Fictional Characters with the INTP Personality Type

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Fictional Characters with the INTP Personality Type

Today we look at 21 fictional INTP characters. INTPs are logical and complex individuals who typically have a calming presence. They are adept at combining their creativity with their analytical skills, which makes them great innovators, especially when it comes to STEM.

From this list of INTP fictional characters, you can see that they have a high level of intellect with a high average IQ.

INTPs typically base their decisions solely on logic and remove emotions from the equation. This also means that they can be quite blunt when communicating with people. For example, April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation says it as it is, with little regard to other people’s feelings.

From Sherlock Holmes, who is one of the most iconic detectives on our screens, to Nick Miller, who jumps around from idea to idea, INTPs are constantly questioning the world around them and their buzzing mind can lead them to appear absent-minded and distant.

Neo (The Matrix)

Neo is the coolest of all of the INTP characters. Neo has a thirst for knowledge and answers. He is constantly analyzing things and solves problems with creative logic. He is a cybercriminal and has deep understanding of coding, which is typical for an INTP.

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice is a rare Disney INTP character. She lives in her own world, Wonderland, and questions all aspects of life around her. She loves nothing more than digging into a concept and seeking truths with an analytical and logical approach. But Alice, who thought up Wonderland in her head, combines her rigorous analytical temperament with her creativity to question the world she made up and realizes that she doesn’t actually like it there.

Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)

Sherlock Holmes is an INTP. He is incredibly logical and likes cold hard facts. He has an internal framework of knowledge and carefully vets new information for validity because accepting false information feels wrong to INTPs, including Sherlock, on many levels.

April Ludgate (Parks and Recreation)

April Ludgate is an INTP. She is blunt and straight to the point, with little thought for how her words may affect other people. April has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, and she is the master of back-handed compliments. Aubrey Plaza, who plays April, is also an INTP.

Donnie Darko (Donnie Darko)

Donnie Darko is an INTP character. He uses logic and approaches the world from a scientific point of view. He focuses on the bigger picture and understands that there may be some pain and suffering in the short-term to enable a brighter future. Donnie Darko has a busy mind which can result in difficulty concentrating.

Nine Ball AKA. Leslie (Ocean’s 8)

Nine Ball is an INTP. She is a technology genius, albeit a criminal, that has a unique and creative way of thinking. She uses this to come up with original ideas to help the team break into the Met Gala and undertake the heist.

Napoleon Dynamite (Napoleon Dynamite)

Napoleon Dynamite is the ultimate INTP character. Napoleon lives in his own head and has his own way of doing things. He is original and looks at life from unique angle. He has difficulty reading people’s emotions and is very blunt in the way he approaches human interactions.

Teresa Agnes (Maze Runner)

Teresa Agnes was an INTP. She ultimately made a logical decision to benefit the rest of the world, even thought this resulted in betraying people. Her rational, level-headed thinking enabled her to find the cure for the virus. She was intelligent and skilled with technology.

Chidi Anagonye (The Good Place)

Chidi Anagonye is an INTP. He believes that problems can be solved with logic and he bases his morals around logic too. He can appear emotionally unresponsive in the heat of the moment, which is typical of INTPs.

Ariadne (Inception)

Ariadne is an INTP character. Her ability to create a new world in her imagination shows a deep level of creative thinking and intuition. Ariadne makes logical decisions based on her internal framework of knowledge. And, at the same time, she is quick to understand and respond to new information and ideas.

Mr Bean (Mr Bean)

Mr Bean is an INTP. He is naturally curious and enjoys learning about new things. He bases his decisions on logic and acts on them with little regard to future consequences or the feelings of others. Mr Bean is an introverted character and enjoys being alone.

Lily Iglehart (Sex Education)

Lily Iglehart is an INTP character. She is quirky, original and lives in her own world. She comes across as awkward and only really wants to have sex with people so she isn’t left behind. She is creative and thinks outside of the box.

Yoda (Star Wars)

Yoda is an INTP. He is analytical and, when it comes to decision making, he removes emotions from the equation and focuses on logic. He can see emotions as a weakness, particularly when it comes to Luke Skywalker. Yoda is reserved and private about his own personal life.

Amy Farrah Fowler (The Big Bang Theory)

Amy Farrah Fowler is an INTP. With her occupation in neuroscience, Amy fits the INTP stereotype well. She relates science, and scientific metaphors, to her everyday life as this is what comes naturally to her. Her husband, Sheldon, is an ISTJ which is an interesting dynamic for a couple.

Jughead Jones (Riverdale)

Jughead Jones is an INTP. He analyzes situations in an objective way and he is highly rational. Jughead is appears emotionally detached from Riverdale, particularly in his voice over. He is dry, sarcastic and quick-witted.

Nick Miller (New Girl)

Nick Miller is an INTP. Nick is creative when it comes to thinking of new ideas and new ways of doing things. His mind is always in overdrive and he thinks outside of the box, moving from one crazy idea to another. Nick and Jess, as two perceivers, can be quite chaotic at times!

Rustin Cohle (True Detective)

Rustin Cohle is an INTP. Rustin is a complex intellectual who loves nothing more than digging into a crime and seeking the truth. He is adaptable and innovative, looking at crimes from a fresh and unique angle. Similarly to Sherlock, these are valuable qualities for detective work.

Lucius Fox (The Dark Knight)

Lucius Fox is an INTP. He uses his creativity and rationale to think up new and exciting inventions for Batman. His analytical skills and adaptability allow him to continually innovate and think of new ways in which to help Batman save Gotham through STEM.

Will Hunting (Good Will Hunting)

Will Hunting is an INTP. Will is a mathematics genius that overanalyzes things and isolates himself from others. He has an incredible memory for complicated data, which is typical of an INTP. Will lives in his head and thinks about future possibilities and outcomes.

Patrick Star (Spongebob Squarepants)

Patrick Star is an INTP. He isn’t the brightest spark in the book and you wouldn’t say he was your typical scientist INTP, however, he very much lives in his own head and makes decisions based on logic. He says of himself, “the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.” Like a true INTP!

Arthur Weasley (Harry Potter)

Arthur Weasley is an INTP character. He finds new concepts and ideas fascinating, such as the muggle world. Arthur Weasley is always looking to learn, and enjoys asking Harry about his muggle life, including pondering what the function of a rubber duck is. He gets overexcited about his inventions, even if he breaks the rules in the making of them.

INTP fictional characters

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