27 Fictional Characters with the ENFJ Personality Type

ENFJ characters

Today we look at 21 fictional ENFJ characters. ENFJs are charismatic and charming individuals. They have excellent people skills and are typically self-sacrificing, putting others’ needs ahead of their own.

ENFJs are natural-born leaders, and they love to take charge of a situation. They have strong personalities and are always looking for ways to help others. They are often very creative and enjoy coming up with new ideas.

ENFJs also have a strong sense of intuition, which helps them make sound decisions quickly. They are often excellent communicators and can easily motivate others to achieve their goals. ENFJs are usually very passionate about their beliefs and are always looking for ways to make the world a better place.

If you’re an ENFJ, you probably have a lot of friends and are always the life of the party. You enjoy being around people and usually have a strong network of support. You’re always looking for new ways to help others, and you’re usually the first person to volunteer for a project. You have a lot of energy and are always on the go. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and people are often drawn to your positive attitude.

From this list of ENFJ characters, you can see that the predominant unhealthy personality trait is manipulation. ENFJs can use their social skills to their advantage and can play people to get what they want. For example, Hans Westergaard from Frozen manipulated Elsa with his charm into trusting him and eventually falling for him.

From Jean Milburn, who is a sex therapist, to Mufasa, who teaches Simba all he knows about the Kingdom from a young age, ENFJs love to share their advice and help people, and they’re enthusiastic storytellers which makes it fun too!

ENFJ fictional characters

Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

Elle Woods is an ENFJ. She has undeniable powers of persuasion and uses her charm to convince people to do things. This, however, is not for personal gain but typically for the greater good. Elle Woods is passionate about causes she believes in. Elle Woods is a big advocate for animal rights. In Legally Blonde 2, she takes on Congress to try and pass a bill that would ban animal testing. When she sets her mind to something, she is unstoppable. Elle is also incredibly loyal to her friends and is always there for them when they need her. When Paulette wanted her dog back, Elle went above and beyond to make sure she got him back. ENFJs are natural-born leaders and Elle woods is no exception. When she became president of her sorority, she made it a place where people were welcomed and valued for who they were, not just for their looks. ENFJs are known for their selfless acts and Elle Woods is a perfect example of that.

Morpheus (The Matrix)

Morpheus is an ENFJ. He is warm and enthusiastic, unlike a lot of the other characters in The Matrix. He is inspirational to his crew members and they look up to him and his natural leadership skills. Morpheus often uses metaphors to explain things. This is a common trait of ENFJs, who are known for their verbal skills. Morpheus is also very loyal to his friends and he would do anything to help them. When Neo was in trouble, Morpheus went against the orders of the Matrix in order to save him. This led to Morpheus getting captured by the agents.

Moana Waialiki (Moana)

Moana is an ENFJ. Moana is an adventurous character who sets out on a quest with the ultimate goal of saving her people on the island. Moana is kind-hearted, charismatic, and also strong-willed. She is also incredibly fearless and she has no trouble standing up to Maui. ENFJs are natural-born leaders who are often able to inspire others to achieve their goals. Moana is a great example of an ENFJ personality type. Though Moana has moments of self-doubt, like most of us, she has great pride in who she is. And, like a typical ENFJ, she is headstrong, ambitious, and too stubborn to back away from new challenges. ENFJs are also known for their altruism and Moana is no exception. She puts the needs of her people above her own, even if it means sacrificing her own safety.

Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)

Derek Shepherd was an ENFJ. He was charismatic and charming with a killer smile and quick wit. He was caring, kind, and compassionate and had a deep understanding of Meredith, even when she didn’t know herself. ENFJs are known for their ability to read people and their deep understanding of human emotions. This is a great quality to have as a neurosurgeon. Derek was the perfect example of an ENFJ. He could always make Meredith laugh, even when she didn’t want to. He was her rock, her protector, and her best friend, after Cristina of course! Like a typical ENFJ, Derek was also a natural leader. Whilst he tried being Chief and didn’t like it, people still admired him and looked up to him. He was the best neurosurgeon after all! Derek used his intuition and always had a vision and could see the solution to difficult brain surgeries, often thinking outside of the box. We miss you, Derek!

Diana Prince, AKA Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman)

Dianna Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, is an ENFJ. She is self-sacrificing and has a deep desire to help other people, which is sparked by putting herself in their shoes, like a typical ENFJ. She is empathetic, a natural leader, and a peacekeeper. If she believes something is right, she does it, even though she continually puts herself in danger, which is exactly what you need from a superhero. Wonder Woman also has a very strict moral compass. ENFJs typically hate small talk and prefer to have in-depth conversations, which is why Wonder Woman is often seen as a bit of an outsider. However, she does enjoy close relationships with a few select people. She is fiercely loyal and will do anything for the people she loves. ENFJs are known for their boundless energy and enthusiasm. Wonder Woman embodies this trait perfectly. She never backs down from a challenge.

Harvey Dent, AKA. Two-face (The Dark Knight Trilogy)

Harvey Dent was an ENFJ. Harvey was a charismatic leader, always knowing how to work the crowds and he gave confident speeches at press conferences. His split personality character, Two-face, is more of an ENTJ. His grief consumes him, which leads him to become power-hungry and lose all his morals. As Two-face, he is vengeful and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. However, as Harvey Dent, he was a good man who only wanted what was best for Gotham City. ENFJs are known for their ability to see both the good and bad in people. This is why Harvey Dent was such a successful prosecutor. He could see the potential for good in people, even when they had done bad things. However, as Two-face, he can only see the darkness in people. ENFJs are known for their idealism and their belief in the power of Positive Thinking. This is why Harvey Dent was able to remain hopeful for Gotham City, even when it seemed like everything was falling apart. Two-face, on the other hand, has lost all hope and believes that Gotham City is beyond saving.

Jean Milburn (Sex Education)

Jean Milburn is an ENFJ character. She is excellent at communicating and highly articulate, which is perfect for her job as a sex therapist. Jean is always open and honest with her son, Otis. She is always seeking to understand others, and she has a lot of empathy, which is typical of ENFJs. However, Jean can be quite intrusive, not giving people the space they need. She can’t help but give Otis and his friends advice, even though they don’t want it. Jean’s ENFJ traits led her to be a well-meaning but overly sharing mother, who often doesn’t know when to stop.

Mufasa (The Lion King)

Mufasa was the ultimate ENFJ Disney character. He was kind, caring, and brave. He had a deep understanding of the different animals in the kingdom. Mufasa understood how to lead with a harmonious balance. He also always tried to see the best in people, even when they made mistakes. Mufasa knew Scar was bad but he didn’t know quite how evil he was. Mufasa was someone who truly understood the importance of family. He would do anything for Nala and Simba. He was also a great teacher. Mufasa passed on his advice to Simba in true ENFJ fashion. He taught Simba, about the circle of life and how to be a good leader.

Love Quinn (You)

Love Quinn is an unhealthy ENFJ, the extroverted version of Joe. She gives off the impression of being an ENFP but her moves are incredibly calculated and this ENFP persona is just a mask. She is good at reading people and manages to keep up with Joe’s mind. As a typical ENFJ, Love is a people pleaser and will do anything to make sure that the people she loves are happy. She would do anything for Forty and Joe, including kill people that get in the way of her relationship with them. Unhealthy ENFJs can be self-destructive, which can be seen in Love’s relationship with Joe, her family, and her previous husband.

Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction)

Jules Winnfield is an ENFJ. He is deeper than your typical hitman. He is superstitious and sees the deeper meaning behind events. Jules is adaptable and can change plans, using emotions rather than logic to guide his decisions. Jules is also a people person. He is charming and can talk his way out of any situation. ENFJs are typically warm, compassionate, and interested in other people. They are good at reading people and understanding their feelings. Jules is confident and optimistic, and he has a strong vision for the future. ENFJs are typically good at communication and they have a knack for understanding people. They are typically good at understanding others’ feelings and they are often described as being “in tune” with other people’s emotions, just like Jules Winnfield.

Alison DiLaurentis (Pretty Little Liars)

Alison DeLaurentis is an unhealthy ENFJ. On the surface, Alison is charismatic, popular and the natural leader within the girl group before her disappearance. However, Alison knows how to work a room, to a point that she was a master manipulator and used her emotional connections with people to her benefit. Alison was a jealous character who craved power and attention, to a point that she was willing to hurt others in order to get what she wanted. Alison’s unhealthy ENFJ traits led her to be a dangerous and manipulative person, who was often unable or unwilling to empathize with others. This made her a difficult person to be around and ultimately led to her downfall. She would often gaslight her friends and use their insecurities against them.

Terry Jeffords (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Terry Jeffords is an ENFJ. He is insightful and takes the time to get to know his team members and what makes them tick. He has a strong desire to be liked by people, even if he doesn’t know them. And he definitely is. ENFJs are popular people and Terry is no exception. He is loved by everyone in the precinct. Terry is protective, ambitious, and fearless. He would do anything to protect and help his squad. All of these typical ENFJ qualities are what make him an amazing leader and captain of the 99th Precinct.

Donna Paulsen (Suits)

Donna Paulsen is a typical ENFJ. She is charming, charismatic, and knows how to play people to get what she wants, like a true ENFJ. She is incredibly loyal to her closest friends, Harvey, Mike, and Rachel, and goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is safe and happy. Donna is always looking for ways to help others, and she has a strong moral compass. She can be a bit bossy at times, but her intentions are always good. Donna has a deep intuition, just like an ENFJ. Donna knows by just looking at someone that something is wrong or something has happened. She also knows what Harvey is thinking and what he wants before he even does. Donna is the classic example of an ENFJ. She is always putting others first and she truly cares about everyone around her, including Louis who has made a number of questionable decisions over his time.

Mike Wheeler (Stranger Things)

Mike Wheeler is an ENFJ fictional character. He is the leader of the Hawkins AV Club and he is always looking out for his friends. He is a natural leader and people are drawn to his optimistic attitude. Mike is also very loyal to his friends and he would do anything for them. Mike is passionate and can be stubborn. When his friends thought Eleven was weird, Mike wanted to help her, so he kept her safe and fed her. This is typical of ENFJs, who are known for their selfless acts. Mike also uses his intuition and he knew that Will was still alive, even when everyone else thought he was dead.

Mia Dolan (La La Land)

Mia Dolan from La La Land is an ENFJ. ENFJs have a tendency to seek validation from other people and Mia does this throughout the film, from her family and Sebastian. She has big dreams for her future and she has an idealistic vision of what it will look like, This is typical of ENFJs, who are future-oriented and goal-driven. Mia is very passionate about her work as an actress and she will do whatever it takes to achieve her dreams. This single-mindedness is something that can be both a strength and a weakness for ENFJs. Mia is also very loyal to her friends and family. When she found out that Sebastian was struggling, she helped him out without hesitation.

Neil Perry (Dead Poets Society)

Neil Perry was an ENFJ fictional character. He was well-liked and people looked up to him, which enabled him to revive the Dead Poets Society. He tried to keep the peace with people whilst dreaming of a big future for himself. Neil was also a great leader and had the ability to inspire people. This is a quality that many ENFJs have. Neil Perry ended up sacrificing his own dreams for the sake of his father, which led to his tragic death.

Rachel Berry (Glee)

Rachel Berry is an ENFJ exhibiting both healthy and unhealthy personality traits of this type. Rachel is good at reading people and has high levels of emotional intelligence. However, she often uses this to manipulate people into doing what she wants. She also has a strong need for social validation and can’t stand it when people dislike her. Rachel is very passionate about her dreams and will do whatever it takes to achieve them. This often leads to her putting her own needs above those of others, which is a typical unhealthy trait of ENFJs. Rachel is also a natural leader and people are often drawn to her optimistic attitude and infectious enthusiasm. However, she can be bossy and overbearing, which often alienates people.

Hans Westergaard (Frozen)

Hans Westergaard is an unhealthy ENFJ. Hans uses his strong understanding of people to manipulate them for personal gain. He manipulated and charmed Elsa into trusting him so he could be powerful and take the throne. Unhealthy ENFJs are often self-centered and have a need to be in control, exactly like Hans Westergaard. Hans is the kind of guy who always has an ulterior motive. He’s the type of person who is always looking for ways to get ahead, even if it means stepping on other people to do so. Hans is charming and charismatic, but don’t be fooled by his act like Elsa was!

Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother)

Lily Aldrin, from HIMYM, is a typical ENFJ. ENFJs love to give advice and share their experience with people, which is exactly what Lily does. She thinks of future possibilities and enjoys control. ENFJs are master manipulators and Lily used this skill to manipulate Ted in his relationships if she couldn’t see the woman fitting in with the group’s future. She is a natural leader and often takes charge when it comes to organizing events or planning get-togethers. Lily is also very intuitive and can often sense what others are feeling, even if they don’t express it verbally. This ability to read people makes her an excellent listener and counselor.

Chris Traeger (Parks and Recreation)

Chris Traeger is an ENFJ. He is a caring leader that gives positive energy. He is passionate, charismatic, and has natural confidence. Chris acts with the team’s best interests at heart, rather than individuals. ENFJs like Chris are known for their ability to read people, as well as their deep understanding of human emotions. This is a great quality to have as a government official. Chris always has positive energy and is always looking on the bright side of things, like a typical ENFJ. He is also a great listener and gives great advice, even if it isn’t always what people want to hear. He is a natural leader that people look up to and admire. We need more Chris Traegers in the world!

Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones)

Margaery Tyrell was an ENFJ. She has undeniable powers of persuasion and she is able to use these skills to convince people to do things. She used her effortless charm to grab Joffrey’s attention and she eventually became his wife and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Margaery was disgusted by Joffrey but would’ve used her queen status to make a positive change. ENFJs are known for their selfless acts and Margaery would’ve done anything to help the people she loved, like her brother and her Grandmother, even if it meant going against the wishes of her King. Margaery is also very loyal to her family and she would do anything for them. This is a common trait of ENFJs, who are known for their selfless acts. Margaery married Renly Baratheon to cover up her brother’s homosexuality.

Gwen Stacey (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Gwendolyne Stacy is an ENFJ. ENFJs are highly adept at reading with people and know what to do and say to make everyone feel comfortable. Gwen is an excellent communicator and is always able to find the right words to say. Gwen does this with Peter Parker often, and also at the beginning when she protects Peter from Flash, the bully. ENFJs are deeply intuitive. They understand people and can see beneath the surface. This allows them to be great at understanding situations without the need for words. Gwen understood her father asked Peter to stay away from Gwen as his dying wish just by looking when she went to find out where Peter had gone. However, like most ENFJs, Gwen can be stubborn and think that her way is the best way. She is ambitious and confident in her abilities, like a true ENFJ.

Queenie Goldstein (Fantastic Beasts)

Queenie Goldstein from Fantastic Beasts is an ENFJ personality type. She is nurturing, supportive, and encouraging to those around her. Queenie is also highly intuitive, which is further helped by her Legilimency – the ability to read minds! So being able to read and understand the feelings and motives of others makes her an excellent judge of character. However, she can also be quite impressionable and may be easily influenced by those around her. Queenie is also very altruistic and charismatic, which is typical of ENFJs. It’s what makes people so drawn to them. She’s also very creative and expressive, often using her magic to make things more beautiful. Queenie is definitely a people person and loves being surrounded by those she cares about.

John B. Routledge (Outer Banks)

John B. Routledge from Outer Banks is an ENFJ personality type. John B is outgoing, loyal, and caring to those he loves, just like an ENFJ. John B’s goal is to finish what his father started and find the gold that is said to be on the island. He uses his intuition and his optimism on his journey, managing to get him and Sarah Cameron out of many tricky situations. He is also a bit of a dreamer, which is actually helpful for a task like finding gold. However, John B is always quick to snap back into reality and focus on what needs to be done. ENFJs are natural-born leaders, like John B. He is the leader of the Pogues and will do whatever it takes to protect them.

Oh Il-Nam / No. 001 (Squid Game)

Oh Il-Nam, also known as No. 001, from Squid Game was an ENFJ. As one of the founders of Squid Game, Il-Nam was intending to spread a message that it’s a dog-eat-dog world and humans are ultimately selfish, whilst also getting pleasure out of watching it. Squid Game in itself is an abstract concept. There are hidden clues for each of the tasks and it requires players to see the patterns, connect the dots, and then work together. ENFJs are gifted with the ability to see these patterns and connect the dots effortlessly. Il-Nam’s ENFJ personality helped him succeed in his field of work. He was able to motivate and inspire those around him to achieve their goals. He was also very good at reading people and understanding their needs. This made him a great leader and team player.

Emma Woodhouse (Emma)

Emma Woodhouse is an ENFJ character. She’s outgoing and energetic, always looking to make things just a little bit better. Emma is the kind of person who is always looking out for others and is always keen to get involved in peoples’ love lives, even when they don’t want her to! Emma is always trying to do her best, but she doesn’t always get it right. She’s well-meaning, but her meddling can sometimes cause more harm than good. ENFJs can be quite sensitive to criticism and they can also be quite stubborn. Emma doesn’t like being disagreed with and happily engages in fierce arguments when people tell her to butt out.

Lily Potter (Harry Potter)

Lily Potter was an ENFJ. She was popular, outgoing, and friendly, all common personality traits of an ENFJ. People are naturally drawn to ENFJs and their effortless charm. This can be said for Lily who was loved by Severus Snape and also one of Slughorn’s favorite students. Lily was also a very compassionate person. She always saw the best in people, even when they didn’t see it in themselves. This is why she sparked up a friendship with Snape, and also why she fell in love with James Potter, who was arrogant and rude at school. ENFJs are ambitious people who make great leaders. This is fitting for Lily who was head girl in her final year of Hogwarts. Finally, ENFJs are selfless and care deeply about others. Lily made the ultimate self-sacrifice to protect Harry and defeat Lord Voldemort. She is the epitome of an ENFJ.

ENFJ fictional characters

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