as beige, gold, and brown too.

Image source: @bukurinails_

Taurus Nails

Gold half moon nails

5. Gold half-moon nails

Tauruses are all about glamour and sparkle, so why not show off your inner diva with these gold half-moon nails? They feature a matte black base and a metallic silver top — perfect for making a statement. The subtle curves also show the sign’s passion for movement and grace. So if you’re looking for something that oozes style, this is it. Get ready to shine bright like the sun and the moon.

Image source: @nailz_by_nicole_

6. Classic French squared tips

There is nothing more classic than a French manicure. But why not give it a modern twist with squared tips? This design is perfect for the Taurus who loves to stay ahead of the trends but still keeps things traditional. The blush pink and white combination adds a hint of femininity, while the sharp square tips make it look more edgy and contemporary. So if you’re looking for something timeless and alluring, this is an excellent choice.

Image source: @pro_nails06

Taurus Nails

Taurus Nails

7. Bronze chrome and sparkly nails

This glamorous and luxurious look makes it the ideal style for a Taurus. The sparkling bronzes of this manicure add a hint of luxury to any outfit. Plus, these nails won’t go unnoticed, thanks to their brilliant shine. Not only do they make an impressive statement, but they also reflect the stubborn determination of a Taurus. The metallic glimmer gives off an air of confidence, making it the perfect pick for a Taurus who wants to ensure their manicure stands out. So don’t be afraid to show the world your inner strength with this stunning manicure.

Image source: @minea.nails

8. Green Taurus inspired nail design

These nails pay homage to the Taurus zodiac sign, with its muted green and gold color palette. The green is the power color of the sign, while the gold embodies their sophistication. The unique design features half a bull’s head and the Taurus constellation — perfect for anyone looking to show off their connection to the stars.

Image source: @4lovers.jpg

Green Taurus bull nails

Taurus Nails

9. Beige and gold swirls

These are the ultimate Taurus nails. As an earth sign, beige and gold are the foolproof colors for expressing that connection to nature. The gold edges of the swirls say luxury while still being fun and playful. These nails are definitely more out there than the classic French manicure, but they still go well with any occasion. Plus, the short almond shape is fitting for anyone looking for something elegant yet practical at the same time. So go ahead and indulge in these dreamy nails.

Image source: @jellybayn_nails

10. Nude with gold astrology designs and the Taurus bull nails

For the Taurus who wants to shout about their sign in an elegant but fun way, this design is for you. The nude base is adorned with subtle gold astrology symbols and a mini bull’s head on one of the nails — perfect for highlighting your connection to the sign. The two-tone nude and gold give it a touch of sophistication. If you want something that speaks to your Taurus heart, this could be it.

Image source: @beautybysarai

Taurus constellation and astrology symbols

Half pastel tips

11. Half pastel French tips

These half-pastel French tips are right up the alley of any Taurus. The subtle pastel colors give it a romantic and soft touch, ideal for the gentle nature of this sign. Plus, they look great on shorter nails too — making them an easy choice for anyone who prefers to keep their nails short. People born under the Taurus zodiac sign are practical yet stylish, so these nails offer an excellent combination of both. So if you’re looking for something that is low-maintenance but still looks great, this could be your choice.

Image source: @gelsbybry

12. Short square nude and silver sparkly nails

I love that each nail is different in this design. The square shape is perfect for the practical Taurus, while the nude and silver color combination adds a touch of elegance and luxury. The sparkles make these nails feel extra special – ideal for someone who’s looking to show off their inner glamour queen. So if you’re searching for something that speaks to your spirit sign, this could be the one.

Image source: @nailsbyemilylowe

Short square nude and silver sparkly

Olive green French tips with a Taurus glyph

13. Olive green French tips with a Taurus glyph nails

Olive green isn’t just stylish and trendy – it also perfectly embodies Taurus’ earthy nature. Show your love for Taurus by rocking this French tip manicure with the zodiac sign’s glyph strategically off-center. The subtle shimmer of the olive-green color combined with the proud glyph of the Taurus symbol will make you feel like you can take on the world – just like a Taurus. Plus, the French tips give your nails a classic touch that will never go out of style. So if you want to show off your zodiac sign with some serious panache, this is the manicure to try.

Image source: @sapphirebeautylounge_

14. Dark maroon coffin nails

These nails are perfect for a straightforward Taurus. This bold, sultry color excellently embodies the Earth sign’s passionate and stubborn nature. Sometimes, simple is best – and this deep, dark maroon manicure is all the proof you need. The long coffin shape of the nails adds an extra touch of drama to your look, too. Dig down to the roots of your Taurus self and show your strength with this statement-making dark manicure.

Image source: @nailsinheaven_

Dark maroon coffin

Earthy tones with leopard

15. Green, brown, and nude with a green leopard print stripe

This is a magnificent manicure for any Taurus looking to make a bold statement. The green, brown, and nude combo captures the sign’s connection to nature, while the leopard print stripe adds a touch of wildness that speaks to their passionate side. This design works great for both day and night looks – so you can express your true Taurus nature no matter the occasion. So show the world who you really are and let your inner wild side shine with this fantastic manicure.

Image source: @gelbyjay

16. Nude and beige block color nails

What do you do when you can’t decide which nude tone to go for? Well, how about five different ones? These nude and beige block color nails are perfect for the practical Taurus who loves a timeless look. The neutral colors blend flawlessly together, creating an elegant, subtle manicure that will accompany almost any outfit. This design is simple enough to let your hands do all the talking – just like a true Taurus. So if you’re looking for a classic manicure that won’t ever go out of style, this is the one for you.

Image source: @valentina.babic

Beige block colors

Pastel swirls

17. Pastel swirl nails

These pastel swirl nails are a fabulous choice for the Taurus who likes to express their creative side. The mix of delicate pinks, blues, greens, and yellows creates a beautiful and exciting design that will turn heads. Every nail is different, just like every Taurus is unique in their own way. With each nail featuring its own twist, you’ll be sure to show off your style. Plus, the pastel colors will add a hint of softness to any look – perfect for the gentle Taurus spirit.

Image source: @pressedbycharlotte_

18. Pink with purple daisies

These whimsical nails will make any Taurus smile. The pink and purple combination excellently captures the sign’s love of beauty and femininity. While the daisies are playful — superb for someone born under this sign. And with its subtle colors, it still looks great on any occasion. So show off your inner Taurus and let the daisies bloom. With this manicure, you’ll be sure to spread some sunshine wherever you go.

Image source: @alyshanailartist

Nude with daisies

Green marble with Taurus nails

19. Green marble nails with gold Taurus glyph

These nails are perfect for any Taurus that wants to embrace their zodiac sign and show it off. The green marble is elegant yet edgy, while the gold glyph adds an extra touch of luxury. Whether you’re rocking this manicure in the office or at a party, you’ll be sure to turn heads and show off your inner strength. So why not add a little bit of Taurus flair to your look with this stunning green and gold mani? You won’t regret it.

Image source: @whodidhernails

20. Nude pink with pastel outlines

These nails are practical, gorgeous, and subtle. So they are perfect for any down-to-earth Taurus. The nude pink base is the ideal neutral background to let the delicate pastel outlines stand out. Each nail has its own color, making this mani a truly one-of-a-kind look. Plus, the muted colors won’t distract from your outfit – they’ll only enhance it. So if you’re looking for a beautifully subtle yet stunning nail design, this is it. Nude pink nails with pastel outlines will make any Taurus look their best.

Image source: @therealglambyjenny

Nude with pastel edges

Green with silver detail

21. Bright green almond nails with silver detail

For the Taurus who loves to go a bit wild, these bright green almond nails are the perfect way to show off your daring side. The bold color will make a statement, while the silver detail adds just enough sparkle. The almond shape also gives you plenty of room to get creative with designs and patterns – whether it’s stars, stripes, or something else. Dare to be different with this bold mani and show off your inner Taurus.

Image source: @ellabella_nails

So there you have it, 21 nail designs for the Taurus zodiac sign. No matter your style, there is a manicure that will make you feel like the true Taurus that you are. From classic nude and beige block color nails to bright green almond nails with silver detail, these 21 nail designs offer something for everyone. Whether it’s subtle pastel swirls or eye-catching daisies, each design is unique and sure to bring out the best in any Taurus. So, find your perfect look today and show off your inner wild side with one of these stunning mani ideas.

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