9 Signs an INFP is in Love With You

9 Signs an INFP is in Love With You blog cover

As true idealists, the INFP personality type approaches love and relationships with an unparalleled level of depth, sincerity, and passion. Their ability to understand and empathize with others on an emotional level is unmatched. In this blog post, we look at the INFP in love and nine signs you’ve won their heart.

Often seen as the “dreamers” of the 16 personalities, INFPs are highly sensitive individuals who crave deep connections with their partners. These unique individuals often go through life feeling like they don’t quite fit in, which makes finding someone who truly understands and accepts them all the more important.

It’s essential to note that each individual is unique, and not all INFPs will exhibit the same behaviors in love. But there are general signs that can help you identify whether an INFP has fallen for you. Before we dive into those signs, let’s first understand how INFPs fall in love.

How INFPs fall in love

INFPs fall in love the way they do everything else—with depth and intensity. They seek connections that go beyond the superficial, and they have a strong desire for authenticity in their relationships. This means that they are naturally drawn to people who are genuine, kind, and compassionate.

INFPs can have a tendency to idealize their partners and see the best in them, even when others may not. They believe in the potential for growth and improvement in their relationships and value communication as a way to nurture and strengthen connections. This tendency to idealize their partners comes with its downsides, too. It can be hard for both parties when reality doesn’t match the INFP’s romanticized vision of their partner.

People of this personality type aren’t always quick to open up, but when they do, it’s with their whole heart. They are willing to give a lot to the person they love and expect the same level of commitment in return. You can count on an INFP to be loyal, devoted, and honest in a relationship. They are willing to put in the effort to make a relationship work.

INFPs are deeply private individuals who value their personal space. So when they allow someone into that space, it’s a sign that they are truly invested in the relationship. They may prefer to take things slow and build a strong emotional connection before diving into physical intimacy.

The emotions that come with falling in love can be overwhelming for an INFP, but they tend to embrace them fully and are willing to take risks for the sake of true love. They love deeply, and this can be both a blessing and a curse for them. While it can bring them immense joy and fulfillment, it also means that they are vulnerable to getting hurt.

9 signs an INFP is in love with you

Now that we have a better understanding of how an INFP falls in love, let’s look at nine signs that show they’ve fallen for you.

1. They open up to you on a deep level

INFPs are naturally guarded about their inner lives, sharing their thoughts, feelings, and dreams with only a select few. These individuals are a unique mix of warm yet aloof. If you’ve ever met an INFP, there’s a good chance that you felt a strong connection with them. But if you take a step back and think about what they actually shared with you, it might not be much. They can be surprisingly private. However, when an INFP is in love, it’s a different story. They will open up to their partner in ways that they haven’t with anyone else.

2. They prioritize quality time with you

INFPs value meaningful connections and quality time with those they care about. When an INFP is in love, they will make an effort to spend quality time with their partner. From deep conversations or simply spending time in each other’s presence, an INFP will make sure to prioritize their time with the person they love. Even sitting next to their partner in silence can be a fulfilling way of bonding for an INFP. For them, it’s about feeling a deep soul-level connection.

3. They show genuine interest in your passions and inner world

INFPs are naturally curious individuals who love to learn about others. When they’re in love, this curiosity is amplified, and they will want to know everything about their partner’s passions and inner world. They will listen attentively and show genuine interest, even if it’s something they may not fully understand. While they might not remember tiny details, such as your favorite color, they will remember the important things that matter to you.

4. They are empathetic and understanding

As natural empaths, INFPs have a unique ability to understand and connect with others on a deep emotional level. When in love, they use this skill to truly understand their partner’s feelings and needs. They might ask you questions to better understand you and they will try to see things from your perspective. This level of empathy and understanding can be incredibly comforting and validating for their partner. It can make them feel truly seen and heard.

5. They are fiercely loyal

Once an INFP has committed to a relationship, they are in it for the long haul. They value loyalty and will go above and beyond to support their partner through thick and thin. INFPs rarely meet people they truly connect with, so when they do, they make an effort to keep the relationship strong. Things like physical distance or busy schedules aren’t obstacles for an INFP in love. They will find ways to stay connected with those they care about.

6. They include you in their solo activities

INFPs cherish their alone time—it’s their opportunity to reflect and recharge. If they invite you to join them in activities they usually do alone, like a stroll through the park, reading a book in a café, or listening to their favorite music, it can be a sign they’re in love. When INFPs feel truly comfortable with someone, they include them in more “sacred” parts of their life. They will still need time to themselves, but they will also want to share their interests and personal space with you to a greater extent.

7. They show you their playful side

INFPs can come across as serious and reserved, especially to those who don’t know them well. But when an INFP is in love, they let their guard and show their playful side. These individuals are full of imagination and creativity, and when they feel safe with someone, they are more likely to let their true selves shine. INFPs are young at heart, and they often manage to retain their sense of wonder and curiosity into adulthood.

8. They are your biggest cheerleader

There’s nothing an INFP loves more than seeing their partner succeed. When INFPs are in love, they will be your biggest cheerleader, encouraging and supporting you every step of the way. Their belief in your potential will be unwavering. INFPs want to see their loved ones thrive and will do everything in their power to help them achieve their dreams. Whether it’s being a listening ear or helping brainstorm potential solutions to problems, they will be patient and understanding when it comes to those they love.

9. They experience emotional highs and lows

As deep feelers, INFPs experience intense emotions when they are in love. They will feel immense happiness and excitement when things are going well, but they can also feel overwhelmed and anxious at times. This emotional intensity can be challenging for both the INFP and their partner. Ultimately, it’s a sign of how deeply they care, but they may need to be mindful of not letting their emotions overpower them.

Final thoughts on the INFP in love

In love, as in life, INFPs move to the beat of their own drum. They may not express their affection through grand gestures, but their love is deep, authentic, and enduring. It isn’t always easy to tell when an INFP is in love with you because they aren’t the most open and expressive individuals. But these signs can give you some pointers on how an INFP might behave when they are in love.

If you’re in a relationship with an INFP, consider yourself lucky to have captured the heart of such a unique and loving individual. And if you are an INFP yourself, embrace your emotions and allow yourself to experience the process of falling in love.

Last but not least, remember that every INFP’s way of expressing love is unique. Patience and open communication will help you uncover the depth of their feelings. So enjoy the journey and revere the beauty of love.

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