INTJ Personality Test

INTJ Personality Test

INTJ Personality Test

Are you looking to find out if you are truly an INTJ? If so, take our INTJ personality test. You can share your results with your friends at the end.

Do you tend to get distracted or stay focused?
Do you prefer being in the spotlight or blending in?
Is intelligence or kindness more important to you?
Are you more logical or emotional?
Is your home messy or tidy?
Would you rather go to a nightclub or stay at home?
Would you rather deal with details or the big picture?
Do you prefer to go with the flow or have a set plan?
Do you prefer practical or theoretical conversations?
Do you prefer team sports or solo sports?
Do you make decisions with your head or heart?
Do you find it challenging or easy to come up with new ideas?

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Why am I unsure about my personality type?

If you’re unsure about your personality type, you’re not the only one. This can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you’ve taken multiple personality tests more and received different results. There are a few explanations for why this might happen.

First, some tests are more accurate than others. It could be that you took an inaccurate test.

Second, some people may have a “borderline” preference for one trait or another, which can make it difficult to work out which category they fit into.

Third, there isn’t one personality type framework that suits everyone. Some models suit certain people better than others.

What if I’m still not sure after taking the INTJ personality test?

If you’re still uncertain after taking our INTJ personality test, take our full personality test and read our blog on cognitive functions. These resources should help you figure out your true type.

Working out your true personality type is worth the effort. Knowing it can help you gain valuable insights into your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

This self-awareness can then be used to develop strategies for dealing with difficult situations or taking advantage of opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to accept yourself, improve your relationships, or further your career, understanding your personality type can be a valuable step toward achieving your goals. Ultimately, when you’re armed with this knowledge, you can make choices that will enable you to live life to the fullest.

If it turns out I am an INTJ personality type, what does this actually mean?

INTJs are often intelligent people who love to learn. They use their creativity and logic to come up with new approaches. 

The letters INTJ stand for introvert, intuitive, thinker, and judger. As an introvert, you primarily direct your energy to your inner world. As an intuitive, you naturally look for underlying meanings. As a thinker, you tend to make decisions based on logic. As a judger, you like to have a clear plan.

INTJs are independent and value their freedom. They have a quiet confidence and enjoy working towards specific goals. To discover more, read our INTJ personality type guide.

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