21 Fictional Characters with the ISTP Personality Type

ISTP fictional characters

Today we look at 21 fictional ISTP characters. ISTPs are easy-going and take life as it comes. They are straightforward individuals who don’t overthink or worry about situations that can’t be changed.

ISTPs are the most practical personality type and they are very present in the physical world around them. They are natural problem solvers; give them and issue and they will use trial-and-error to resolve it.

They are typically private people who don’t tend to give much away. This can create an enigmatic aura that makes people want to dig deeper and know more about them.

ISTP females are the rarest of the sensor personality types. However, you can see that this list of ISTP fictional characters is full of badass females. For example, Katniss Everdeen survived and even won the Hunger Games out of 24 people.

ISTPs’ adaptable nature means they are flexible and open-minded which makes them easy to be around.

From James Bond, who has escaped many tricky situations, to Arya Stark, who was ultimately a trained assassin, ISTPs are spontaneous individuals that are always up for an adventure and can think quickly in a crisis.

ISTP fictional characters

Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Rosa Diaz is an ISTP. She is considered the tough guy in the team. Like a true ISTP, she is extremely reserved and takes pride in the fact that people don’t know much about her, preferring to give off an air of mystery. ISTPs can be protective of their personal space and need solitude. Even Rosa’s friends don’t know much about her but they know one rule of hers: Rosa won’t let people crash at her place, ever!

Jim Hopper (Stranger Things)

Jim Hopper is a stereotypical ISTP, all the way down to his job as a police officer. Jim is the one that pursues Will’s disappearance and finds out the truth about Eleven and the lab experiments. ISTPs can struggle to deal with emotions and find them overwhelming. This was the case for Jim when his daughter died and he turned to alcohol and drugs to help him through the emotional pain he was dealing with.

Rue Bennett (Euphoria)

Rue Bennett is an unhealthy ISTP. With a rebellious streak (and a serious drug addiction), Rue has a wild side and and she isn’t afraid to break the rules, just like an ISTP. She doesn’t like to conform to social norms and prefers to do things her own way. She clearly doesn’t feel any pressure to ‘fit in’. Rue is quite private and quiet. She doesn’t tend to give much away and prefers to keep herself to herself, only opening up to a couple of close friends.

Alex Karev (Grey’s Anatomy)

Alex Karev is an ISTP. He is the coolest of cool in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and he takes life as it comes. You don’t see Alex Karev panicking in a crisis. Like an ISTP, he is private with his emotions and, when it comes to relationships, Alex can find the irrational nature of emotions overwhelming, which can sometimes cause challenges. It has led Alex to lashing out at random people or even cheating on Izzy.

Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met Your Mother)

Robin Scherbatsky is a typical ISTP. She is a grounded character who goes after what she wants and lives in the present rather than worrying about her future and where she will be in five years time. Robin makes decisions based on objective logic rather than emotions. ISTPs love an adventure and this can be said for Robin who was open to moving to Japan and then, when she broke up with Ted, she left for a spontaneous trip to Argentina.

Thomas (Maze Runner)

Thomas is an ISTP in the movie version of Maze Runner. He is practical and is naturally analytical when it comes to solving problems, which is typical on an ISTP. Thomas is adaptable and resourceful in an emergency. He can improvise and responds to the situation by thinking quickly and acting fast. Thomas trusts his body and his instincts to help him escape from the maze and save his friends.

Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)

Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games is an ISTP. She was adaptable ever since the beginning, always being able to work with what limited resources she had to win The Hunger Games. Katniss takes life as it comes and sees no point in beating around the bush, preferring to be direct with her thoughts and opinions.

Shrek (Shrek)

Shrek is a typical ISTP. His practicality and rationality means that he’s good to have around in a crisis. When Lord Farquaad dumped the fairytale creatures on his swamp, he knew the quickest way to resolve this was head straight to the kingdom and discuss the issue directly. Shrek, as an ISTP, values his alone time and his own space, which is why he didn’t want donkey to go with him on his journey at first.

Kang Sae-byeok / No. 067 (Squid Game)

Kang Sae-byeok was an ISTP. She was practical, remaining unfazed by the issues she was faced in the games. Instead she worked through the problems logically and was resourceful with her surroundings. She quickly adapted to her situation when she ended up in Squid Game and she was one of the easiest contestants to have around, which is not surprising given she is an ISTP.

Kristoff Bjorgman (Frozen)

Kristoff Bjorgman is an ISTP. Kristoff chose to live an isolated life, with no real contact to the outside world, with Sven and the trolls to keep him company. Kristoff is a natural problem solver and he is incredibly loyal, putting Sven above anything else. He provides a realistic point of view to Anna’s idealistic ENFP view point.

Fa Mulan (Mulan)

Fa Mulan is a rare ISTP Disney princess. Female ISTPs are fiercely independent, which can definitely be said for Mulan. She is practical and resourceful. Plus, she is able to think quickly and act fast, particularly against the Hun Army. These personality traits, along with Mulan’s adaptability and determination, helped her to defeat the Hun Army.

Jason Bourne (Bourne Series)

Jason Bourne is an ISTP. He is a challenging fictional character to type as he has been trained to the highest standard so he has a wide mix of skills. However, overall Jason Bourne acts and thinks like an ISTP. He is highly physical, has a strong level of focus and relies on his instinct to act in the moment. Bourne is aware of his physical environment and can read people, which helps him stay one step ahead, just like an ISTP.

Kate Dibiasky (Don’t Look Up)

Kate Dibiasky is an ISTP. She is smart, creative and analytical. Kate is frustrated by the people around her being illogical in the face of the end of the world and their behavior just doesn’t make sense to her. She leads with logic, so much so that she doesn’t take into account how her words could affect other people emotionally. Kate doesn’t let the small stuff go easily either. Six months after the event, she is still wondering why the general charged them for snacks at a free bar.

Hwang Jun-ho (Squid Game)

Hwang Jun-ho is another ISTP police officer. On his mission to track down his brother, he spontaneously jumped on the ferry and seized the opportunity, albeit it was slightly impulsive and reckless given he had no idea what lay ahead. He was able to adapt to his environment when he was on the island and was able to work with what costumes he could find in the various rooms.

Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)

Arya Stark is an ISTP. Young ISTP females don’t tend to like stereotypical feminine behaviours such as shopping and make-up, and this is definitely Arya. She wanted to be the best fighter there ever was in King’s Landing but due to the stereotypical gender roles in the society, she found it difficult to be taken seriously, to the extent that meant she even pretended to be male for a period of time.

Sandor Clegane / The Hound (Game of Thrones)

Sandor Clegane (The Hound) was an ISTP, just like Arya Stark. They made the perfect ISTP pair, taking on each of the challenges they faced. The Hound was an unhealthy ISTP in the sense that he predominantly only cared about himself and his riches. However, his good side occasionally shone through and he gave people like Sansa and Arya Stark a chance when they were in danger. The Hound was one of the top fighters in the whole of the Seven Kingdoms, which is not a surprise for an ISTP.

Alex Vause (Orange is the New Black)

Alex Vause is an ISTP. She is calm, passive and introverted. Alex preferred to stay in the background and under the radar in the prison. She focuses on doing what she want to for herself and not other inmates. She even threw Piper under the bus to save herself prison time. Private and reserved, Alex prefers small talk and doesn’t like to get into conversations about the details of her personal life.

Patrick Verona (10 Things I Hate About You)

Patrick Verona is an ISTP. He doesn’t conform to social norms enforced on others and isn’t afraid to break the rules, like smoking in class! As an ISTP, Patrick doesn’t tend to care what other people think of him, instead he chooses to ignore the rumors going around about him, like that he ate a live duck. He stays relaxed and continues to have his own fun, almost enjoying the fact people are scared of him.

Maeve Wiley (Sex Education)

Maeve Wiley is an ISTP. ISTPs can be stubborn and inflexible, which can definitely be said for Maeve. She doesn’t budge easily or accept people’s help, preferring to say ‘no’ a lot and doing things in her own way. Maeve is very private when it comes to her own emotions and almost struggles to understand them. For example, she didn’t know she liked Otis and when she finally realized, it was too late and she didn’t want to act on it.

James Bond (James Bond)

James Bond is a typical ISTP. He has an enigmatic charm that draws people to him. People, particularly women, view him as attractive and they try to figure him out. As an ISTP, James Bond loves the thrill of an adrenaline rush, particularly from taking physical risks. This makes Bond an ideal person to have around in a crisis. With his practicality and spontaneity, he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, just like an ISTP.

Django Freeman (Django Unchained)

Django Freeman is an ISTP. He is highly in tune with the physical world and uses this skill, alongside his resourcefulness, to solve the issues he faces on his journey helping Dr. King Schultz and rescuing Broomhilda. He remains level-headed and in character throughout the journey. Despite all of the violence he witnesses, he is there for one thing and one thing only, Broomhilda. Plus, in true ISTP fashion, Django is a natural marksman.

Final thoughts on ISTP fictional characters

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