21 Popular Characters From TV Shows & Movies

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With so many amazing characters on TV, it’s hard to pick the most popular ones. From Coach Carter to Tyrion Lannister, there are a variety of unique and beloved characters that have earned the love and admiration of viewers around the world.

Each character has their own story, strengths, and flaws that draw people in and make them stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking for an inspirational figure or just someone to laugh with, these popular characters have something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of these beloved figures and why they’ve become so popular over time.

Rip (Yellowstone)

Yellowstone has quickly become a fan-favorite show, and the most popular character has to be Rip Wheeler. He’s the rugged ranch hand who always has his boss John Dutton’s back. Rip’s rough-around-the-edges attitude can get him into trouble, but he never fails to do the right thing in the end. He also stays patient with his slightly manic wife, Beth Dutton, which is an admirable quality. Rip’s loyalty to John Dutton makes him a formidable opponent for anyone who tries to take the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. With Rip around, you know there’s going to be a lot of action.

James Bond (James Bond)

There’s no denying James Bond is a popular fictional character. This suave 00 agent is the epitome of cool, with his Aston Martins and impeccable style. He’s had a wide range of gadgets over the years that people envy, from sports cars to space-age laser watches. But no matter what Bond has at his disposal, he always comes out on top with class and confidence. Some people want to be him, others want to sleep with him! He’s the original international man of mystery and there’s no denying he’s always a hit.

Wednesday Addams (Wednesday)

Wednesday Addams is the iconic gothic girl from Netflix’s new hit Wednesday. Wednesday is dry, sarcastic, and darkly serious, often speaking her mind without hesitation. She has a zany sense of humor and loves to be in control of every situation she’s in. Despite her gloomy attitude, Wednesday is actually kind and loyal to those around her, particularly her family. Her quirkiness is a refreshing reminder that it’s okay to be a bit different. She is an inspiration for anyone who wants to embrace their own uniqueness and stand out from the crowd.

Batman (The Dark Knight Trilogy)

Batman may be brooding and mysterious, but he’s definitely a fan favorite. He’s the caped crusader of Gotham city, using his immense wealth and intellect to fight evil. With his trusty Batmobile ready to go, Batman is always ready to save the day. He may be dark at times, but Batman is always looking out for the people of Gotham. Plus, the coolest gadgets and gizmos make him a superhero we all know and love.

Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman is a hugely popular character, appearing in comic books and films. She is a strong, independent woman who fights for justice with her lasso of truth and the power of her bulletproof bracelets. Her origin story is full of excitement and adventure: she’s a warrior princess from Themyscira, an island inhabited by female Amazons. Despite being blessed with incredible strength and endurance, Wonder Woman is also incredibly kind and generous. She’s a powerful symbol of female empowerment who inspires us to stand up for what is right.

Chandler Bing (Friends)

Chandler Bing is quite possibly the favorite of the Friends characters. It’s close between them, but Chandler’s dry wit and sarcasm always take the cake. With his love of all things jokes and puns, he can often be found cracking up in any given situation. He may be a bit neurotic at times, but you can always count on him to make you laugh! With Chandler around, life is never dull.

Beth Pearson (This Is Us)

Beth Pearson is the most likable character from This Is Us. While Randall, Kate, and Kevin all have their demons, Beth is the one steady rock for Randall in the Pearson family. Beth Pearson is a devoted wife, mother, friend, and sister-in-law who will do whatever it takes to ensure that everyone around her is happy. She’s supportive, kind, and endlessly patient with her husband and kids. Beth’s unconditional love for her family has made her one of the most popular characters on the show.

Coach Carter (Coach Carter)

Coach Carter is the inspiring coach from the movie of the same name. He’s a strong advocate for educational success and is willing to push his players, both on and off the court. His tough-love methods may come across as harsh at times, but they are all in service of helping his players reach their full potential. Coach Carter is a loving father figure to his players and instills important lessons in them that they will carry with them for life. His commitment to helping others makes him an inspiring and popular character.

Mufasa (The Lion King)

No list of popular characters would be complete without Mufasa. He’s the wise and noble king of Pride Rock in The Lion King, a beloved Disney film. His love for his son Simba is unparalleled, and he will do whatever it takes to protect him from danger. He may have passed on, but his legacy still lives on. Mufasa will forever be remembered by generations of children and adults alike.

Tanya McQuoid (The White Lotus)

Tanya McQuoid has taken our TV by storm in the first two series of HBO’s ‘The White Lotus’. She may be extreme in her behavior, be very privileged, and put herself first; however, Tanya is not just a one-dimensional character. While we know Tanya has dependency issues and has clearly been messed around by men in her life, we can’t help but love her. Drawn in by her naivety, we watch in awe as she grows and learns to stand up for herself – making her a very popular character.

Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)

Indiana Jones is the quintessential hero. He’s brave, daring, and always up for a good adventure. Armed with his trademark fedora and whip, he never shies away from danger or challenging tasks. His curiosity often gets him into trouble but it also helps him succeed in whatever he sets out to do. Plus, his quick thinking and ability to get out of a tight spot are always impressive. With Dr. Jones around, no adventure is ever dull.

Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games Trilogy)

Katniss Everdeen is one of the most popular characters of recent years. She’s a hero to many, especially young girls. Brave and determined, she never hesitates in taking charge of any situation. Her courage and strength make her an inspiring figure to look up to. Plus, her signature bow and arrows are always cool to look at. She’s definitely a character worthy of admiration, and her popularity proves that.

Jamal Malik (Slumdog Millionaire)

Jamal Malik from Slumdog Millionaire is a popular character. He’s an inspiring person who manages to rise above his unfortunate circumstances. Despite his family being killed, Jamal continues to be optimistic. Everyone watching the movie was rooting for Jamal to win the million-dollar prize and get Latika back. His courage and strength of character make him one of the most beloved characters in modern cinema. Jamal shows us that with determination and hard work, you can achieve anything.

Elsa (Frozen)

Elsa, the icy queen of Arendelle from Disney’s Frozen, is beloved by many. Her powerful ballads and message of embracing her powers have made her a fan favorite. Even though she may be scared at times, Elsa proves that being true to yourself can get you through any situation. She’s definitely an inspiring character with an important message, and her popularity shows no signs of slowing down. If you haven’t seen kids (or adults even) dressed up as Elsa, then you must be living under a rock.

Yoda (Star Wars)

The wise old Jedi master Yoda is a classic character. You can hear his iconic voice saying “Do or do not, there is no try” in your head just by thinking of him. His sage advice has inspired generations of Star Wars fans and he’s often seen as the most powerful force user in the galaxy. He may have been small but his presence was huge, and his words of wisdom continue to live on. Yoda is one of the most beloved characters in history and a true icon.

Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Tyrion Lannister is a beloved character from the hugely popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. He’s an intelligent and witty man who doesn’t let his small stature hold him back. Despite coming from one of Westeros’ wealthiest families, Tyrion is humble, and kind, and speaks out against injustice at every turn. His father and sister may have underestimated him, but we know that Tyrion is one of the strongest characters in the show. He’s a champion for those who are persecuted and has no problem standing up for what he believes in.

Gandalf (The Lord of The Rings)

Gandalf is a wizard from the Lord of the Rings series who has been a hugely popular character and an iconic figure. He’s wise, powerful, and brave, but also full of wit and lightheartedness. His courage and strength often help the Fellowship of the Ring when they are in danger. He may be old, but he doesn’t let age slow him down and is always ready to fight for what he believes in. He’s a true example of kindheartedness and courage, making him a popular character across the world.

Princess Leia (Star Wars)

The original badass princess, Princess Leia is a classic and popular character from the Star Wars franchise. She’s smart and sassy, never afraid to speak her mind or call out someone when they’re wrong. From leading rebel forces to rescue Han Solo, her strength in the face of danger is admirable. Despite being brave and independent, she still shows her vulnerability from time to time. Princess Leia is a trailblazer for strong female characters and will remain an iconic character in pop culture for years to come.

King T’Challa (Black Panther)

King T’Challa is the King of Wakanda and one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. He embodies all that a king should be – wise, powerful, brave, loyal, and respectful of his people. His wisdom, strength in battle, and selfless leadership have won him immense popularity. Though he wrestles with his inner demons, T’Challa is an inspirational leader who will do whatever it takes to protect his kingdom and its people. He’s a true example of what a king should be.

The Bride (Kill Bill)

The Bride is a memorable and iconic character from the Kill Bill films. She’s an incredibly powerful fighter who seeks revenge against her former lover, Bill. Though she often appears to be cold-hearted and ruthless, the people she is going after wronged her and killed everyone at her wedding. The Bride is deeply motivated by her mission for vengeance. Her intense strength and determination make her one of the most popular female characters in film history.

Dustin Henderson (Stranger Things)

Dustin Henderson is a fan favorite from the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things. He’s an intelligent and loyal friend to Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, and Will Byers. His passion for Dungeons and Dragons, his love of science, and his enthusiasm for the paranormal make him an endearing and lovable character. Even though he’s not quite as athletic or brave as his friends, Dustin uses his wit and intelligence to help them when they are in danger. He’s also a symbol of hope and friendship in difficult times, making him one of the most popular characters from Stranger Things.

Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Buffy Summers is the iconic vampire slayer from the popular TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She’s a strong and courageous woman who also has a great sense of humor. Buffy loves her one-liners post-vampire kill. While she isn’t the most intelligent – thankfully she has Giles and Willow for that – she is a formidable fighter and powerful leader. Her loyalty to her friends, determination, and bravery are unrivaled.

Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

Who doesn’t love Elle Woods? She’s the iconic character from Legally Blonde who proves that being smart, kind, and having a passion for fashion can absolutely get you places. Elle is strong-willed, funny, and determined to prove her worth in a male-dominated world. Elle stands up for herself and isn’t afraid to be bold when it’s needed. Her success as a lawyer after Warner doubted her abilities and intelligence is an inspiration to many.

Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

Buzz Lightyear is one of the most popular Pixar characters. He’s so popular, he even got his own movie. The brave space ranger has an unwavering belief that he will always protect the universe. His catchphrase “To infinity and beyond!” is recognizable by kids and adults alike, making him a household name. Even though he may seem silly at times, Buzz Lightyear always takes his job seriously and is an inspiring character to look up to.

Miranda Bailey (Grey’s Anatomy)

There are lots of amazing characters in Grey’s Anatomy, but there isn’t anyone that dislikes Miranda Bailey. She’s the Chief of Surgery and a mentor to many, yet she still finds time to be a caring mother. Despite her often brusque nature, she cares deeply for those around her and is always willing to help when needed. Her combination of strength, hard work, and a “take no prisoners” attitude makes her one of the most popular characters on the show.

Hagrid (Harry Potter)

Hagrid is the lovable half-giant from the Harry Potter universe. He’s an animal lover who speaks in a gruff, jovial manner, and has an undeniable endearing quality about him. Hagrid may be clumsy at times, but he always means well. He helps Harry and his friends throughout their magical adventures and is often a source of much-needed reassurance and comfort. He’s loyal, brave, and kind, and his devotion to Harry is truly heartwarming. I don’t think there is anyone who has watched Harry Potter that hasn’t fallen in love with this gentle giant.

Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

Next, we come to one of the most popular characters from The Vampire Diaries – Damon Salvatore. With his bad-boy charm and mysterious aura, it’s no wonder that he has a loyal fan following. Despite being somewhat of an anti-hero, there do seem to be some good qualities hidden beneath his tough exterior. He’s loyal to his brother, Stefan, and is always willing to do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves. He’s a complex character that viewers can’t help but root for, especially when it comes to ending up with Elena Gilbert.

Bridget Jones (Bridget Jones’s Diary)

Bridget Jones is a wonderfully relatable character from the classic comedy Bridget Jones’s Diary. She’s clumsy, awkward, and sweetly naïve, yet she has an inner strength that gets her through all of life’s obstacles. Bridget is a modern everywoman who makes mistakes but also learns important lessons along the way. Her funny mishaps and attempts to better herself make her a lovable and popular character.

Eric Effiong (Sex Education)

The next popular character to talk about is Eric Effiong from the Netflix comedy series, Sex Education. Eric is unapologetically himself, often seen wearing loud outfits and colorful makeup. He’s always there for his friends with a smile on his face and a kind word, no matter how difficult the situation might be. He’s unashamed of who he is and embraces all parts of his identity – something that resonates with many viewers. Eric is a beacon of hope and acceptance for so many people, and it’s no wonder that he has become a popular character.

Gloria Pritchett (Modern Family)

We can’t leave out Gloria Prichett from Modern Family. She’s a strong matriarch figure who will do anything to protect her family. She’s always ready with a hug and some words of wisdom for her children or grandchildren when needed. Despite being a loving and sometimes overbearing mother, she also has no problem speaking her mind when someone deserves it. Gloria is a bold character who has earned the love and admiration of viewers everywhere.

Michael Scott (The Office US)

Now, we turn to the hilarious Michael Scott from The Office. He is an interesting character because he’s the only one on this list that also made our list of the most narcissistic characters in movies and television. While Michael can be selfish and insensitive at times, he also has a good heart. He may not always be the most competent or responsible boss, but he does have an undeniable charm about him that his employees can’t help but love.

Moana (Moana)

Moana is the main character from the Disney movie of the same name. She’s an adventurous girl who loves exploring and learning about her heritage. Despite being young, she has immense strength and courage that she uses to protect her island and its people. Moana is a beloved character with tons of fans who appreciate her strong spirit and independence. With such a positive attitude, it’s no wonder that she has become a popular character.

Ted Lasso (Ted Lasso)

Last but not least, we have Ted Lasso from the comedy series of the same name. He’s a cheerful and determined football coach who never gives up. His positive attitude, optimism, and lightheartedness make him an inspirational figure for his players and viewers alike. Ted’s ability to stay true to himself despite all the obstacles thrown his way is heartwarming. He may stumble along the way, but he’s always ready to pick himself back up and try again. His positive outlook on life has made him a popular character in recent TV.

So there you have it, 33 of the most popular and well-liked fictional characters on television and in movies. No matter who you root for, these characters have undoubtedly won the hearts of many fans around the world. They each bring something unique and special to their respective shows, and we love them for it.

From loyal and intelligent Dustin Henderson to passionate and independent Moana, these characters have something for everyone to admire. It’s no wonder that they’ve become so popular.

Although, it’s important to mention that we all have our own taste in characters and favorites. Some of us love the underdog, some of us love the funny one, and some of us even love the villains. So if you’re favorite character didn’t make the list, don’t worry! Everyone has their own favorite for different reasons.

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