33 Funny & Relatable Memes About Being Single

Single funny memes

Today we take a look at 33 funny and relatable memes about being single. If you’re single, you know that sometimes it can be tough. But don’t worry, because you’re not alone!

In fact, there are millions of other singles out there who are going through the same thing. And to help make things a little bit easier, we’ve put together a collection of 33 funny single memes that will make you laugh. So whether you’re feeling down about being single or just need a good laugh, these memes will do the trick.

Being single can also be great because it allows you to focus on yourself and your happiness. It’s also the perfect time to build new relationships and friendships. But, of course, being single also has its downsides.

Here at So Syncd, we’re all about making meaningful connections, so if you’re single as a pringle and you’re ready to mingle, then make sure you utilize our resources to help you find your perfect person. We’re here to support you on your journey to better relationships.

With that in mind, here are 33 relatable single memes that will make you laugh. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

33 relatable memes about being single

  1. Kicking off this list of single memes with the honest truth – being single can be excellent.

Single funny memes: best part of being single
Source: @insta.single

2. Playing the field > being in the stands.

Single funny memes: me texting my best friend like
Source: @insta.single

3. Every single person will be able to relate to this single meme. Just whatever you do, don’t pick up bestie!

Single funny memes: don't answer this text
Source: @insta.single

4. “I swear he’s changed” – me to my friends for the 6757th time

Single funny memes: red flags
Source: @insta.single

5. Me + my blanket + my snacks + Netflix = the greatest love story of all time.

Single funny memes: die alone
Source: @insta.single

6. Single people of the world, I’ve found your next Halloween outfit.

Single funny memes: therapy
Source: @omgskr

7. The super-extended uncut version of my past dating mistakes movie would be quite the feature film.

Single funny memes: dating mistakes
Source: @insta.single

8. Being honest and upfront from the start of any relationship is vital.

Single funny memes: pay for dinner
Source: @insta.single

9. Single people of the world, your happily married friends with kids might act like they’re happier than you… that is until it comes to Sunday morning and you’re hungover AF sitting on the sofa in your pants eating ice cream straight out of the tub. Who’s the real winner?!

Single funny memes: child-free happy
Source: @omgskr

10. This single meme is a BIG mood.

Single funny memes: everyone is pregnant and i just need a drink
Source: @omgskr

11. Ummm, excuse me?!

Single funny memes: studies show you already meet your soulmate before 21
Source: @tipsydrunk

12. Congrats girl!

cancelling first date at the last minute
Source: @tipsydrunk

13. If your type is “someone who is nowhere near me and leaves me alone,” then you may not have the best success rate of all approaches, but who am I to judge?

stay away from me dating funny
Source: @singlesintheuk

14. As an Aries woman who was single for a long time, I can relate to this level of infatuation…

man holding sign Love Actually
Source: @omgskr

15. Me? Upset about being ghosted yet again? And staying single forever? Noooo! What makes you think that?

Single funny memes: getting ghosted
Source: @tipsydrunk

16. And at the other end of the spectrum, we have the military singles… as someone who knows lots of military men, this meme about the single life is scarily accurate.

Single funny memes: military marriage
Source: @insta.single

17. Summer plans? Oh, not much, just my single-hot-girl tour of Europe. HBU?

Single funny memes: summer traveling ho ho ho
Source: @omgskr

18. “I’m done with him. There’s literally nothing he could say or do to win me back. He’s dead to m….” “Can someone order me an Uber, please?”

19. Does anyone else love to text their single friends to tell them they “have to open their hearts up and be vulnerable and learn to love yourself FIRST queen!” as you sit at home alone, having ignored all of the texts from potential dates, whingeing about being alone, and never meeting anyone new.

not listening to my own advice
Source: @tipsydrunk

20. Hey, there are definitely some perks to being single!

Single funny memes: single people more money
Source: @single.people.memes

21. Single memes don’t get more truthful than this!

Single funny memes: what are your intentions
Source: @insta.single

22. This single meme pretty much sums up me on a first date.

Single funny memes: bad at small talk
Source: @insta.single

23. If that is a relationship, then count me out.

Single funny memes: the bad side of dating
Source: @insta.single

24. There’s flirting, then dating, then seeing each other, then there’s sharing your Netflix account. A girl can dream!

Single funny memes: third base is sharing netflix password
Source: @insta.single

25. The single tax is real. You gotta make the most of those free perks.

Single funny memes: dr evil meme
Source: @insta.single

26. Sorry, what’s that? I can’t hear your ‘couple goals’ brag over the sound of my blissful kid-free silence.

Single funny memes: no children life is good
Source: @insta.single

27. And this is a surefire way of telling if someone is the one, right?

if your dog likes him then he's the one dating
Source: @insta.single

28. I just love the thrill of dating! Will this be the person I end up with for the rest of my life, or will this be another hilarious anecdote to tell my married friends?! Stay tuned!

will i marry him or will he break my heart funny
Source: @tipsydrunk

29. There’s nothing that a single person loves more than the dreaded “So when will you settle down and find someone? Clock’s ticking!”

30. No words are needed for this all-too-real meme about single life. *chefs kiss*

are you my skincare routine because i'm gonna do you
Source: @omgskr

31. Single men of the world, please take note. When creating your So Syncd profile, please no fishing photos, and PLEASE make them clear for us!

dating app funny meme
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32. The perfect single meme doesn’t exi… oh wait

texting booty call funny single
Source: @omgskr

33. But when that day comes, get ready for your family to treat you like a HERO.

So there you have it, of the funniest and most relatable memes about being single. Here at So Syncd, we believe that you’re perfect just as you are, and you never need anyone to complete you. Being single and learning to love yourself is a crucial part of life, but when the day comes that you’re ready to find someone on your wavelength, you know where we are!

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