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28 Funny and Relatable Aquarius Memes

Today we take a look at 28 funny and relatable Aquarius memes. If you’re an Aquarius, then you already know that you are a unique individual. You march to the beat of your own drum and don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Funny and Relatable Aquarius memes

Today we take a look at 28 funny and relatable Aquarius memes. If you’re an Aquarius, then you already know that you are a unique individual. You march to the beat of your own drum and don’t care what anyone else thinks.

People with this zodiac sign are often independent and have a strong sense of justice. They are known for their humanitarian efforts and often rally others to their cause. Aquarians can be eccentric and have a strong need for freedom. They’re also known for their intellect and their innovative way of thinking.

One of the most interesting things about Aquarians is their unique perspective. They see the world differently from other zodiac signs and this allows them to come up with inventive solutions to problems. Due to their individuality, Aquarians are natural-born leaders and often inspire others to be their best selves.

An Aquarius is also someone very loyal to their friends and family. They are always there for the people they care about, no matter what. They are also great at giving advice, even if it is not always wanted. Sometimes an Aquarius can be a bit too honest for their own good though, as you’ll see in these 28 funny and relatable Aquarius memes.

Aquarius are deep thinkers

  1. Aquarians are known to be analytical and philosophical. They like to feel independent in themselves, as well as in their thought patterns. Screw the small talk, let’s discuss your deepest fears!

2. Aquarians are always on the lookout for people who will engage with them on a deep level. Give them a thought-provoking, thoughtful conversation, and they will be yours forever.

3. There’s no risk of shallow, surface-level dull conversation with an Aquarius around. They’re known to be cerebral, intellectual souls who love nothing more than to discuss deep concepts and open their minds.

deep conversation zodiac star sign
Source: @aaquariusmemes

These memes highlight how Aquarians can appear as aloof

4. Aquarians are known to have their walls firmly up. In order to protect themselves and their feelings, they are very slow to let people in, which can often mean they appear distant or aloof.

giving off a cool aloof appearance zodiac star sign
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

5. Aquarians might wear a tough exterior, but underneath this distant persona lies someone who is just scared to be hurt. It’s not uncommon for Aquarians to appear aloof to those who have known them for a long time. They’ll keep you at arm’s length as long as they feel necessary, okay?

fear of rejection zodiac star sign
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

5. This Aquarius meme is spot on. Do they appear standoffish and emotionally distant to others in order to prevent the possibility of ever being rejected? Yes. Do they also want to be loved and accepted for who they really are underneath the cool appearance? Also yes.

not letting anyone in but also wanting love zodiac star sign
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

6. I love this Aquarius meme. The struggle is real.

zodiac star sign wanting to socialise but also being standoffish
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

7. But just remember that despite this distant appearance, Aquarians have many feelings, and they want to be loved just as much as everyone else. Choose your fighter!

zodiac star sign want to be loved but also want to be cool
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

8. Wait, so you mean Aquarians can’t just sit at home and wait for their perfect partner to kick down the door and find them? Weird.

zodiac star sign play it cool and wait for a relationship to come to you
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

And they are very private

9. Aquarians of the world – consider this your official reminder to LET US IN.

zodiac star sign keep your walls up and never let anyone in
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

10. And when it comes to what Aquarians need, it’s pretty much summed up in this Aquarius meme…

zodiac star sign summary aloof and cool individual
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

11. Just because Aquarians appear emotionless doesn’t actually mean they’re emotionless. Their thoughts and emotions run deep. It’s just that it takes time for them to show you this.

zodiac star sign Aquarius emotionless
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

12. This Aquarius meme made me laugh. You’ll know that your Aquarius partner truly loves you when they treat you like this.

13. Furthermore, in an extremely unseen moment of vulnerability, Aquarians may actually show you just how much they love you. Make the most of it. This is a one-in-a-blue-moon opportunity.

Aquarius memes: sometimes they open up
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

14. And when it comes to bottling up your emotions, there’s no one quite like an Aquarius.

Aquarius memes: bottled up emotions
Source: @aaquariusmemes

15. Apart from when it comes to pretending not to want any attention. Then Aquarians reign supreme.

Aquarius memes: pretend to want to not be noticed
Source: @aaquariusmemes

Aquarians can be a bit… know-it-all

16. Aquarians live to question everything. If you tell them where something is on a map, they’ll need to double-check the route.

Aquarius memes: always need to question people
Source: @aaquariusmemes

17. Admit I’m wrong? Me? An Aquarius? I think you must be mistaken. This Aquarius meme is spot on.

Aquarius memes: never admit you're wrong
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

18. It’s the killer combination of being intelligent, diligent, fact-focused, and stubborn that makes it so hard to prove an Aquarian wrong. They’re just too darn good!

Aquarius memes: need to always be right
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

19. Meanwhile, if there is someone with a better-structured, factually accurate counterargument? Then that’s Aquarian’s nightmare.

Aquarius memes: hate losing arguments
Source: @thatonelibrabitcg

20. Every now and then, an Aquarian’s sense of knowledge can tend to tip into a slightly belittling “know-it-all” manner. Sometimes their drive to be right and their ego can take charge.

Aquarius memes: make fun of people who are wrong
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

21. With such an analytical and clever mind, it’s no wonder that Aquarians are often enraged by people who disagree with facts.

Aquarius memes: focus on facts
Source: @notallgeminis

Aquarians are quietly rebellious

22. Known as the most rebellious Zodiac sign, Aquarians aren’t intimidated by authority, and they’re always willing to go against the grain. Screw you, Aunt Susan.

Aquarius memes: rebellious
Source: @aaquariusmemes

23. It’s not that Aquarians want to fight. They’re actually non-confrontational people. It’s just that they refuse to follow the rules for tradition’s sake.

Aquarius memes: stick it to the man
Source: @aaquariamsmemes

24. This Aquarius meme couldn’t be more accurate. They’ve got opinions, and they’ve got facts, and they’re not afraid to hit you with them.

Aquarius memes: bas bitch
Source: @aaquariusmemes

Aquarians are one-of-a-kind

25. It’s not all the time that you find a Zodiac sign so visionary, so forward-thinking, and cerebral. All of these unique traits make Aquarians so rare. And they know it.

Aquarius memes: i'm not like other girls
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

26. Aquarians will pride themselves on their niche taste and knowledge of movies, books, and music.

Aquarius memes: unique taste
Source: @aaquariusmemes

27. This means that it takes a lot to impress an Aquarian. Connect with them mentally, and you’ll be in with a chance.

Aquarius memes: not easily impressed
Source: @aaquariusmemes

28. This Aquarius meme sums it up perfectly. Authentic, interesting, independent partners? Yes, please.

Aquarius memes: zodiac summary
Source: @notallgeminis

We hope you enjoyed these relatable Aquarius memes! We love Aquarians and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for Aquarians to find someone who gets them.

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