21 Sexy Characters From TV Shows & Movies

sexy characters

Sexy characters come in all shapes and sizes. From the strong, independent Mrs. Smith to the ambitious Nick Young, there is something undeniably attractive about a character with an edge.

Whether it’s their wit or charm, or even their unique quirks that make them stand out from the crowd – these characters prove that sexiness isn’t just about good looks. It’s also about confidence and ambition, as well as strength and independence. Plus kindness and intelligence never hurt either. These qualities make any character sexy.

Sexiness is also subjective – so don’t be afraid to look beyond the obvious and find your own sexiest characters. After all, we all have our own ideas of what makes someone attractive – and it’s great that there are so many sexy characters out there for everyone to love.

And don’t forget, sexiness comes from within. So no matter who you are, never be afraid to embrace your own unique charm and confidence – it’s the key to unlocking your very own version of sexy.

Here are some of our favorite sexy TV and movie characters who have captured our hearts over the years.

21 sexy characters

Harvey Specter (Suits)

Harvey Specter from Suits is a classic example of a sexy character. He oozes charisma in the courtroom and commands respect from everyone he meets. Whether it’s his sharp suits, impeccable wit, or sophisticated demeanor, he always makes an impression. Harvey is intelligent, ambitious, and confident – all key ingredients for a sexy character. Plus, who can resist those dimples? There’s no doubt his charming personality is part of the recipe that makes him so attractive too. Let Harvey be your guide for modern-day sophistication – because there’s no denying he is one of TV’s sexiest characters.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Lara Croft is a strong and independent woman, who definitely knows how to get the job done – and looks good doing it too. From her iconic ponytail to her signature shorts-and-tank combo, Lara is the perfect embodiment of an action hero with style. Her boldness, courage, and resourcefulness in the face of danger make her incredibly sexy. Not to mention, she’s a master of martial arts and possesses extraordinary skill with weapons – all major turn-ons in our book. Lara Croft is the ultimate badass, and it’s no wonder why she’s become such an iconic character!

Alfie (Emily in Paris)

Emily in Paris’ Alfie is the epitome of sexy. He’s handsome, mysterious, and incredibly charming – leaving Emily (and all the viewers) swooning. His effortless cool and wit make him a total heartthrob. Furthermore, his romantic gestures and thoughtful words prove that he’s not just a pretty face – he has depth as well. Alfie is easy going, cheeky, and confident – all qualities that make him a sexy character.

Danielle (The Girl Next Door)

Danielle from The Girl Next Door is another sexy character. She’s confident and sassy, but also sweet and kind – making her a charming figure who is hard to resist. Her passionate nature makes her incredibly attractive, and her witty dialogue proves that she’s not afraid to put someone in their place when need be. Danielle is the type of girl you’d want as your BFF – and she’s also the type of girl you’d want to date. She definitely deserves a spot on this list of sexiest characters ever. Plus she’s the perfect girl next door.

T’Challa (Black Panther)

T’Challa from Black Panther is another incredibly sexy character. He’s strong and poised – embodying the perfect combination of power and gentleness. His intelligence, loyalty, and compassion for others are inspiring – making it hard not to be drawn in by his charismatic presence. Plus, he has superpowers, which enhances his regal status even more. He’s the perfect mix of a modern-day hero, and it’s easy to see why this Wakandan king has become so beloved by fans around the world. From his sleek leather outfits to his elegant formal wear, T’Challa’s style is undeniable. T’Challa proves that strength isn’t always physical – it can also be emotional and intellectual.

James Bond (James Bond)

When it comes to sexy characters, James Bond certainly deserves a spot on the list. He’s suave, sophisticated, and incredibly charming – all qualities that make him irresistible. Not to mention, Bond is always dressed to impress in his classic tuxedo and is never without his signature martini. From his debonair attitude to his top-notch gadgets, it’s no surprise why people are drawn to 007. He’s the ultimate symbol of a gentleman and has been an iconic role model for men around the world since his introduction in 1953. We think it’s safe to say that James Bond will always be one of the sexiest characters ever.

Georgia Miller (Ginny & Georgia)

Ginny & Georgia’s Georgia Miller is a modern-day example of a sexy character. Her bubbly personality, her bright style, and her go-getter attitude make it easy to see why she’s so attractive. She’s determined and fearless – with the ability to tackle any situation head-on. Georgia doesn’t take shit from anyone, and her strong, independent spirit proves that she is the kind of woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Georgia’s vibrant personality coupled with her powerful presence makes it easy to see why she’s one of the sexiest characters ever.

Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)

Derek Shepherd, AKA “McDreamy” from Grey’s Anatomy, is another example of a sexy character. He’s intelligent and confident but also compassionate and kind. He’s the perfect combination of brains and brawn. Derek always knows what to say or do to make someone feel better, proving that he’s not only a talented surgeon but also emotionally supportive of those around him. Plus, who could resist that winning smile and dazzling blue eyes? Derek Shepherd is undeniably one of the sexiest characters on TV.

Rachel Green (Friends)

Quintessential ’90s girl Rachel Green from Friends is a total sex symbol. Rachel’s character arc from a ditzy, shallow golddigger to a top fashion buyer is an inspiring journey of growth and transformation. She’s strong, confident, and ambitious – qualities that become even more noticeable as the show progresses. Her wit and charm also make her irresistibly sexy, and it’s easy to see why Ross was head over heels for Rachel. Plus let’s not forget her slightly clumsy nature, which lends her an endearing quality that is all too hard to resist.

Simon Basset (Bridgerton)

The Duke of Hastings from Bridgerton is the perfect example of a sexy character. He’s sophisticated and confident, with an air of mystery that adds to his sex appeal. His looks are inarguable – but it’s his charm and wit that set him apart as a truly attractive figure in the show. He’s smooth, dapper, and incredibly charismatic – making it hard to resist his magnetism. From his sharp sense of humor to the way he commands a room, Simon Basset is an undeniably sexy character.

Alex Munday (Charlie’s Angels)

We can’t forget Alex Munday from Charlie’s Angels. It’s fair to say all of the Angels are sexy and gorgeous in their own way. But Alex’s independence and intelligence make her stand out. She’s a classic example of a strong female heroine – she’s resourceful, brave, and loyal to her friends. Furthermore, Alex is also incredibly confident and fearless – making it hard to not be attracted to this sexy Angel! Her magnetic personality and her effortless cool make Alex Munday a perfect example of a sexy character.

Jacob Palmer (Crazy Stupid Love)

Next, we have Jacob Palmer from Crazy Stupid Love. He may be a bit of a womanizer, but it’s hard not to appreciate his charisma and style. His character is the perfect blend of confidence and vulnerability – which makes him incredibly attractive. The authoritative yet gentle way he helps teach Cal the art of courting women is funny and heart-warming at the same time. Plus, he always knows exactly what to say or do in any situation – making him an incredibly desirable figure. Jacob Palmer is the perfect example of a modern-day romantic hero – and it’s easy to see why this character has become one of the sexiest characters ever.

Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman (Batman)

Catwoman is a classic example of a sexy character. From the get-go, she’s been portrayed as independent, strong, and sly – all sexy traits. Thanks to that iconic catsuit and her expert ability in martial arts, Catwoman has become one of the most recognizable characters in comic book history. The mystery surrounding her past only adds to her sex appeal, making her one of the most enigmatic characters around. Her strong femininity and fierce independence are definitely two key elements that make her so attractive. So, why not channel your inner Catwoman and go on a sexy adventure? Whatever you do with this feline femme fatale is sure to be thrilling.

Romeo (Romeo + Juliet)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romeo from Romeo + Juliet may be an older character, but he still deserves a place on this list. His passionate and romantic persona makes him incredibly attractive – whether it’s his star-crossed love for Juliet or his heroic attempts to win her heart. Not to mention, Romeo is the ultimate symbol of unrequited love – which makes him even more irresistible. Plus, his signature style of dress and floppy hairstyle is timelessly sexy. Romeo is the ultimate example of a dashing and romantic hero – and he will always remain one of the sexiest characters ever.

Nick Young (Crazy Rich Asians)

Crazy Rich Asians’ Nick Young is a unique and sexy character. He’s confident and ambitious, with a swagger that can’t be denied. His good looks are undeniable – especially when he’s dressed to the nines in designer suits. But it’s his intelligence and ambition that makes him truly attractive. He never gives up on what he wants, and he’s always willing to fight for what’s important to him. These qualities make Nick Young a sexy and inspiring character – one that we can’t help but love!

Mrs Smith (Mr & Mrs Smith)

Ultimately any Angelina Jolie character is sexy, but the sexy spy Mrs. Smith from Mr. & Mrs. Smith takes the cake. She’s strong, confident, and alluring – with a powerful presence that commands attention. Her sleek style, sharp wit, and clever tactics make her an incredibly attractive character – especially when she decides to seduce her husband in the middle of their mission. It’s hard not to love Mrs. Smith, and her combination of sass and strength that make her a classic example of a sexy character. She is a sexy, independent, and powerful woman who can kick ass – literally!

Jamie Fraser (Outlander)

Outlanders’ Jamie Fraser is another example of a sexy character. He’s brave, loyal, and passionate – all qualities that make him an attractive figure. Plus, his rugged Scottish accent and fiery red hair are major swoon-worthy moments for fans everywhere. Jamie isn’t afraid to show his emotions and always stands up for what he believes in – which makes it hard not to fall in love with him. It’s no wonder why Jamie has become one of the most beloved characters on recent television – and his sex appeal certainly plays a part in it.

Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)

Daenerys Targaryen is a strong, independent woman whose intelligence and wit are matched only by her beauty. She often uses these attributes to her advantage in order to achieve her goals and protect those she cares about. Her passion and ambition are captivating, as she uses them to make difficult decisions that prove that she is an unstoppable force. She’s not afraid to take control of her own destiny, and this combination of courage and strength makes her irresistibly sexy. From her iconic platinum blonde hair to her striking blue eyes, this Khaleesi’s alluring presence makes it easy to see why many people have fallen for Daenerys and consider her sexy.

Django Freeman (Django Unchained)

There is no denying that Django Freeman from Django Unchained is a sexy character. He radiates strength, resilience, and determination – qualities that draw people in and make him incredibly attractive. He is the ultimate symbol of perseverance. With his cool demeanor and his love of eccentric western-style wardrobe, not to mention his unwavering devotion to his wife, it’s easy to see why Django is considered one of the sexiest characters to grace our screens. It’s no wonder that this determined and daring hero has made it on our sexiest characters list.

Joan Harris (Mad Men)

Joan Harris from Mad Men. She’s the perfect example of a self-assured woman who knows how to take charge and get things done. Her independent spirit makes her an incredibly attractive character – she’s always looking out for herself and never lets anyone stand in her way. Plus, her exceptional fashion sense doesn’t hurt either. She’s always dressed to the nines and knows how to work it. She truly is an old-school example of a confident, attractive woman and deserves a spot on this list of sexiest characters ever.

Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders)

This Brummie gangster from Peaky Blinders is the epitome of a dominating sexy character. While he definitely isn’t a good or moral person, there’s something undeniably attractive about his take-no-prisoners attitude. He’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants – and that makes him incredibly sexy. Tommy Shelby is a complex character – a man of two sides. From his gangster style and swagger to his cutting wit, Tommy proves that there is something undeniably sexy about a man with an edge. Although in the real life, you may want to steer clear of Tommy Shelby – on TV, he’s a character that gives us a thrill.

So there you have it – some of the sexiest characters in TV and film. No matter what type of sexy character you’re looking for, there’s certainly no shortage to choose from. From James Bond’s suave sophistication to Daenerys Targaryen’s fierce strength, you can find a sexy character that speaks to your desires.

With personalities and looks that make them truly unforgettable, these characters will continue to thrill us for years to come. So go ahead and indulge in one of these movies or shows – you’ll be sure to find a character that you can’t get enough of.

Ultimately though, sexiness is in the eye of the beholder. So while these characters may be attractive to some, it’s important to remember that beauty is subjective and what makes someone sexy is unique to each individual. No matter what you find attractive, it’s important to embrace and celebrate your own definition of sexy.

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