33 Funny Memes About Life To Make You Laugh

funny memes about life

With everyday life becoming increasingly stressful, it’s time to find ways to lighten things up. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. It’s something that everyone can benefit from – no matter how dark or tough times may get. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate collection of 33 funny memes about life that will make you smile. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up during your day or just want an extra dose of humor, these are the ultimate memes about life that you’ll find both relatable and funny.

33 Funny Memes About Life To Make You Laugh

1. The number one life lesson you should learn is that we are all basically potatoes. Potatoes with feelings.

funny memes about life waking up morning potatoe
Source: @gaggle.lol

2. And that getting socks for Christmas gets more and more exciting the older you get. Rock and roll, baby.

funny memes about life getting socks for christmas when you're and adult
Source: @memes

3. This funny meme about life kind of speaks for itself. Anyone else’s tracks look like this? No? Just me then. Cool.

hows life? everything is on track thanks. the track
Source: @crazyautismama

4. “Haha, anyway how are you?” I say to my friends after I isolated myself and ignored all of their texts and calls for three weeks straight.

me texting back 4 days later contuining the conversation like i didn't just dissappear fr 96 hours
Source: @memequeen

5. What will be your mood this year? Choose your fighter.

6. You don’t need to imagine, bestie. You’re smokin’ hot just as you are.

7. Do I run? Hell yeah, I run… away from all of my responsibilities.

8. Why is this life meme so accurate? Leaving the house looking 10/10 only to see yourself in the group photo 20 minutes later looking like a solid 3/10.

9. Shoutout to the introverts of the world. You guys will definitely relate to this funny meme about life.

10. This meme about life is scarily accurate for me. Every single time. Without fail.

11. Why is life like this? One minute, I’m all motivated, getting my yoga mat out, ready to exercise. The next, I’ve grabbed my blankie, and I’m sound asleep. Hate it when that happens.

me trying to work out at home sleep
Source: @memes

12. Someone having an argument in the street outside my house? I’ll hear every word. Someone sat right in front of me asking me what the time is? Cannot compute.

funny memes about life my brain processing information
Source: @memequeen

13. “Sorry, I can’t come to your birthday party. I’m still recovering from attending last year’s celebrations.”

funny memes about life introvert socializing
Source: @drunkentwonuts

14. Motivated by food? Kind of shy? It’s as if this meme is describing my very existence.

funny memes about life i am shy but i like food
Source: @crazybitchproblems

15. Most people will relate to this funny meme about life. Introverts and extroverts alike, we all feel like this when we see the ‘incoming video call’ screen popping up.

16. Sleeping for three hours and having three coffees for breakfast is my form of self-care.

i'm going to get full 8 hours of sleep funny
Source: @memequeen

17. Why am I like this?

when my friends are trying to explain the rules of a card game meme
Source: @crazybitchproblems

18. Nothing is more accurate of the reality of life than me, living like a Tudor king, with approximately -£7.48 in my bank account…

checking your bank account after living your best life
Source: @meme_bananza

19. What’s the most terrifying part of life? Having your heart broken? The impending doom of our very existence? Paying taxes? Think again…

people who use periods when they text
Source: @memes

20. Another inevitable part of life is watching your friends have babies who look like this meme and saying, “Oh, aren’t you a little cutie!”

funny memes about life newborns baby
Source: @memes

21. The struggle is real. One day in life, you’re hustling, ready to build your empire. The next, you’re lying in bed wishing someone would just bring you breakfast in bed and tell you you don’t need to go to work today.

spongebob wanting to be independent and also wanting to have a sugar daddy
Source: @memequeen

22. This funny meme about life is spot on. Nothing says adulting like being terrified to pick your car up from the garage and receive the bill.

funny memes about life mechanic car
Source: @covidiotz

23. “Total gridlock this morning, guys.” I say, walking into the meeting late, holding my piping-hot, fresh Venti Soy Latte.

starbucks traffic funny meme about life late
Source: @memequeen

24. Nothing sums up how life is going like accidentally punching yourself in the face…

25. Shoutout to the partners of highly anxious people, just sitting there… chilling… without a worry in the world… just wondering what to have for dinner. While their partner is busy spiraling into the depths of anxiety.

anxiety memes funny
Source: @memequeen

26. I hate it when this happens.

when everyone is arguing about the test answer funny lol
Source: @memequeen

27. Nothing like having a spurt of energy and productivity, emptying your entire drawers, only to sort out one draw and end up napping on your bed out of exhaustion.

funny memes about life kermit cleaning my room
Source: @gaggle.lol

28. This funny meme about life needs no explanation. It’s living proof that time travel exists and we are all in a simulation.

funny memes about life 2019 blink 2023
Source: @thenobitabro

29. “Aaaaaaahh! A yacht trip to the Bahamas! Puppies! Bags of money! Yikes! Soooo scary!”

you attract what you fear spongebob money
Source: @bes_tmemesforyou

30. Chronic lower back issues are so hot right now. Right, guys?

31. There are a few certain truths in life: Change is inevitable. The sun will rise, and the sun will fall. The grass is always greener. And if you tell me not to do something, I will always do that thing.

32. Me when I see an animal: “Hi! How are you? How’s your day going? You’re so cute! Look at your little ears! Are you hungry?” Me when I see a human being: “What are you looking at?”

me around people versus me when i see animals
Source: @womansmemes

33. I’m sure that none of you can relate to this meme… right, guys? RIGHT, GUYS!?

when you've already seen a meme
Source: @memequeen

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As you can see from these 33 funny memes about life, the world is full of strange little nuances that make it weird yet wonderful. At the end of the day, no matter where we come from or what we do, we’re all the same awkward, goofy, flawed people at our core. Whether it’s staying up until 3 am for literally no reason, failing at cleaning out our room once and for all, or pretending to find our friend’s newborn baby cute, we can all relate on a human level.

Life is full of ups and downs, and one thing you can count on is that memes about life will always make us remember that we are all the same. These memes depict the relatable details of many different parts of life and show how they make up the funny, ridiculous reality for many of us. No matter how serious life may get, we’ve all experienced at least a few of these meme scenarios in life.

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