28 Funny and Relatable Leo Memes

Leo Funny and Relatable Memes zodiac

Today we take a look at 28 funny and relatable Leo memes. Leos are known for being confident, passionate, and creative individuals. They are also known for being a little bit… extra. If that sounds like you, then you will love these memes. They are sure to make you laugh and give you a good chuckle.

A Leo is a sign of the zodiac represented by a lion. They are considered warm-hearted, generous, and charismatic. Leo is a fire sign and therefore is known for they are known endless passion, energy, and enthusiasm.

Leo people are natural leaders, and they have the ability to inspire others. They are also extremely honest and loyal. They tend to be very creative and have a strong sense of self-expression. People born with this zodiac sign are usually successful in whatever they do and always up for a challenge – no mountain is too high for a Leo.

If you know a Leo, you know that they are the life and soul of the party. They are always up for a good time, and they love to be surrounded by people. Leo people are also very generous, and they are always willing to help others. It’s no wonder Leos make amazing friends and even better partners, as you’ll see from these 28 funny and relatable Leo memes:

Leos have an air of confidence

1. Leos thrive in confidence, and they aren’t afraid to express themselves. They’re certain of their own brilliance, and if you aren’t sold, they’re not about to apologize for being their own brilliant selves.

2. “Someone better than me? I don’t think so!” – every Leo ever.

3. One minute, you’re heartbroken and in tears. The next minute you’re putting on your cutest outfit and taking selfies in the mirror. Just another day in the life of a Leo.

4. Look, we’re all guilty of this. But none more so than you, Leos!

star sign zodiac me watching myself on facetime
Source: @leomemes__

5. “Creative. Genius.” – every Leo watching their own story.

star sign zodiac love yourself
Source: @leozodiacposts

6. This Leo meme perfectly sums up the confidence of this Zodiac sign pretty well…

star sign zodiac self-obsessed
Source: @cancermajesty

7. But Leos can’t survive on the love they have for themselves alone. They definitely need someone else to give them love, too. And lots of it.

star sign zodiac need attention always
Source: @leomemes__

Leos love romance

8. Leo is represented by the lion, and they are considered affectionate, expressive souls. They thrive on showering their friends and partners in love and expressing their appreciation whenever humanly possible.

9. If a Leo loves you, you can expect copious amounts of romantic gestures, physical affection, words of affirmation, and pretty much any other love language you can think of!

star sign zodiac romantic
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

10. Leos can sometimes get a bit theatrical when it comes to their feelings, whether that’s romance or sadness. They’ll lean deeply into those emotions and will overthink to the point that they are then sad about being sad…

star sign zodiac feeling sad listening to sad music
Source: @leozodiacposts

11. And despite their deeply emotional connections with others, Leos also need their independence. Or at least they think they do…

star sign zodiac want to grow on your own but also want to help others
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

12. Do Leos need their independence and their alone time? Yes. Do they also want your constant love and attention? Also yes.

star sign zodiac want to be loved and left alone at the same time
Source: @leozodiacposts

13. So when they find that one person who truly gets them, there’s no looking back! This Leo meme explains perfectly what Leos need from their partner.

star sign zodiac wants to be understood love
Source: @leozodiacposts

Leos know their worth

14. Leos won’t waste time comparing themselves to other people. There’s no point. Who could even compare?!

confidence and self-worth star sign zodiac
Source: @leomemes__

15. So, whatever you do, do not test a Leo. They are not afraid to put you in your place.

Leo meme: me when someone acts really bold towards me but has no idea who i am
Source: @leozodiacposts

16. If you’re waiting for a Leo to calm down and take a back seat, you’ll be waiting for a long time. This Leo meme spells it out pretty well.

Leo meme: if you can't handle me at my worst
Source: @leo.legacy

17. And when it comes to being a performer, there’s no one who steps up to the mark like a Leo. Testing…testing… is this thing on?!

Leo meme: confident performers
Source: @leomemes__

18. Because Leos are so sure of themselves and their worth, they aren’t about to go chasing anyone. They’ll just sit sight and wait for YOU to chase THEM.

Leo meme: how leo women flirt
Source: @leozodiacposts

19. If a Leo is acting cool and uninterested in you, you can usually assume the opposite.

Leo meme: act cool when you like someone
Source: @leozodiacposts

20. If you have a Leo mum, I’m sure you’ll relate to this Leo meme!

Leo meme: confident
Source: @cancermajesty

21. But don’t be mistaken. All that confidence doesn’t make up for the fact that Leos are often the most self-critical of all the signs. However sure of themselves they appear, there’s always going to be a nervousness underneath the surface.

Leo meme: seems confident but is self critical
Source: @leozodiacposts

Leos are very giving

22. With a big heart and a natural tendency to put others’ needs first, it’s no wonder Leos are seen as one of the most generous signs. If they love you, they will do anything they can to make you feel appreciated.

Leo meme: giving and generous person

23. This means that selfishness naturally comes up top on the list of traits Leos can’t stand. Just as this Leo meme demonstrates…

Leo meme: hate selfish people
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

24. Leos will help and advise their friends to the very best of their ability to ensure they feel as loved and supported as possible. When it comes to taking their own advice? Not so good…

Leo meme: not good at taking their own advice
Source: @leozodiacmemes

Leos tend to be perfectionists

25. I love this Leo meme. Perfectionism is a lifestyle for Leos. They work hard to hold themselves to a particularly high standard, and doing things by half-measures isn’t in their vocabulary.

Leo meme: high standards for themselves
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

26. The struggle is real for you, poor Leos.

Leo meme: won't let other people do things control freak
Source: @leozodiacposts

27. Hey, It’s not their fault. Just blame the crushing weight of their own high expectations and their fear of failure. They’re still cute, though, right?!

Leo meme: anxious, perfectionist, past trauma
Source: @leozodiacposts

28. At the end of the day, it’s the unique combination of unmatched generosity, high standards, and hard work that makes Leos one-of-a-kind.

Leo meme: generous perfectionist
Source: @thatonelibrabitch

We hope you enjoyed these relatable Leo memes! We love Leos and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for Leos to find someone who gets them.

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