21 Fictional Characters with the ESTP Personality Type

ESTP characters

Today we look at 21 fictional ESTP characters. ESTPs have a strong presence and are comfortable in the spotlight. They aren’t afraid to take a risk. The phrase ‘rules are made to be broken’ was made for this personality type.

One thing we know for sure is that ESTPs are the most adventurous personality type. They prefer to be out in the world doing things and learning as they go. They are doers after all! And you can guarantee that life with an ESTP will never be boring.

ESTPs can be ruthless, arrogant and selfish. They are focused on the here and now and unhealthy ESTPs take action based on what they want to do with little regard to the consequences or other peoples’ feelings.

There are a number of villainous ESTPs on this list of fictional characters. For example, Ramsay Bolton, from Game of Thrones, was the most evil character in the series. He tortured Theon Greyjoy, both mentally and physically in odd ways, for his own pleasure.

From Georgia Miller, who can get herself out of any situation, to Damon Salvatore, who can charm practically anyone, ESTPs are charismatic and dynamic personalities who take charge in all types of situations.

ESTP fictional characters

Sirius Black (Harry Potter)

Sirius Black was an ESTP. Sirius had a strong presence and was always willing to push the boundaries and take a risk, although he didn’t necessarily see it as a risk. An example of this is when he escaped from Azkaban to go after Peter Pettigrew even though people thought he was after Harry. He was impulsive and quick to act when it came to rescuing Harry and walked straight into the Ministry of Magic, even though he was still on the run.

Eleanor Shellstrop (The Good Place)

Eleanor Shellstrop is an unhealthy ESTP. She was always living in the present moment, making the most of life with a no-nonsense enthusiasm. In doing so, she was selfish, manipulative and a bully. Eleanor’s challenge is to be a good person and remain in the Good Place, which is not somewhere she belongs. Over time, however, Eleanor becomes less self-serving and looks out for her friends more.

Han Solo (Star Wars)

Han Solo is a great example of a healthy ESTP. He is logical, dynamic and observant. These personality traits make physically skilled fighter. Han isn’t afraid to take a risk. He even enjoys the thrill of it and continues to go on his dangerous missions. Han is a charismatic smooth-talker he very much lives in the moment and makes his decisions on the spot, all traits of an ESTP.

Jennifer Check (Jennifer’s Body)

Jennifer Check, from Jennifer’s Body, is a typical ESTP female character. She lives in the physical world and is in tune with her surroundings. Jennifer lives in the moment and isn’t interested in future possibilities. Instead, she adapts to her environment and reacts accordingly. Jennifer uses and maintains her looks to get what she wants. She kills all the boys because she doesn’t like them and it kept her strong. She didn’t feel any emotions when doing this.

Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

Damon Salvatore is an ESTP. He is confident, charming and impulsive. Damon gets bored easily and needs to be stimulated and entertained. When it comes to his victims, Damon will create his own fun. When Damon is feeling sorry for himself and is hurt, he turns sensory pleasures such as sex, alcohol and feeding on people.

Georgia Miller (Ginny and Georgia)

Georgia Miller is an ESTP. She is charming and confident character who isn’t afraid to break a few rules to get what she wants. Georgia is nothing if not a realist, as said by Ginny, and she keeps her feet firmly on the ground, remaining practical and is always on her guard. Georgia doesn’t overthink or worry about things and no problem is too big for her to overcome and move on from.

Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)

Chuck Bass is an ESTP. He acts on impulse and doesn’t overthink the consequences of his actions (*cough* Jenny on numerous occasions). Like an ESTP, Chuck is stimulated by the physical would and enjoys pleasure in the form of sex, alcohol and expensive things. Chuck takes it upon himself to keep things interesting, whether it be with Blair, Nate or Dan, he likes to be a spectator of the drama and stir the pot for his own entertainment.

Maui (Moana)

Maui is an ESTP. He is focused on his physical appearance and wants to maintain his strong body and silky hair. Like an ESTP, Maui is playful, adventurous and mischievous. He loves the praise and attention he gets from humans as a demigod. He is driven by his ego and his desire to be loved and validated as he was denied this by his parents. Moana uses this to her benefit as she tells Maui that returning the heart will restore his positive reputation across the world.

Gimli (Lord of The Rings)

Gimli is an iconic ESTP. He is a doer. He isn’t interested in talking around in a circle about a plan; he wants to get going on the journey to destroy the ring. This was after he tried to break it with his axe just to see what would happen. Gimli famously said, “”Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?” which pretty much sums up the ESTP personality type.

Max Mayfield (Stranger Things)

Max Mayfield is an ESTP. She is an energetic and dynamic individual who loves to go out and try new things rather than sit around and wait for them to happen. Like an ESTP, Max is assertive, logical and direct. She was quiet when she was first introduced, and came across as introverted, but this was due to moving to a new town and not knowing anybody. Over time, she fitted in well and her extroversion started to show.

Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Jaime Lannister was an ESTP. He started as an unhealthy ESTP and a villain, and gradually developed into a healthier version of the ESTP personality type. At the beginning Jaime had didn’t care about anyone else but himself and his family. He showed no remorse when he pushed Bran Stark out of the window. Over the series, Jaime becomes kinder, more caring and more moral, although not totally as he is often blinded by being in love with his sister, Cersei Lannister.

Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)

Bart Simpson is an ESTP. He is a sociable character who loves spending time with his friends and he often gets himself into trouble. Bart is not afraid to push the boundaries, like a true ESTP. Bart is not interested in theoretical concepts and instead learns by going out into the world and trying different things. Bart and Lisa, an INFJ, are the exact opposite personality types.

John Bender (The Breakfast Club)

John Bender is an ESTP. He was disrespectful and rude at the beginning of the movie. He took pleasure in making others feel uncomfortable, by bullying, teasing and sexually harassing people. Rules are meant to be broken in John’s eyes and he doesn’t take well to authority and organized environments. Towards the end of the film he becomes kinder and more caring, and eventually learns how to express his feelings towards Claire, an ISFJ, in a healthy way. Claire and John would be the perfect personality match on So Syncd.

Lisa Rowe (Girl, Interrupted)

Lisa Rowe is an unhealthy ESTP. She is rebellious, egotistical and cold-hearted. Lisa also leads Susanna down her trouble-making path. Like an ESTP, Lisa isn’t afraid to take a risk, continuously escaping from the institution and running away. Lisa feels no remorse for her hurtful actions towards others and just uses people to better her own position, such as using Daisy for money.

Jang Deok-su / No. 101 (Squid Game)

Jang Deok-su (No. 101) was an unhealthy ESTP. He was an arrogant and obnoxious person who loved nothing more than being the centre of attention within his posse. He was the loudest and most obnoxious player in the Squid Game, often laughing at other players’ expense. Jang Deok-su used other players in the game for his own benefit and was merciless when it came to his own survival.

Flynn Rider / Eugene Fitzherbert (Tangled)

Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert) is an ESTP. He is an arrogant, trouble-maker who loves to break the rules and made a name for himself as a thief. His goal was to become the wealthiest person in all the land. Flynn often used his charm to get himself out of tricky situations. Rapunzel, an ENFP, isn’t fooled by his alter ego, and prefers Flynn Rider as Eugene Fitzherbert.

Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones)

Khal Drogo was an ESTP. ESTPs are practical and Khal Drogo put this trait to use as he was highly skilled when it came to fighting, having never been defeated. He was also a ruthless fighter and a cold-hearted leader, seeing no problem with slavery, rape or murder, which were all long-standing parts of the Dothraki culture. He was a strong leader who showed his softer side when it came to Daenerys, his Khaleesi. Daenerys, an INFJ, and Khal Drogo were the exact opposite personality types.

Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

Buzz Lightyear is a typical ESTP. He has an abundance of charisma and was adored by Andy and his other toys as soon as he came on the scene. His boldness and courage make him a natural leader. At So syncd, we call ESTPs So Adventurous, and Buzz Lightyear epitomizes this. He is always up for a mission and an adventure…to infinity and beyond!

Ramsay Bolton (Game of Thrones)

Ramsay Bolton, another ESTP Game of Thrones character, was the most evil character of the whole season. Ramsay was an extremely unhealthy ESTP. Ramsay was manipulative, egotistical and selfish. For his own pleasure and amusement, Ramsay tortures people with absolutely no remorse whatsoever. He is aggressive, impulsive and gets bored easily. This leads him to torment his victims, namely Theon Greyjoy, in even more hurtful and creative ways.

Lily / The Black Swan (The Black Swan)

Lily (The Black Swan) was an unhealthy ESTP. She was carefree, manipulative and ruthless. Lily depicted the dark and sensual Black Swan, the opposite to Nina’s innocent and fragile White Swan. She represents everything Nina wanted to be. This is further amplified by Lily being an ESTP and Nina being an INFJ, the exact opposite personality types of each other.

Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

Gaston is an unhealthy ESTP Disney villain. He is arrogant, impulsive and ruthless. Gaston is in touch with the physical world and is driven by his five senses. He is focused on being strong and takes a lot of pride in his physical appearance. He uses this to charm the people in the village and enjoys being the centre of attention. Gaston’s arrogance and recklessness leads him to believe he can conquer the beast and win Belle, as he views women as possessions.

Final thoughts on ESTP fictional characters

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