27 Fictional Characters with the INTJ Personality Type

INTJ fictional characters

Today we look at 27 fictional INTJ characters. INTJs are the ultimate strategists who view life almost like a chess game, thinking ahead and planning each move to achieve a specific outcome.

INTJs are hard-working, intelligent, and knowledgeable, helped by their thirst for learning. The beauty of INTJs is they combine logic with creativity, which enables them to innovate in unique ways.

INTJs are confident and independent, always striving to be the best at whatever they do. They’re not afraid of taking risks and are always up for a challenge. While INTJs may come across as cold or unemotional, they actually care deeply about people and things they’re passionate about. They just don’t express their emotions as openly as other types.

INTJs are natural leaders, but they prefer to lead from the background. They’re not interested in the limelight or in seeking validation from others. INTJs would rather be respected for their competence and knowledge than liked for their charm.

As you can see, this list of INTJ characters has a relatively large number of villains on it. This is not because INTJs are evil, but because villains are typically people with a cunning, well-thought-out plans and they require an element of emotional detachment to carry out their schemes. Unhealthy personality traits of an INTJ are their manipulative behavior, a need for control, judgmental attitudes, and inflexibility.

It would seem there is a theme of female NT personality types being unrepresented in fiction (and in reality too!). However, it’s great to see some of our favorite protagonists and villains on this list of badass, intelligent women.

For example, Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit is an interesting and well-written character whose love for chess and winning shows her efficiency, strategy, and intuition all at once.

From Maleficent, who plans Sleeping Beauty’s demise 16 years before it happens, to Gandalf, who put into motion the long quest to destroy the ring, INTJs make a plan, analyze all outcomes and see it through to completion, no matter how long this may take.

INTJ fictional characters

Gandalf (Lord of The Rings)

Gandalf is an INTJ. He is the ultimate strategist and man with a plan. He put the quest to destroy the ring into motion. The hobbits, elves, and others along the journey were all part of Gandalf’s human chess game. He did all of this for the greater good of Middle-earth. Gandalf is a wise and powerful wizard. He has a deep understanding of magic and the world around him. He’s also a great teacher. He taught Frodo the ways of life and helped him to destroy the ring. INTJs are known for their determination and Gandalf is no different. He’s always moving forward toward his goal – to rid Middle-earth of Sauron and evil. When it comes to destroying the ring, Gandalf is all business. INTJs aren’t always all business though. Gandalf does have a compassionate side and a soft spot for the shire.

Beth Harmon (The Queen’s Gambit)

Beth Harmon is an INTJ. She is a very well-written and interesting character. Beth loves chess and is focused on winning, using efficiency and strategy to be the best. Beth is also said to be an ‘intuitive’ chess player, meaning that she relies on her instincts to make moves. This makes her a very dangerous opponent, as she is able to think several steps ahead. Like a typical INTJ personality type, Beth’s independence is also a key part of her personality. She doesn’t want anyone to tell her what to do, and she is very headstrong. This can sometimes get her into trouble, but it also makes her a very successful individual.

Bruce Wayne, AKA. Batman (The Dark Knight)

Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, is an INTJ. Batman never acts without a plan and thinks through all possible outcomes. He is completely dedicated to saving Gotham but he won’t compromise on his rock-solid principles, such as not using guns. Instead, he knows he can achieve his goals even without these methods. This is why INTJs make great leaders and are often drawn to roles where they can be in charge. They see the big picture and can think long-term, making them excellent strategists. When it comes to their personal lives, INTJs can be very private people who keep to themselves. Bruce Wayne does this. He has a close few confidants like Arthur and Lucius, but he largely keeps to himself. INTJs are constantly seeking out new challenges and ideas to keep their minds active. This is evident in the way Bruce Wayne is always coming up with new gadgets and bat suits. He is never satisfied with the status quo and is always looking for ways to improve. This makes INTJs great innovators and problem-solvers.

Wednesday Addams (Addams Family)

Wednesday Addams is an INTJ. Wednesday has little regard for people’s feelings and instead, executing her plans is clearly her priority. She has the talent for seeing the long-term outcome of her plans, using her patience and manipulation skills to get there. While Wednesday may not be the life of the party, she is often the brains behind whatever scheme she and her siblings are cooking up. She’s also not above using a little bit of blackmail to get what she wants. All in all, Wednesday is a force to be reckoned with – and you definitely don’t want to cross her.

Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Walter White is an unhealthy INTJ. He was a serious strategist that started cooking meth so he could be sure to leave his family with enough money after he died. Sure, he got a bit carried away, but that’s because he was so determined to do it well. Walter was constantly weighing up the pros and cons of his actions and opportunities. INTJs are known for their single-mindedness and determination, as well as their ability to think abstractly and see the world in terms of possibilities. However, Walter’s unhealthy INTJ tendencies led him down a dark path. He became obsessed with his meth-making and didn’t care about anything else. He was so focused on his goals that he lost sight of what was important to him. This ultimately led to his downfall.

Kat Stratford (10 Things I Hate About You)

Kat Stratford is an INTJ. She is unapologetically opinionated and doesn’t beat about the bush. When communicating, she is honest and blunt, always expressing her dissatisfaction with the school curriculum. Kat disapproves of all the jock and cheerleader types and instead enjoys time alone reading and listening to music. She is an individual who stands up for what she believes in, even if it means standing alone. INTJs are known for their quick wit and sharp tongue. They aren’t afraid to speak their mind, and they’re always ready with a snarky comment or two. Kat is no different – she’s always ready to tell you exactly what she thinks, whether you want to hear it or not. INTJs are also known for their love of knowledge and their thirst for intellectual stimulation. Kat is constantly reading and learning, and she loves nothing more than a good debate. If you’re looking for someone who is always up for a challenge, Kat is your girl.

Saruman (Lord of the Rings)

Saruman the White is also another INTJ character from Lord of The Rings. He’s a powerful sorcerer and has immense strength and power. He’s calculating, manipulative, and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He’s also incredibly intelligent and knows a lot about magic and its history. Saruman is a typical INTJ villain – he’s smart, strategic, and always one step ahead of everyone else. It’s interesting the clear differences between Saruman, the villain, and Gandalf, the protagonist, yet they share the same personality type. Both wise, strategic, and knowledgeable wizards, Gandalf uses these traits for the better and Saruman for the worse.

Maleficent (Maleficent)

Maleficent is an INTJ, both in Sleeping Beauty and in Maleficent. She is the ultimate villain with a plan, the mistress of evil as she is known. Maleficent had a long-term plan which saw her wait out Aurora’s first 16 years until it was even put in motion! She is always ahead of the game, always thinking steps ahead and she never gives up. Even when she was defeated by Aurora, she still had a plan to get her revenge. Maleficent is the perfect example of an INTJ villain. INTJs are known for their quick wit and sharp tongues. They’re also known for being great strategists and planners. So it’s no surprise that Maleficent is an INTJ, the mastermind behind all the evil in Sleeping Beauty.

Andy Dufresne (The Shawshank Redemption))

Andy Dufresne is an INTJ. INTJs are known for their intelligence and their ability to think strategically. Andy was locked up in prison and instead of sitting there wallowing in self-pity, he did not waste time. Instead, he was future-oriented and strategized a plan to escape. INTJs are also patient and can see the bigger picture. Andy put this plan into motion, which was a slow burner, to say the least, but he persevered and succeeded. INTJs are known for their problem-solving skills and their ability to think outside the box. This would also have helped Andy be able to escape from prison.

Effy (Skins UK)

Effy from Skins is an INTJ. She is analytical, intuitive, and confident. However, she is also private, detached, and quiet. It is often a misconception that INTJs don’t feel emotions deeply, Effy is a great example of a character that breaks this INTJ stereotype. Effy is filled with emotions but she drinks and takes drugs to avoid confronting them. She is a walking enigma and her mystery is part of what makes her so interesting. Effy is the type of person who is always thinking ahead and strategizing on how to fix things. She is also very independent and doesn’t like to rely on others. This can often be seen as cold or uncaring, but it is simply how she operates best. Effy is a complex character that is sure to keep you guessing.

Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)

Hannibal Lecter is the ultimate INTJ villain (or just plain cannibal!). He is incredibly smart and manages to predict people’s every move. He uses this and his master manipulation skills to fool people less intelligent than him, which is pretty much everyone! What makes Hannibal Lecter such a great INTJ villain is his combination of intelligence and cunning. He is able to outsmart almost everyone he comes across, and then use that knowledge to his advantage. He is also very good at reading people, which allows him to manipulate them into doing what he wants. INTJs are known for their lack of empathy, and Hannibal Lecter is the perfect example of this. He is completely devoid of any empathy or compassion and is completely willing to hurt people in order to get what he wants. This makes him a very dangerous individual and someone that you definitely don’t want to cross!

Clarice Starling (Silence of the Lambs)

Interestingly, like Hannibal, Clarice Starling is also an INTJ. Clarice and Hannibal are both used to being the smartest person in the room, so when they come together it’s like a game of psychological chess. Clarice is hard-working and understands people’s motivations, and she uses this skill against Hannibal. She’s used to being one step ahead of people and eventually gets there with Hannibal. This is one of the qualities that makes her such a great FBI agent. INTJs also have a strong sense of justice, which is why Clarice is so driven to catch Hannibal.

Scar (The Lion King)

Scar was an unhealthy INTJ. Scar was intelligent and knew how to use people to his advantage. Sadly, he planned the demise of Mufasa to a tee and banished Simba from the Pride Land. The issue with Scar is that he thought he knew best and this resulted in the animal kingdom starving and running out of food. Unhealthy INTJs are known for their single-mindedness and their over-confident attitude, which can sometimes result in them making careless decisions. INTJs are known for their intelligence, but they need to be careful not to let their arrogance get the better of them. Unhealthy INTJs need to learn to listen to others and take advice, otherwise, they may end up like Scar.

Lisbeth Salander (The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo)

Lisbeth Salander is an INTJ. She has an intuitive thought process when it comes to her investigations. Plus, she is straightforward and blunt when communicating with people, just like an INTJ. She is emotionally detached from the world and when she makes decisions, she is logical with a long-term outcome in mind. INTJs are intelligent individuals who think outside the box. They are also creative. This is how Lisbeth was able to hack into people’s computers so easily and take on the task of brutal revenge.

V (V for Vendetta)

V, from V for Vendetta, is an INTJ. He was in full control of his environment and anticipated everyone’s exact moves which resulted in his plan coming to fruition. He thinks in a logical and pragmatic way. V has his own personal beliefs and is convinced these are the only way. He is highly confident in himself and his abilities. He was able to outsmart the entire government, and even though he didn’t agree with their ideologies, he respected their intelligence. V’s logical mind is his greatest strength, but it can also be a weakness. He can be inflexible in his thinking and dismissive of other points of view. V can also be overconfident, which can lead to him making careless mistakes. Logical and pragmatic, V is the most INTJ of all the INTJs. He is in complete control of his environment and everyone in it. V never makes a move without knowing exactly what the consequences will be, which is very typical of INTJs.

Claire Underwood (House of Cards)

Claire Underwood is another unhealthy INTJ. She is a manipulative narcissist who makes decisions for her own gain. She is the introverted counterpart of her husband, Frank, who is an unhealthy ENTJ character. She and Frank work together as a power couple to gain power, rather than in competition. Claire is a user of people and does not hesitate to use anyone to get what she wants. She is often referred to as the “Queen of Lies”, due to her propensity for lying and deceiving others. Claire is a very intelligent and competent woman, but her lack of empathy makes her a dangerous person. INTJs are known for their ability to think strategically and Claire is no exception. She is a master of manipulation and can often be found manipulating people and situations to her advantage. Claire is a cold, calculating woman who is more than capable of making the tough decisions that need to be made.

Emperor Palpatine, AKA Darth Sidious (Star Wars)

Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, is an INTJ. He has a thirst for power and control and would do whatever he could to achieve his goals. He was the ultimate manipulator and orchestrator of the whole Star Wars series. He used people either as protection or pawns in his chess game. Even though he was ultimately defeated, his cunning and ability to think ahead made him a worthy adversary. As an INTJ, Emperor Palpatine is analytical and logical. He is always thinking ahead, making contingency plans for every possible outcome. He is also very manipulative, and able to control those around him with ease. Even in the face of defeat, he was able to maintain his composure and plan his next move. He is a true mastermind and an excellent example of an INTJ personality type.

Mona Vanderwaal (Pretty Little Liars)

Mona Vanderwaal is an unhealthy INTJ. She was the ultimate mastermind who was always five steps ahead of everyone else and used people as pawns in her chess game. Unhealthy INTJs are notoriously manipulative. This can definitely be said for Mona Vanderwall. She controlled people like puppets and used their secrets against them to get what she wanted. Even if it meant hurting the people she claimed to care about. Mona Vanderwaal was always seeking power and control. She wanted to be the one in charge and have everyone following her lead. She was ruthless in her pursuit of this. This ultimately led to her downfall, as she eventually pushed too many people away.

Peter Baelish, AKA Littlefinger (Game of Thrones)

Littlefinger, also known as Pete Baelish, was an unhealthy INTJ. He always has ulterior motives and has his moves planned out from the very beginning. He is power hungry and he’s the ultimate schemer. Littlefinger didn’t care who he hurt, or even killed, as long as it benefitted him and got him closer to the top. Like a true unhealthy INTJ, he was cold, calculating, and manipulative. He was also a great liar and he was very good at hiding his true intentions. Littlefinger is the kind of person who is always thinking ahead. He is always planning his next move and looking for ways to be one step ahead of everyone else. He is very intelligent and he knows how to use people to his advantage. He is a dangerous person and he is not to be trusted.

O-ren Ishii (Kill Bill)

O-ren Ishii is a typical female INTJ villain. She was emotionally detached, ruthless, and closed-off. INTJs often have a strong sense of justice. This drove O-ren Ishii to kill those who wronged her and her family and seek revenge. After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents, she spent her childhood avenging their death. She continued down this path of murderous, cold-blooded assassination. Ideals are important to INTJs, and they often have a strict code of ethics. O-ren followed her own code of morality, even if it meant breaking the law. O-ren sought power and became Queen of Tokyo’s underworld, where she showed little to no care for those around her.

Severus Snape (Harry Potter)

Snape was an INTJ. From the moment Harry was born, Snape’s whole life was a part of a big plan between him and Dumbledore to outsmart Lord Voldemort to protect Harry. Whether he cared about Harry or not, he carried out the plan well and never broke character. As an INTJ, Snape was often the smartest person in the room. He was always thinking several steps ahead of everyone else and could come up with complex strategies on the fly. Like a typical INTJ, Snape was also very meticulous and detail-oriented, which made him an excellent Potions master. INTJs are very private and guarded, which makes it difficult for others to really know them, just like Severus Snape.

Stephen Strange, AKA Dr. Strange (MCU Heroes)

Stephen Strange, AKA Dr. Strange is an INTJ. He’s the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, and one of the most powerful magic users in the Marvel Universe. INTJs are known for their intelligence, strategic minds, and independence. Dr. Strange is no exception. He is a master of the mystic arts and uses his powers to protect the Marvel world from evil forces. Dr. Strange is very much his own man. He doesn’t take orders from anyone and does what he thinks is right. INTJs can be stubborn, and Dr. Strange can be very set in his ways. But he’s also a good man and a hero. As an INTJ, he is always looking for ways to improve his skills and grow as a sorcerer. Dr. Strange is an excellent example of an INTJ superhero.

Matilda (Matilda)

Matilda Wormwood is an INTJ. She’s smart, introverted, and a total perfectionist. She’s the type of person who is always looking for new challenges and loves to solve complex problems. INTJs are often seen as the “brainy” ones. They are constantly seeking knowledge and understanding, and they love to share their insights with others. This can definitely be said for Matilda Wormwood. She was the clever outcast in her family; she even taught herself to read. From the age of four, Matilda took herself to the library nearly every weekday and would spend “two glorious hours sitting quietly by herself in a cozy corner devouring one book after another.” INTJs are also excellent at analyzing problems and finding creative solutions. Matilda strategized to get Miss Honey her house back. She devised a clever plan and put it into motion with a successful outcome!

Michael Gray (Peaky Blinders)

Michael Gray is the INTJ in the Peaky Blinders. He’s the mastermind behind everything and always has a plan. He’s also really sarcastic and witty, which makes him a lot of fun to be around. INTJs are known for their ability to think abstractly and see the big picture. They’re often described as “visionaries” because they’re able to see potential in things that others. When Michael came back into the care of Polly Gray, he proved ambitious and driven. He wanted in on the family business. Michael isn’t afraid to rub people the wrong way to get his point across, and this direct attitude can sometimes make him seem arrogant. This is typical of this personality type as they are confident in their abilities and usually have little patience for those who don’t see things their way.

Elijah Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries & The Originals)

Elijah Mikaelson from The Originals is an INTJ. INTJs are analytical and logical, always planning ahead. Elijah is the most controlled and strategic of the Mikaelson siblings. He always has a plan and is always thinking ahead. INTJs are also independent and prefer to work alone. Elijah is often the one who is working behind the scenes, pulling the strings and manipulating events to achieve his goals. He is also fiercely loyal to his family and will do anything to protect them, even when they have wronged him time and time again. Elijah kept believing Klaus could change, even though Klaus daggered him. INTJs also have an understated charm, which Elijah definitely has. He can be very persuasive when he wants to be and has a way of getting people to see things his way.

Paul Atreides (Dune)

Paul Atreides from Dune is an INTJ personality type. He’s a gifted strategist and leader but also introverted and thoughtful. He’s the perfect example of an INTJ in fiction. INTJs are known for being the “mastermind” type. They’re logical, analytical, and often have a knack for seeing things that others don’t. INTJs are unique because they are not just intelligent, but they’re also creative. Paul has a curious and logical mind, but he’s also able to see the big picture and come up with creative solutions to problems. This combination of qualities makes him a perfect INTJ. And well, he can literally see into the future so…

Michael Corleone (The Godfather)

Michael Corleone is an INTJ. He is a mastermind, and he is always thinking ahead. He is not afraid to make tough decisions, and he always knows what he wants. Michael’s father trusts him as the new don as, like a true INTJ, he is strategic, logical, and doesn’t act on impulse like his brother, Sonny. INTJs use real-life observations to come up with logical explanations for phenomena, which is why they make such great detectives and scientists. Like all INTJs, Michael is a deep thinker who likes to solve complex problems. He is always looking for ways to improve things and make them more efficient. He is not afraid of change, and he is always adapting to new situations. It was Michael that wanted to legitimize the family businesses.

Final thoughts on INTJ fictional characters

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