9 Signs an ENFP is in Love With You

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Full of enthusiasm and energy, ENFPs approach love and relationships with the same level of passion and eagerness as they do in life. When an ENFP falls in love, they give it their all. These unique individuals feel with every fiber of their being, and they don’t hold back when it comes to love. In this blog post, we look at the ENFP in love and nine signs you’ve won their heart.

While ENFPs may seem light-hearted and carefree on the surface, they are actually deep and complex. They seek relationships that are meaningful and authentic. Surface-level connections just don’t cut it for an ENFP. They want a deep, emotional connection with their partner, and they are willing to put in the work to make it happen.

It’s essential to note that each individual is unique, and not all ENFPs will exhibit the same behaviors in love. But there are general signs that can help you identify whether an ENFP has fallen for you. Before we dive into those signs, let’s first understand how ENFPs fall in love.

How ENFPs fall in love

ENFPs have a vibrant and curious nature, and this extends to their love life. They approach relationships with an open heart and an open mind, always looking for new ways to connect on a deeper level with their partner. When an ENFP falls in love, they tend to do so quickly and wholeheartedly.

Compatibility in terms of morals and values is essential for ENFPs when it comes to love and relationships. They need someone who can engage in thought-provoking conversations—someone who is open-minded and willing to explore different perspectives on all kinds of topics.

ENFPs also look for a partner who can keep up with their fast-paced thought process and match their intensity. Their minds are always racing at a million miles per hour, and they need someone who can keep up with their constant flow of ideas. Jumping from topic to topic is second nature for ENFPs, and having someone who can follow along, at least to an extent, is vital for them.

Most importantly, ENFPs need to feel a deep emotional connection with their partner. They are highly empathetic individuals and crave a connection that goes beyond just physical attraction. When an ENFP falls in love, they want to understand every aspect of their partner’s mind and heart. This often involves digging deep into their partner’s thoughts and feelings.

When an ENFP falls for someone, they become fiercely loyal and devoted. They will go above and beyond to ensure that their partner feels loved and supported, and they will do whatever it takes to make the relationship work. They are romantics at heart, and they tend to embrace the process of falling in love, even if it can be overwhelming for them at times.

9 signs an ENFP is in love with you

Now that we have a better understanding of how an ENFP falls in love, let’s look at nine signs that show they’ve fallen for you.

1. They ask a lot of questions

As mentioned earlier, ENFPs are curious by nature and want to understand everything about the person they love. So if they are asking you a lot of questions, it’s a good sign that they are interested in you. From your childhood memories to your wildest dreams, an ENFP will want to know it all. When they love you, they are genuinely interested in your answers, so don’t be afraid to open up and share.

2. They brainstorm future plans with you

ENFPs are always thinking ahead about possibilities in the future. Brainstorming comes naturally to them, so if they want to talk about all the kinds of experiences and adventures they want to share with you, it’s a sign of their love. However, ENFPs aren’t the best planners. So while they have many ideas about the future, they might need your help to make them a reality and get dates in the diary.

3. They include you in their social circle

ENFPs love to be surrounded by people, and they have a wide social circle. When an ENFP falls in love, they will want to introduce you to the people who are important to them. They will make an effort to include you in their social events and gatherings, wanting you to feel like a part of their world. This is an important step for ENFPs as they value the opinions of their loved ones, and they like to see how their partner interacts with them.

4. They prioritize quality time with you

ENFPs are known for their busy schedules and endless energy. But when they are in love, they will make time for you. If an ENFP is choosing to spend their free time with you instead of filling it up with other activities, then it’s a sign that they have strong feelings for you. They are never short of people to see and things to do, so it’s not that they don’t have other options. It’s that they are choosing you as a priority.

5. They support your dreams and goals

ENFPs are natural cheerleaders, and when they fall in love with someone, they become their biggest supporter. They will encourage you to chase your dreams and reach for the stars. No aspiration is too lofty for an ENFP, so you can count on them to be encouraging and uplifting when it comes to your ambitions. They are ‘yes’ people who are brimming with optimism. When they are in love, they bring this positivity into their partner’s life, helping them to believe in themselves and their dreams.

6. They show their vulnerable side

ENFPs are known for being extroverted and outgoing, but when they fall in love, the more vulnerable parts of their personality start to surface. They become more open and honest about their feelings, fears, and insecurities. This is a huge step for an ENFP as they typically maintain a positive and upbeat persona, even when they are struggling. But when they trust and love someone, they feel comfortable showing their vulnerable side.

7. They communicate consistently

Consistent communication is a telltale sign that an ENFP is in love. They always enjoy talking and sharing their thoughts, but when they find someone special, they become even more communicative. They will call and message you frequently just because they enjoy talking to you. It’s common for ENFPs to drop off the face of the earth when they are busy or distracted by something. So if they make an effort to keep in touch with you consistently, it’s a sign that you hold a special place in their heart.

8. They remember the little things

While ENFPs may not have the best memory for details, they make a conscious effort to remember the little things that are important to the people they love. Whether it’s your favorite food, movie, or book, they will do their best to remember the small things that matter to you. This is a big deal for ENFPs, who typically have a lot going on in their minds. They often use this knowledge to surprise their partner with thoughtful gestures and gifts—it comes from a place of wanting to make their partner happy.

9. They share their passions with you

ENFPs are passionate individuals who love to explore and try new things. When they are in love, they want to share their passions with their partner and involve them in the activities they enjoy. Whether it’s hiking, dancing, or trying different cuisines, an ENFP will want to experience these things with you by their side. It’s exciting for them to combine things they love with the person they love.

Final thoughts on the ENFP in love

ENFPs may be complex and sometimes unpredictable, but when they fall in love, they are incredibly devoted partners. They will make you feel loved, supported, and cherished as they journey through life with you. ENFPs are naturally open and communicative, so if you’re unsure about their feelings, don’t be afraid to ask them directly.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an ENFP in your life who has fallen for you, cherish their unique qualities and enjoy the ride of being loved by this charming and adventurous personality type. And if you are an ENFP yourself, embrace your emotions and allow yourself to experience the process of falling in love.

Last but not least, remember that every ENFP’s way of expressing love is unique. Patience and open communication will help you uncover the depth of their feelings.

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